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  1. soarer 1jzgte swap guide
  2. X pipe
  3. spark plug change
  4. Where is the coolant going?? Any ideas?
  5. need some pointers from the na-t people
  6. Anyone using a Cometic Headgasket?
  7. Transmission Wont come out :D
  8. head work.......has anyone done it?
  9. Hey , guys I was wondering what else I'll need to get 400rwh out of boostlogic or ..
  10. intermitent hesitation before boston to cali trip, now constant hesitation
  11. lexuspros ecu performance for limited time?
  12. How much should I expect to pay (to have a APexi safc installed and dyno tuned)
  13. Kaaz LSD - Who has one
  14. 96 NAT saga, a long tale
  15. Blitz Nur Spec Rear Section Dual Exhaust
  16. cats
  17. Any 1jzgte videos? I heard 1jz's sound great!
  18. Quick exhaust vid
  19. What to do before S-AFC install - other mods?
  20. SC400 Grounding Kits
  21. goodies coming very soon....
  22. Injen Intakes
  23. to 1j or to 2j that is the question
  24. rx300 shift knob on sc400?
  25. head gasket for NA-T
  26. Air Flow Signal/Sensor
  27. what ecu do i use
  28. built 1uzfe?
  29. another newbie question on na-t.....
  30. How to measure input shaft
  31. How fast is a SC400 with bolt-ons?
  32. exhaust
  33. Could Really Use Some Help! (spots of coolant in engine bay, heat not hot)
  34. What leaks oil above the water pump??
  35. na-t guys, will ls400 afm and walbro pump cut it?
  36. SC300 radiator in 400
  37. Need advice -changing v8 dist. cap cover on passenger side, -difficult to remove
  38. SC300 5 spd swap, almost done but need wiring help! Car wont start.
  39. How long will teh stock clutch last?
  40. Anyone know length of neg- battery cable?
  41. Stupid Stupid Me
  42. starting up help!!
  43. idling issues
  44. Help Guys! Can this be Done?
  45. replacement for MAF sensor
  46. From Reverse to Drive gear, safe?
  47. Leaking Distributor
  48. What EMS to USE on the New Beast and other Stuff
  49. RPM Still out of control!!
  50. add engine oil light??
  51. new project: 6 speed swap
  52. battery tray
  53. Tach conversion unit for TT swap??
  54. Rebuiding SC400 Transmission Advice
  55. VVTi swap question
  56. just a little rant (my bad luck)
  57. transmission codes
  58. Installing an S-AFC in a 1UZ
  59. Button next to shifter, '98 SC300
  60. SC400 Engine Noise
  61. Valve Cover Gasket
  62. clutch question...?
  63. Question about Swap--- regarding transimssion final drive ratio
  64. Are 93 & 95 electrical systems the same
  65. FMIC questions
  66. Intermittent noise coming from engine bay..belt tensioner?
  67. Malfunction Hazard Light
  68. And advice on S-AFC tuning - SC400 (OBDI)
  69. Cheapest place for Magnaflows right now?
  70. Tune up time; what do you recommend
  71. Valve body and springs SC300vsSC400
  72. hfvs shorty headers
  73. some extra pics of chrisman work - turbo sc400
  74. I have Qs about 2jzgte swap from Toyota Aritso will a usdm ecu work with jdm clips?
  75. 10w30 or 5w30....That is the Question!!
  76. wiring harness for the 1jz
  77. Weird electrical problems (what does the battery light mean?)
  78. SC400 Engine Mounts
  79. Horrible starting noise in morning--need some help please.
  80. What is the best part source for the 1JZGTE?
  81. Anyone have SC300 torque settings sheet? Clutch, flywheel torque specs?
  82. Oil Pressure Sender Replacement
  83. stock 1jzgte intercooler piping...can i use fr na-t?
  84. ECU Issues
  85. Turbo Recommendations for SC 400
  86. ECU replacement
  87. Sc430 (has anyone done GS430 engine swap into SC)
  88. Alternator Issues
  89. Installed the Lextreme TQ and Supra LSD today....
  90. The sound of your SC
  91. Tuner Theory - FI guys weight in
  92. Going distributorless with aem?
  93. 98 sc300 not ready for turbo..
  94. List of members with 1JZ swap
  95. Dyno Results with DaveH kit @ 5psi
  96. Supra TT to SC300 Swap
  97. What does the ECT/PWR button do?
  98. Some pics of the Magnaflow True X pipe
  99. Do i need a 5 speed engine harness for a manual tranny swap?
  100. Serious Rear Main Seal Question, please help guys
  101. ::used search:: Check Engine light, and heavy jerking. 95 SC400 120k Miles
  102. tech question bout 1jz....
  103. At what does your SC300 Idle?
  104. Question for 5spd guys
  105. DIY tranny flush?
  106. Question for the FI guys and Fuel gurus
  107. Exhausts?
  108. Single exhaust on the SC300
  109. FINALLY! The moment I have been waiting for 7months for...TRD motor mounts
  110. anyone running the soarer intercooler / side mount?
  111. Those with turbo timers
  112. 1JZ swap info or guide?
  113. headers from Tundra on 1UZ?
  114. Question to Turbo SC300s on here
  115. Where Is The Clutch Switch?
  116. 6 Bolt Main Pics (V8)
  117. Heater troubleshooting
  118. ecu or alternator?
