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  1. VSV valve clicking
  2. Question about gauging idle RPMs
  3. Need some help on electrical problem
  4. ABS or no ABS.... R154
  5. why do our spark plug wires suck?
  6. Clutch pedal diagram?
  7. crack on #1 cat. flange
  8. question: is the LS400 diff same as SC400 diff?
  9. 1jz cut wiring harness no body plugs
  10. Camry Throttle Cable???
  11. SC400 Engine Mount Replacement
  12. sc300 manual tranny removal?
  13. Brake Booster Location?
  14. r154 tranny install
  15. 1JZ with 2JZGTE throttle cable quest
  16. HELP: identify this part, and what does it do? 2JZGE people
  17. 1jz-question about vac hoses
  18. how can you tell if it's BB or journal?
  19. sc400 2jz conversion
  20. So I get a flat tire at about 5 this morning
  21. Speedometer Problem
  22. Removing trac control all together
  23. Starter problems
  24. clutch and tranny issues
  25. Rack & Pinion Seal Kit
  26. few q's about NA-T(yes I searched)
  27. Sc300 Question
  28. Engine knocking noise? - Have video
  29. New To Site Please Help!!!
  30. 98-00 sc300 and SAFCII, help please..
  31. bad thermostat?
  32. Hose Implode
  33. Mainfold and IC question
  34. Any Sc300's with SAFCII? urgent question
  35. Need throwout - maybe clutch?
  36. Safe Or Maximum Coolant Temperature?
  37. Lextreme stall converter
  38. Need Help With Performance Parts
  39. Drive shaft bushings: Can I swap with LS400's?
  40. Does this turbo look alright??????
  41. 1j/2j na-t swap
  42. sc300 automatic transmition tune up
  43. W58 weak points
  44. swap question
  45. steering rack boots
  46. Should've could've would've.... regreting your turbo route??
  47. Fuel Injector Cleaner - 400mi per tank?!
  48. Sc300 Debate! What To Do
  49. neutral safety switch
  50. My Mishimoto Radiator Experience
  51. I need to change my timing belt. Guidance please..
  52. exhaust from 99 sc3 and 92 sc3 the same?
  53. where to get a 1jz?
  54. Castrol Syntec 0w30 European Formula Opinions?
  55. SC400 Wont crank over by key, I need a expert!
  56. sc400 auto into sc400
  57. name that part a/c part? valve on low side, right below abs unit?
  58. SS line option for high pres steering hose
  59. Indepth exhaust question
  60. Help!!!
  61. Automatic 1jz and 2jz guys!!!
  62. SC400 fails inspection
  63. Im buying a turbo....
  64. Need some SC400 AC help
  65. AC not blowing cold air suggestions?
  66. loose braided hose in engine compartment
  67. quick question!
  68. sc300 boil over but not overheating [long]
  69. 98 SC300 and SAFC II, Please verify, and help please.....
  70. Labor question on solenoid replacement.
  71. Transmission fluid change SC400?
  72. Transmission solenoid placement
  73. PLEASE help identify this sound.
  74. Soooo i went and took a look at the 1jz....
  75. What did I just break?
  76. Ok This Is What I Want From An Sc!!
  77. air intake help!
  78. Cam timing (Searched)
  79. 1JZGTE VVTI Swap info needed... Searched everything
  80. Sc300 future buyer
  81. Power steering pump replaced 3x (searched)
  82. 1JZ 2JZ oil pan
  83. light hesitation on 400
  84. 2jz-ge performance
  85. Magnaflow 14814 exhaust fitment
  86. Need Help With Gauges
  87. please help! im going to the track tom. 1jz no boost at WOT!
  88. need help with code 25!!
  89. Another Swapped Project
  90. O2 Sensor, Code 27?
  91. 1997 Check Engine Light - Trouble Codes - Help??
  92. Apexi SAFC settings on 1j 1jz motor
  93. Tips for buying jdm engines
  94. got my clutch today!
  95. Fuel pump hanger, forr SCs
  96. is this hose suposed to be like this?
  97. 1JZ Swap Problems Need HELP!
  98. would appreciate some info and help:) on my new sc300
  99. auto to 5-speed help???
  100. exhaust
  101. Mystery plug A/C = no power
  102. About to kill my car!! - WILL NOT START AGAIN! ECU Issue!
  103. intake help
  104. CEL Code 13
  105. Belement's SC300 NA-T Build
  106. what happened to my car?
  107. Is This a Fair Price?
  108. sc300 shift solenoids.
  109. Dead temp guage
  110. Cylinder numbers for SC300
  111. 1j Fuel regulator replacement What size threads? afpr
  112. chaser engine in a sc300???
  114. Bad Cluch?
  115. Took a trip and got back with a burnt clutch
  116. Is300 headers for sc300
  117. oil pressure on a sc300?
  118. Fixed my sputtering and stalling at idle!
  119. valve cover gasket
  120. clutch help
  121. power steering bearing noise? (not typical PS noise)
  122. 1jz fuel cut. How do I get rid of it?
  123. Power Steering Seal issue
  124. Only! Reply If You Have Done A 1/2jzgte Swap
  125. will a is300 ac compressor work with my 1992 sc300?
