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  1. V-mount on an sc300
  2. What is a flex plate?
  3. Will TRD LSD fit a 5spd SC or is N/A auto Supra diff needed?
  4. 5 Speed Auto Tranny
  5. need to find a switched 12v source in the engine bay
  6. my swap! need serious help
  7. HP mods - what and how much did u gain?
  8. hard steering
  9. compressor problem
  10. Installed flex a lite fans *pics*
  11. Bolt On Exhaust for SC400?
  12. Latest pictures of the teardown.
  13. xerd headers
  14. Starting Problems
  15. Engine Management... What To Get First?
  16. TRAC light comes on when driving on freeway
  17. changing from park to drive
  18. Engine Block Heater
  19. Cat going bad?
  20. DaveH kit - Alternative to
  21. Changing MT Fluid and Diff Fluid
  22. what kind of boost/fuel management r u using?
  23. EGR/Emission problems- Please help
  24. LSD users, weigh in!!
  25. is it legal?
  26. What is interchangeable between the ge and gte motors?
  27. IAC (Idle Air Control motor)
  28. fuel_filter
  29. x pipe or y pipe?
  30. Noise, tranny or PS pump????????
  31. 1JZ in a SC4?
  32. 6-speed or Auto
  33. Car Dies & Hesitation?
  34. Tranny is acting up...
  35. 1jz-gte vvti upgrade mods-???
  36. Strange Noise from Engine
  37. sc 430 rear end
  38. turbo kit or 2jzgtte
  39. How pracitcal is the 1jz swap??
  40. Who's running a LS400 MAF on their Turbo setup
  41. Some troubleshooting questions
  42. Exhaust Question
  43. i need some clearification..........................
  44. Loose vacuum hose???
  45. Engine swap.... do it myself or pay $1000?
  46. Soarer vs. SC300 Exhaust.... same?
  47. Fuel Pump Trouble
  48. Tranny shudder?
  49. Flex-a-lite fans are vibratin the ***** outta my car
  50. CAP AND ROTOR, cheap maintenance for better performance
  51. faint burning smell after changing water pump & thermo
  52. BFI intake redone from last time
  53. TT internals, will I need HG
  54. A'PEXi S-AFC on sc400?
  55. Newbie
  56. Water in Intake Manifold Spark Plugs
  57. Will the 91 LS400 engine fit?
  58. Egr
  59. Clicking when trying to start car
  60. Intercooler Kits
  61. labor rate to install Torque Converter
  62. Supra TRD LSD question
  63. DIY Starter Solenoid Repair
  64. Loss of Power turns into no start engine??
  65. 1996-1997 SC300 what aftermarket intakes are you using?
  66. SC4 Smoke/ steam?
  67. 1jz swap w/ ac?
  68. Misifiring... Electricals?
  69. Overdrive??
  70. Climate Control PROBLEM...
  71. I think my engine mounts are shot - what do you guys think?
  72. update on my 2jz-gtte
  73. Got my VPC
  74. na-t Supra 9.46@143mph
  75. How to remove the crank shaft
  76. I use the wrong tranny fluid. Need help please!
  77. 1uz-fe needs a kick!
  78. where is the intake temperature sensor
  79. does it really matters?
  80. Apexi s-afc On a 2jz-gte
  81. What do I need to get a sc300 into the low 14's
  82. water pump torque specs
  83. exhuast help
  84. Straight exhaust
  85. TT transmission is dead
  86. gs motor in sc4???
  87. Built 2JZ-Ge?
  88. New 2 the board and pulling a swap
  89. What do I need to change my timing belt?
  90. orders of mod
  91. Engine Mounts in SC 300 - What all do I need?
  92. transmisiion vibration?
  93. big problem need advice quick- alternator and battery is dead
  94. hesitation
  95. finally got my jdm 2jzgtte in!!!!!
  96. MLS Eye Candy
  97. Hks Vpc
  98. Engine CEL Code 28
  99. Location of the power steering ECU in SC400
  100. Replacement Clutches
  101. V8 manual & V8 turbo!
  102. Gm Dis
  103. Turbo Kit Installed...
  104. Is the 2jz-ge an interference engine?
  105. cat gasket?~!~!?
  106. ? about injectors
  107. PHR Alternator for sale
  108. tune up
  109. anybody know where to get soarer shift linkage??
  110. The end of the road for me
  111. magnaflow 14829
  112. SC400 Tranny!!
  113. car hesitates when accelerating hard.
  114. sc300 radiator fit in sc400?
  115. Whats the best turbo for street and Drag?
  116. A short story, a thanks, and a question
  117. 92 SC300 5-spd...Vibration
  118. Power Plan... The Best Path?
  119. how many cranks or turns does it take before your engine starts in teh cold?
  120. I hate CALI, they won't do my exhaust
  121. problem with magnaflows
  122. Belt pulley came OFF while I was driving?
  123. SC300 Cats - Pre & Main?
  124. Misfire
  125. Trac off light came on.
  126. electric fans low budget setup???