  119. Anybody Have To Experience This?
  120. Anyone know the link to Dave H...
  121. charging system problems
  122. Some Questions about the 1JZ-GTE
  123. 1995 SC Auto Tranny
  124. interest in custom non turbo intake manifold
  125. Traction Control
  126. MAF sensor cleaning
  127. exhaust cut out?
  128. SC300 ecu pinout ?
  129. Emanage working/sort of
  130. Best car for swap ?
  131. Check Engine light SC300
  132. small problem
  133. Help Me... Im lost! Or just new to the family
  134. sc250 what do i need to make it happen?
  135. positve traction?
  136. turbo kits
  137. Installed my magnaflows 14829's today!
  138. Bypassing Fuel Pump ECU?
  139. Drive belt problems
  140. Coolant Reservoir and Heater Problems
  141. Will a rediator reservoir tank from a 95 work in a 93 SC400?
  142. TCC problems?
  143. SC400 Manual tranny
  144. Are There Any Short Shifters For Sc300?
  145. busted switch
  146. HELP!! up & down idleing
  147. Cat delete cause problems?
  148. Car running awful then fine
  149. Ahhh Help No Idle!!!
  150. SC400 starter solenoid location??
  151. 93 sc400 heater help
  152. can someone please help me identify this car part?
  153. Cruise control ECU
  154. Engine Differences?
  155. sc14 supercharger on V8 sc400 lexus
  156. are there any intercoolers?
  157. 4.27 Lsd
  158. What brands are there for short shifters?
  159. looking for "check harness A"
  160. 1jzgtte swap questions
  161. Rebuilding the power steering pump on an SC400
  162. Is My SC400 Dead (engine Blown??)
  163. Toyomoto Turbo Kit VS Turbonetics kit
  164. US based A340F performance shift kits?
  165. New European SC400 owner - Engine Problem?
  166. Question about Hooker Maximum Flow mufflers
  167. How to cure lifter noise?
  168. Anyone around here with the 1.5JZ swap...?
  169. Blitz Realize TT Exhaust
  170. Need help saying goodbye to my 95 SC300 Turbo
  171. Electrical
  172. Timing +- 25 degrees??
  173. my 2JZGTE buildup
  174. rear mount turbo idea
  175. acis..... ?
  176. What?!!! Another NA-T on the road?! PIX of my Na-T install!
  177. Car won't idle + a 97 conversion question
  178. SC300 vs GS300 - Need FACTS!!
  179. Late model SC400 LSD question
  180. 624 rwhp stock 2JZGE
  181. Tt Maf
  182. Opinions on the H.V.S.
  183. 2jzgtte wiring question
  184. car dying???
  185. 1JZ swap (general questions)
  186. newbie question?
  187. Best exhaust for the SC400?
  188. New Dual Exhaust, and other updates....
  189. o2 simulator
  190. starter contact points
  191. Torque converter
  192. Hi Flow Cat or Gutted
  193. I'm thinkin' it's about mod time!!!
  194. Custom Piping...what are the differences?
  195. TT SC400 race results..
  196. i need an oil change
  197. Oil leak
  198. engine running poor
  199. ATTN: 5-speed guys with loose/notchy shifts...
  200. Soarer with RB26!!
  201. sc300 headers
  202. Apexi S-AFC2
  203. JIC Exhaust Questions?
  204. what size pipe for exhaust
  205. FMIC Install Pics
  206. Hate the slowmatic? why not go clutchless shiftronic?
  207. What parts are need auto > 5 speed swap?
  208. Stalling on hot starts - easy troubleshooting (Searched)
  209. Vacums Wiring and oil lines for Na-t? help!
  210. NEED HELP ASAP - Clutch
  211. bolt pattern on 1UZ and R154 bellhousing (SC400 auto to 5speed project)
  212. NEED help to pinpoint problem
  213. heater question for 95SC300
  214. SC300 Engine vibration on idle
  215. SC400- "won't get out of its own way"!
  216. New Here,please Help heater not working thread
  217. e-manage wiring help
  218. fan switch sensor?
  219. power steering leakage
  220. How much power?
  221. 2jzgte question
  222. SC stock dual exhaust.....anyone know the weight???????
  223. How much whp is the 5sp sc300 making?
  224. SC400 Mid pipe. question
  225. update on turboing my sc: need some help
  226. Intake snorkel
  227. If you had 5 grand to spend...
  228. Tranny will not shift until warm? whats going on?
  229. Fan Bearing
  230. BFI underway... need help with decisions
  231. What tool for large lug under center cap?
  232. Car Wont Start !!??
  233. 2 quarts low . . . what's going on?
  234. Frame straightening
  235. supra downpipe and driveshaft on SC?
  236. power steering question (whine, fluid, etc?)
  237. Xerd header finally arrives!!
  238. This is one very clean 1UZFE
  239. Adjusting Transmission Cable
  240. Changed timing belt & water pump - Car won't start!
  241. 98 trnas in 93?
  242. First engine upgrades in CA
  243. ps system... really really bad plz help
  244. $134 supercharger adds 30 hp????
  245. What are obstacles swapping 2JZ-GE VVT-i into a pre VVT-i SC300
  246. lower compression of 1uz?
  247. EGR question and a little smoke...
  248. is300 headers work with sc300?
  249. Help!! Car stalls in this morning!
  250. Would a 5spd Supra Diff work on a SC400?