  126. motors from driftmotion
  127. Spark Plug Gap Question
  128. Road Racing Anyone?
  129. Couple of questions regarding a motor swap
  130. Any ideas about this 7mgte clutch pedal?
  131. 95 SC300 Automatic: Engine miss, a little help please.
  132. My SC400 Tranny is leaking so I bought a new one. NOW THS
  133. spark plug wiress tovota vs lexus
  134. Ignition issue!! Need help with part name
  135. GTE swapped dudes, what resistor for coolant temp?
  136. check engine light on...
  137. Power Steering pulley
  138. misc clutch install parts
  139. Oil Lines?
  140. Slave cylinder issues
  141. Reading ECU pinout for safcII
  142. 1UZFE question for all the V-8 techies
  143. Auto to 5 Speed
  144. Performance Part Help Please
  145. FI article interpretation
  146. Timing question....
  147. dead ends
  148. Question for the NA-T guys.
  149. a/c not working HELP!!
  150. 1jz or 2jz I need your vote.
  151. AC Replacement Questions
  152. My first SC. The horror
  153. How's the manual transmission in the SC300?
  154. Ultimate SC 300 1jz swap? Fuel economy, peformance
  155. Good or Bad Turbo Kit?
  156. head gasket set
  157. Sea Foam Trans Tune
  158. W58
  159. fan shroud differnt between 300/400????
  160. Anyone running single 4" or 5" exhaust?
  161. DIY Valve Body Job
  162. Making more power, SC400
  163. Transmission Jerk and Whine in reverse-also check tranny and trac off lights
  164. installing tps sc300
  165. Help..Wideband LC-1 wiring, power tap
  166. Silicone Hoses
  167. Tell Me Wats Wrong (Gentleman; verily help me comprehend the dimming of yon dash)
  168. Exhaust Question ?? Yes I searched...
  169. Knock Sensor?
  170. freak accident?
  171. Should there be a sticky warning members about cleaning the engine?
  172. EGT recommendations.....
  173. C.M. Racing's 1UZ Connecting Rods
  174. Degreased engine and it stopped running
  175. 2JZ swap w/ n20?
  176. Ypipe
  177. Just a reminder.........
  178. 1JZ w/ 420hp Street Clutch Suggestions ?
  179. Turbo
  180. O2 Sensor issue...
  181. Clutch noise?
  182. C's Soarer Shifter?
  183. nagasaki....
  184. my brothers sc300's spark plugs are all covered in oil?
  185. need help
  186. Weird smell after WOT on freeway..
  187. Hydrogen injection
  188. Power steering solenoid
  189. sc300 fans.....
  190. Unregular idle...plz help
  191. 93 sc400 speedo doesnt work
  192. Stick jiggling
  193. In a nutshell.... (tranny differences)
  194. Please---Where is the egr vsv on 95 SC300
  195. Noise when in reverse
  196. sc300 lock diff
  197. Need exhaust tip recommendations
  198. Weird issue. Any Ideas?
  199. IPT performance transmissions.....
  200. Name these vacuum hoses
  201. 1995 Sc400 Dyno
  202. wtf is wrong w/ my sc3
  203. tanabe exhaust
  204. Air to fuel questions
  205. Climate Control Issues
  206. Injectors sizes and difference
  207. Question about my 1JZ swap.... Please help.
  208. SC400 w/ Supra TT Aluminum Radiator - PICS
  209. GS300 mounts/brackets work?
  210. my little teaser exhaust
  211. new exhaust = 55HP extra =)
  212. SC300 NA-T breaks up under boost after degreasing
  213. 2jz swapped sc300 - with sc400 driveshaft question?
  214. Serpentine belt pully went bad tonight....
  215. check engine? could it be belts?
  216. For those that have Getrag swaps...
  217. usdm 550cc injector into 1jz
  218. My car finally revealed!
  219. Questions about SC400 fuel system
  220. 6 speed clutch choice
  221. Muffler shop in So Cal
  222. Help with trac/abs system bleed
  223. Tranny Question?
  224. 2.50" or 2.25" SC400 exhaust piping?
  225. AEM EMS wiring assistance needed
  226. 92 sc400 Just purchased with problems
  227. A/C Issues
  228. 97 cold air/ short ram intake
  229. What's the one electronic device to use that..........
  230. What's the one electronic device to use that..........
  231. Can the 2JZGE rev up to 10k?
  232. Dual walbro fuel pumps?
  233. Upgrading Turbo on Soarer
  234. Shift Kit for 1994 JDM Soarer
  235. NEW INTAKE help to make it 100%
  236. Help Please, ECU Production Date
  237. SC400 motor mount/bushings torn?
  238. air cleaner box
  239. A written article about the 1jz
  240. 2JZ swap? Searched but cant find the answer.
  241. SC400 worth modding?
  243. intermittent a/c light blinking, lost power steering
  244. Poll: Downpipe used after swap
  245. HELP!!! Getting the new car up and running...
  246. DIY Timing Belt & Serpentine on SC300???
  247. SAFC2 acting up???
  248. 99 sc300 MAF
  249. soarer TT misfire/fuel cut
  250. NA-TTranny questions