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  1. sc400 2jz aristo wiring???
  2. 93 SC300 not running right-rich
  3. Tranny Question? HELP!!!!!!
  4. AEM ignition maps
  5. mystery part...
  6. Please help with torque specs for spark plugs..
  7. A few auto tranny questions
  8. Replacement Engine ?
  9. New track update w/ t66....not good!
  10. 1jzgte swap..
  11. engine harness problem
  12. Clutch Pedal Losing Pressure
  13. SC400 Cat Removal Help - Rusted Bolts
  14. 1j & 2j compatibility question.
  15. Starter Going?
  16. Need gated shifter help!! Can't get gears and shifter to match
  17. What is your general range for shifting on a w58?
  18. Noob Question??
  19. AEM EMS + walbro pump = high pitch whine
  20. v10 in a sc?
  21. If you dont have a battery tie down........
  22. 1 Jz Swap Or Turbo????
  23. Noob Question??
  24. Need help Asap!!!!!
  25. LOTS of problems HELP, PLEASE
  26. Can a 95 SC400 IAC be re-built?
  27. need urgent help, 1uz
  28. 1JZ no fuel and spark.
  29. a little worried..
  30. if you have a 5spd you better do this now!!!
  31. Overheating from back of engine? SC300
  32. newb question on idle...
  33. Heater Core
  34. help! sputtering bucking hesitating SC400?
  35. Wrap or stock heat shield?
  36. SC300 Clutch
  37. W58 Speed sensor and my SC400 speed sensor?
  38. Help!!!!!!
  39. question about r154 swap
  40. Coolant burning
  41. warm air blowing through outside air vents whats going on
  42. 1J owners, I need a favor
  43. 1JZGTE 3k rpm hesitation
  44. Auto harness on 5speed engine and tranny???
  45. transmission fluid really low, on the road 95' sc400
  46. Limp mode 92 SC400
  47. Compressor is LOUD!
  48. Needed : wiring diagram for 1995 SC300 , doing 2jzgte swap
  49. engine ticking **annoying**
  50. TT LSD direct bolt up?
  51. quick tranny mount question
  52. fix it ticket for exhaust
  53. Size of head bolts on the 2JZ
  54. A list of performance mods that increse hp...
  55. Picking Up A Tranny Need Some Input
  56. Differentail plugs stripped :(
  57. Does this unit even exist??
  58. 95 sc300 1jzgte mapecu install and map. need help please.
  59. First Gen. S-AFC Wiring Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
  60. Stupid Noise Comming from My Car
  61. 1JZ cold air intake finally in, pic.
  62. Car won't start...
  63. Got my MVP Headers today
  64. Torquing head bolts problem..need help ASAP!!!
  65. SC 300-97 Body assy, Transmission valve - A340E - look forward to your recommendati
  66. NEED HELP with a Q45 Throttle body
  67. 92 SC300 coolant smell on startup
  68. happen to have a copy of this?
  69. 1jz-gte, do I need brackets if I use supra tt motor mounts?
  70. Excessive Emission?
  71. Finally doing "it" this weekend!!!
  72. 1jz/2jz power steering question
  73. Tune up Messed up
  74. Weird CEL problem, Please help...
  75. BFI project begins soon!
  76. Knock Sensor Location and Replacing...
  77. Need a cheap place to get R154 1J bellhousing.
  78. electrical ghost strikes again
  79. Could any of this be the ECU?
  80. here we go again.your info is appreciated.
  81. Problem with Fuel and with 12 Disc Changer
  82. clicking sound on p/s
  83. 1jz no reverse light, airbag light on
  84. Front Main and Cam Seals Help
  85. Power Steering????
  86. Part 2: Aristo Engine Swap.
  87. No spark condition. Need help TT swap!
  88. I have to give my car gas to start it!
  89. MK3 1jzgte/R154
  90. SC400 fuel line diagram
  91. Tranny Swap?
  92. torquing down rear diff bolts
  93. Auto Shifter
  94. Spontaneously accelerating cruise control
  95. Hmm..Could someone help with wires question?
  96. (NEED HELP) Rebuild
  97. safc 2 with itc
  98. Ethanol - E85 for SC300/400
  99. Snap on scanner adapter and card for Toyota/Lexus?
  100. Starter issue (amp draw?)
  101. Started my 1J swap today kinda! haha
  102. 1jz swapped sc3: A/C Compressor
  103. Good News on the R154 shifter extension(sort of)
  104. 92-96 RMM Exhaust for a 97 SC400
  105. did a compression test on my SC3...
  106. Gauge recalibration
  107. Funny noise on cold start
  108. oem bov replacement
  109. My shifter idea
  110. sc300 or sc400 cheaper to fix?
  111. Some help with an Auto tranny swap
  112. Fuel pump question
  113. shaking back end while doing burnout
  114. Pictures of CF Seibon Hood Fitment
  115. tricking the safc for big INJ
  116. Change timing belt?
  117. sc300 auto to 6spd conversion
  118. So I dropped my sc300 off at my mechanic and...
  119. Quick question about the intake.....
  120. -Idleing Problem w/ My 97 SC4-
  121. Writeup on dual nozzle meth install w/ pics.
  122. My 92 1J Pics
  123. what exaust is this?