  127. When does it end...
  128. SC300 auto to Stick swap
  129. AT what throttle setting does the 97 sc 300 change from open loop to closed loop?
  130. i'm stomped
  131. SC3 Parts interchangealbe with Supra
  132. Overheating Problem
  133. overheating (but recent flush/fill)
  134. Friction Plate
  135. auto to getrag 6 speed
  136. Engine Management Options, and fuel setup ?
  137. Need help with misfire!!!
  138. Anyone here with a 96 or newer done the ECU upgrade?
  139. SAFC Fried?
  140. SC vs Supra Parts
  141. Need Suggestion on Timing Belt Types
  142. Car won't start in the morning
  143. Car died while driving. Please advise.
  144. sc300 exhaust
  145. Punching Cat
  146. Post exhaust install 600 mile trip
  147. Compression in motor -> Vibration = rebuild?
  148. Magnaflow exhaust
  149. NA-T: which one is more reliable?
  150. Does the SC4 have slots for clutch cyl like the SC3? 5 spd
  151. (iat) Intake Air Temperature
  152. LSD Swap Questions
  153. Acquired 94 Auto Supra TT diff, now I have some q's
  154. Need info on 1jz swap
  155. Weird loud FAN noise at idle..what the heck?
  156. those with swaps... do you still have AC?
  157. For those with 1jz's
  158. GTE Swap Progress
  159. car starting weak
  160. toyomoto ?
  161. Optima Yellow Batteries
  162. Ignition mods
  163. why is my car so loud?
  164. Another Head Question
  165. rev limit? speed limiter in our cars?
  166. oh man... more noise...
  167. front pipe
  168. JDM question????????
  169. Spark plugs...Which one would you use??
  170. Doing my exhaust with Magnaflows, and running into problems...
  171. help battery problem!
  172. Cat elim pipes
  173. 98-00 SC300 2jzgte possiblity?
  174. Use of N/A & N/A-T
  175. MKIV and SC300 shift knob fitment?
  176. Intercooler piping question
  177. Are 1jz/2jz harmonic balancers the same?
  178. Oil Pan
  179. injen intake for a 96' sc300 will it fit??
  180. Spark plug wires not lasting
  181. Ultimate Lexus Guide? Legit?
  182. Dragon torque converter
  183. Supra Exhaust
  184. Please help! Bad fuel?! (SC300)
  185. Egr Faq
  186. BFI and Torque converter upgrade on sc300?
  187. How to make a clean factory looking BFI DIY
  188. power steering leakage...common problem
  189. guys, need yr help to find the link..
  190. SC300T Vs. SC400T
  191. Electrical problem!!
  192. strange ticking noise during cooloff
  193. custom exhaust
  194. I Need Help Fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  195. Apexi safc-II
  196. guys, need your opinion on this...
  197. advice on an intercooler
  198. How to maintain motor over 60k
  199. computer and TPS questions
  200. dyno results after sound performance
  201. sc300 engine question
  202. Power Adders for SC400?
  203. 1jz or 2jz
  204. Need help pruchasing new radiator for 95 sc4
  205. Got wheel, auto transmssion upgrade, question ^^V
  206. bfi and headlights done! pics up
  207. Check Engine/TRAC off Lights came on...
  208. Can I use the Meziere electric water pump?
  209. Transmission Question
  210. W58 1jz bellhousing
  211. installing fuel air ratio guage
  212. Very new to this 1jzgtte swap to a sc300 need help plz
  213. sea foam brake booster line
  214. PS pump and alternator
  215. motors
  216. Radiator Light , and Battery Light
  217. Engine shut down whenever AC turn off
  218. Vacuum Noise Under Hood
  219. Need help on installing Ground Wire Kit
  220. This Sucks!! Smoke.....
  221. Installation of S-AFC? Need opinions
  222. 5-speed tranny shaking?
  223. Greddy 4 row fit in front of sc300?
  224. I'm very close to getting rid of my SC....
  225. sc300 distributor install
  226. 2 types of Catalytic Converter ???
  227. ...and behind door #3, my next mod! - clutch replacement
  228. squeaky clutch?
  229. Jerky SC 300 Transmission-Automatic
  230. Automatic shifter change
  231. auto tranny drain and refill capacity SC400
  232. sc400 turbo
  233. ssc300 5 speed tranny into a auto sc400
  234. SC300 Morning start problem
  235. Any intrest in BFI templates drawn in AutoCAD?
  236. how knows about the 400 drive shaft in the gte swap and what do i need??????
  237. remote mount turbo
  238. Diagnostic code #12, no RPM signal on 1JZ swap
  239. lost power
  240. Throttle body position sensor voltage output
  241. New NA-T project
  242. Changed plugs yesterday- have a guestion
  243. For those looking to do the BFI with velocity stacks...
  244. sc300 resonator length
  245. sc300 reverse to drive clicking noise help!
  246. catback exhaust questions for the turbo guys
  247. SC400 Supra Tranny Swap
  248. Harmonic Dampener pulley broke off, now what?
  249. Catback Exhausts
  250. Is Your Transmission a Slow Learner?