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  1. Dual fuel pump wiring question
  2. Is the supra/sc300 radiator fan hydraulic or mechanical?
  3. Need help with gas tank ! !
  4. Starter? Orrrr?
  5. aristo to usdm turbo question
  6. 5 speed conversion on SC300
  7. Build threads?
  8. engine swap.
  9. need help troubleshooting overheating problem!!
  10. Should I change my SC400 AT Tranny fluid?
  11. i want to build my motor...i have an extra 2jzge..should i build it?
  12. WTF!!!!!???? Can you do this????
  13. 1jz gaskets
  14. Anyone got a power steering line crush washer part #?
  15. Let's just clarify the w58 tranny and shifter issue right here in this thread.
  16. Why the hell does this happen when i turn the heat on?
  17. SC - 1JZ swap - ?JZX90 1JZ or Supra/Soarer 1jz?
  18. Vibration & Hesitation... driving me crazy!!
  19. Calling all auto to 5spd guys! Need some advice.
  20. Another starting problem thread
  21. need help starting car.
  22. Couple power steering pump questions
  23. 92 sc400 tranny slips help!
  24. How to install fuel pump
  25. Question on swapping to 4.27 gearing
  26. Help my car doesnt pass smog !?!?!??!
  27. SC400 tranny swap?
  28. Reading trouble codes in pre-OBD II (pre 1996) SCs
  29. Heater problem, please help
  30. Anyone got a repair manual?
  31. w58 tranny swap and speedo not working!
  32. Check Engine Light Issue
  33. 94 sc400 shakes when i drive
  34. Tune up causes A/C heat to not work...
  35. Help with Aristo base map for Aem
  36. SC400 - low speed stalling
  37. Info on SC400 vvti w58 swap!
  38. Good question on sc400 vvti a650e tranny
  39. SC 300 Heater Putting Our WARM Air
  40. intake yeah lil help please!
  41. HELP! 1JZ overheating in boost
  42. Aftermarket Transmission Filter?
  43. SC400 Cold weather operation.
  44. 1UZ thermostat?
  45. aristo in sc300 problem
  46. 220,000+ maintenance on recently purchased car.
  47. PLEASE HELP!! Starting problem;SC400
  48. SC400 stalling issues
  49. Exhaust Ideas Gents
  50. need help..where do these all the vac lines go? na-t with ttmanifold project
  51. HELP: Puzzled by my car
  52. Hi, new here, first SC300, have a few quick ?s for everyone
  53. Distributor...
  54. Best aftermarket parts
  55. EGR71 code will not clear trac/check engine
  56. how do i know its my alternator?
  57. Another Bad Noise
  58. Help with motor swap.. non-turbo
  59. Mkiii r154 vs soarer r154 shifter feel
  60. is it normal?
  61. water leak
  62. Pics of my 1j that came in this morning
  63. Mechanic says I may need new transmission - you agree?
  64. Sc400 drag car
  65. Screeching noise after seafoaming my car
  66. diy torque converter request...
  67. Prestolite Plug Wires
  68. HELP WITH RPM !! 1995 sc400
  69. Engine Hesitation at 5200 rpm
  70. 1jz wiring blues
  71. Stripped bolt with pic, suggestions
  72. You've got to be kidding me!? An Electric turbo?
  73. Timing belt install, but it wont start!
  74. Automatic Stalling Out? Waitwut?!
  75. SC400 W58 Swap in progress
  76. HELP - '92 Lexus SC300 idle problems
  77. VVti question
  78. Any automatic drivers ever had this PROBLEM
  79. PLEASE 92 Sc300 automatic transmission not changing gears
  80. *94_Soarer's Auto to 5spd Swap*
  81. How do I remove the alternator on my 98 SC400 without removing power steering pulley?
  82. My SC just took a dump. Any suggestions?
  83. r154 bellhousing??
  84. jdm tt question
  85. car jerks while accelerating or decelerating
  86. Help!, 1JZ-GTE vvti into an SC400
  87. HELP. Changed trans mount now Power Steering Overflows.
  88. Clublexus, any idea what's wrong with my car?
  89. Maintenance Schedule for 98 SC300?
  90. Spark plugs, wires
  91. shift solenoids
  92. List of bolt in rearends?
  93. Is it even possible to remove the 400's PS pump?
  94. All 99 SC300 owners Air intake Question
  95. Car has lost power, Cats glowing... All bad!
  96. Metal shaving in the transmission fluid is good?
  97. Has anyone ever installed headers on a vvti sc400?
  98. 5spd conversion
  99. Motor mount question for you 2jzgte'ers
  100. A/T shifter Knob sakes while riding
  101. MagnaFlow 99175HM?
  102. 300-350 hp with 1uz
  103. Automatic trans gear indicator not working properly
  104. Making Power in California
  105. Automatic Transmission -cooling feed/return lines
  106. Sc300 automatic problem
  107. Anyone know where where these wires on IK2 go?
  108. About to buy a 1jzgte
  109. coolant loss searched
  110. 5spd Problem =(
  111. ecu
  112. Hesitation / sputtering around 1500rpm
  113. 1jzgte Engine Harness
  114. Future SC300 owner with questions, performance and some others
  115. IMF SC400 Headers GB $399!
  116. SC400 Trans whining and clunks
  117. Lets Discuss - 3.23 Gears in MY SC400
  118. Need Help With My SC300!!!
  119. question.
  120. Radiator replacement help
  121. should i run 2.5 or 3 inch piping? help me order real fast.