  124. gs400/430 diff questions
  125. Auto trans question
  126. JZX147 (GS300) clutch pedal usable on a SC400 ??
  127. SC300 auto to W58 swap...HELP!!
  128. Oh so strange.... Fan clutch??
  129. My car is jerking
  130. SC300 will not crank???
  131. 5Zigen Fireball Mega Exhaust :D
  132. fuel/air controls
  133. Question on Full exhaust
  134. V Band Clamp not tighten properly..
  135. Which do I change?
  136. Question for those Original 5 speed owners ...
  137. Help, car will not turn off!
  138. FFIMs?
  139. Trufanatic's Official Build thread
  140. Never Do This....
  141. 1jz on AEM EMS-Tuned!
  142. Transmission Maintence Questions
  143. changing Shift Solenoids
  144. Motor and trans mounts? I think not..
  145. sc300 motor and tranny swap to sc400
  146. 1jz intake manifold with 2jzge runners for 2jzge?
  147. 4 inch intake
  148. 2jzge-t how much boost?
  149. CEL after Oil Change
  150. 92 SC400 A/C Drier replacement ???
  151. Interchangeable Transmission Mounts?
  152. Source for Garrett GT35R turbo
  153. is something wrong with my car?
  154. Returned back to stock and car is not running
  155. 1JZ Fan Clutch Alternative Engine
  156. Is this the FASTEST
  157. brake/electric problem
  158. SC300 + V8 MAF for F/I
  159. Price check from Auto > Manual swap
  160. running with AEM, car won't idle when Hot
  161. New rear end went in
  162. Cant remove the crank bolt
  163. CEL and Trac light and more...
  164. Oil Filter Heat Sink Cover
  165. Stutter Sound?
  166. single exhaust 1jz :)
  167. OEM parts please help..
  168. Just my luck. :(
  169. ac question
  170. SC-300 lower control bushings
  171. Upgrading Intake To Cone Filter
  172. Whos is this!!??
  173. Power limits on stock 2jzge auto tranny
  174. sc400 and aristo swap questions
  175. question! to sc300 2jz-ge owners.
  176. Wtf?
  177. Part number for Tranny Solenoids
  178. need your advice on my engine work...
  179. Bad day at the garage f
  180. Rear factory lsd most common?
  181. Aristo 2jzgte vvti ECU Part Number
  182. 1JZ+Trans+GT35r=?
  183. Anyone changed their head gasket?
  184. got my exhaust
  185. WOT box
  186. gm synchromesh regular or Friction Modified
  187. Oil leak
  188. Clutch "whir" - Throwout bearing?
  189. tranny ???????
  190. Steering Rack Replacement Need help. DUI
  191. Late model soarer R154 short shifter?
  192. HELP! my battery keeps dying overnight
  193. Fan Broke...
  194. Oil change
  195. Zex on SC3?
  196. 93 sc400 overheating REALY BAD!!
  197. Hey I Need The Part Number For The Exhaust
  198. Newb tuning question
  199. Want better low end performance, try this! It's free!
  200. Cooling fan on the SC400
  201. timing adjust??? HELP!!!
  202. Private Swap
  203. Is there a better h2O pump then stock?
  204. 1.5JZ and Engine management.
  205. loose auto shifter
  206. Side markers into turn signals
  207. NA-T or 1jz?
  208. looking for a good mechanic in san diego
  209. So, I go to change the fuel filter and look what I find...(56k die)
  210. Differential Q
  211. Advice for gated shifter
  212. Callin people with 1jz swap in Los Angeles area
  213. distributor smoke
  214. Will GS400 Axleback exhausts fit SC400 applications?
  215. Coolant Temp Sensor Location - '95 SC300
  216. A quick Water Pump replacement question
  217. hey whats up all..please read.
  218. clutch master cylinder and clutch pedal won't match
  219. HEEEELLLP!!!! Car got stuck at work
  220. swapping ecu, question.
  221. Belt squeal! Need expert advice.
  222. IDLE surging and loosing Electric?
  223. Need your help (Single Turbo Upgrade)
  224. 1Jz Single Turbo
  225. Video of a possible tranny issue.
  226. Sc400 59K engine whine?
  227. Vaccum hose diagram(?)
  228. Help installing gated shifter
  229. SAFC NEO Harness?
  230. Steering
  231. Brian Crower 2jzge cams
  232. Anybody with a 4" dual exhaust setup???
  233. 1997 sc300
  234. Bad Jdm Importer In El Monte
  235. heat comming from floor next to gas pedal
  236. 1jz soarer swap auto to 5spd!?!?!?! help
  237. emissions time!!!
  238. Please help me out
  239. Aristo cam swap
  240. 2jzgte and 2jzge pulleys
  241. Sooo how exactly are camshafts supposed to look like?
  242. 1JZ auto start problem
  243. stupid v8 starter... need intake gasket info?
  244. Manual Transmission
  245. EGR Delete ?? For non turbo 2J
  246. to everyone that has a high hp sc ( look )
  247. Need Soarer Schematics?
  248. TPS HELP please !!
  249. Need advice on Plugs/Wires for NA-T
  250. stock 1jz-gte owners needed!!!