  122. Need quick verification
  123. High Mileage concerns
  124. R154 shifter Question(please help)
  125. SC400 rough idle, off idle fine, then doesnt start one morning
  126. Gas tank drain plug location ?
  127. 1jz pistons?
  128. Resonators
  129. s4s hybrid kit owners post.
  130. working on tt manifold on ge lower runners
  131. working on tt manifold on ge lower runners
  132. TH400 In an SC300.. Question on Install.
  133. gs300 axles on sc300?
  134. Newbie to JDM need help
  135. Intake adapter and k&N filter #0810
  136. VSS no.1 code 42
  137. 1JZ running good, sorta...
  138. Noob ? GE GTE Questions
  139. 1995 SC400 Overheating problem. Need solution HELP!
  140. Upgrading alternator and battery
  141. PLEASE HELP QUICK!!! Aluminum Radiator for sc300 A/T?
  142. Loud exhaust
  143. SAFC froze now running rich...??
  144. So is 1 turbo better than 2?
  145. Aristo swap to Usdm ecm/specs
  146. Cant rev after headgasket install
  147. greddy speed cut
  148. what do ya think so far
  149. GOING SINGLE! first pics in side
  150. need help asap. weird part melting
  151. Timing Belt "O" BOI.. VVTi 1UZ
  152. Please help.. Pinouts needed 1992 SC300-2JZGTE!!
  153. What clutch should I get?
  154. Driver door won't open!
  155. Help with wiring..1992 SC300 Auto w/2JZGTE
  156. Help from you 1JZ gurus please...
  157. Water Pump replacement?
  158. 99 SC300 Transmission vs 99 GS300 trans?
  159. Question/Verification on Fuel ECU bypass wiring
  160. bulding a turbo kit need intercooler piping for the sc300
  161. sc400 custom exhaust piping question
  162. 5 spd Swap with an OBDII Car
  163. supra 550's...?
  164. yes or no question
  165. 2jzgte swap...
  166. replacing rod bearings, motor in car?
  167. What is the number of the tail light bulb?
  168. Sc400 gurgling sound/ hot exaust
  169. New Ebay Exhaust Out
  170. clutch just dropped while driving =O
  171. HELP need asap...(really means Starter Issue)
  172. in search of soarer 1jz engine harness pin out
  173. Need help with twinturbo setup !! Please !!!! Asap !!!
  174. Egr mod do i put the resistor here? picture
  175. CAR Hesittating & Loss of power!
  176. spoiler brake light
  177. More Problems!
  178. Power Steering Tube leak
  179. Transmission Upgrade (Auto or manual)
  180. Hold the exhaust please....
  181. boost my LS or upgrade to XJR
  182. exhaust swap question
  183. Looking to buy a catback exhaust
  184. Looking to buy an intake
  185. Odd Battery Problem
  186. Any interest in SC300 headers?
  187. will a gs300 ecu work on a 92 sc300?
  188. What is this called???
  189. Checking interest for the IMF headers..
  190. which would be better?
  191. Which NGK Plugs to Use?
  192. GE block and TT head Who's got it?
  193. A340E and an A341E transmission
  194. I have got the throttle body and intake manifold off
  195. Drive Shaft Bolts
  196. Lexus warning light
  197. are these motors and trans the same ????
  198. Fellas Got a Check enging light on 98 sc400 vvti
  199. Radiator Leaking!!! LS400 part in SC??
  200. Rear O2 Sensor removal and tricking?
  201. Wtb: 1jz turbo or 2jz turbo motor !! Socal !!
  202. CEL turns on and off
  203. Need help gathering minor tune up parts SC400 98 vvti
  204. sc400 tranny to a 1jz-gte tranny???
  205. would this work?
  206. Gotta figure out why the oil light was tripped when.......
  207. Lost on the turbo size to get. Please help.
  208. underdrive pulley?
  209. Is it just me or does the a650e tranny drive funny?
  210. 95 SC400 won't fire, need help with external fuse box wiring
  211. Clutch replacement
  212. need help with auto tranny on 93 sc400
  213. Amsoil Help
  214. HELP AC doesn't work
  215. 1uz-fe (71, 76mm turbo spool)?
  216. Short shift kit
  217. Canister is leaking Gas...Please Help !!!
  218. Does anyone still use the MSD BTM?
  219. 95 SC300 won't shut off
  220. traction light flashes, check engine on. Car won't drive
  221. TT coil fitment on a na-t (please advise)
  222. Where O Where do my hoses go? W/pics
  223. AEM EMS+ JDM 2JZ-GTE help please
  224. Any Plug and PLAY standalone for aristo engine
  225. sc300 belt squeal
  226. Crank Pulley Bolt Removal?
  227. Cam Gear Cover Mod and 02 Sensor Question
  228. Squeaky Clutch 94 SC300
  229. Few questions for a Newbie (engine swap questions)
  230. Where to begin
  231. Question i'd like an answer to please (Engine Swap Questions)
  232. One simple question!!!!
  233. ge water pump on 1j?
  234. car bogging and hesitating. pls help :(
  235. I just got my 92 lexus sc400
  236. Smart people...
  237. '92 5sp won't crank, no fuel, no power door locks after installing new battery
  238. Supra flywheel
  239. 1993 SC400 Over Heating Problem
  240. 1JZ hesitation issue
  241. Difference Between 2 W58 shifters?
  242. Changed spark plugs, now car barely running...HELP
  243. supra fuel pump?
  244. results on
  245. *What car is this clutch pedal from*
  246. Code 52+55 (Knock Sensor)
  247. Camshafts...1uz
  248. Check engine light
  249. exhaust leak help
  250. 2jz-gte + w58...clutch component concerns...