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  1. Greddy 4 Row Interccooler
  2. 1jz BOV part # for Blitz or HKS
  3. w58 tranny question
  4. Na-t sc...........
  5. First MoDS in LSD TC
  6. injen intake on a 98 sc3?
  7. Battery Light...
  8. GTE cost.
  9. 1994 SC400 Radiator replacement
  10. biggest intercooler with stock bumper
  11. how to get the specs for a turbo?
  12. how to remove the linkage from the r154 tranny
  13. Best cold air intake filter?
  14. FP ECU Bypass problems
  15. built tranny any advice or who is good??
  16. 2jzgte with R154 auto to manual swap question
  17. ignition breakup or spark blowout ????????
  18. 1jz oil on plug
  19. do these injectors fit?
  20. SC400 motor swap question
  21. want to go as high as possible on stock twins..
  22. tac off light is on with check eng, light?
  23. Sc400 Shutoff When Turn Off A/c
  24. A/C halp! Interesting...
  25. Rebuilding 2jz-ge "feel free for any input"
  26. Carputer setup for real time/datalogging
  27. Seeking Advice on SC400 misfiring problem.. Codes 13, 14, 24, 31.
  28. Yet, another R154 related questions regarding the driveshaft...
  29. Speed Sensor Wiring Question...Gurus step in please!!!
  30. tach signal wire and best tires for sc400
  31. need to know all of the parts i need to do a 6speed in a sc300
  32. fuel filters?
  33. Should I repair or rebuild my tranny before boost
  34. Manual Transmission Swap
  35. battery light wont go away
  36. questions for drifters.
  37. Is a loud engine normal for an SC300?
  38. 1jz-gte on a 99 2jz-ge tranny?
  39. bucking sc300
  40. Cam Sprocket Problem
  41. Serpentine Belt...
  42. rebuilding and engine questions.
  43. Guide or info on removing SC400 Trans?
  44. Will this oil pan fit?
  45. Water Pump and Timing belt
  46. Anybody done a manual tranny swap on sc400?
  47. GT40r vs T67 turbo
  48. SC400 manual tranny?
  49. Question With A R154 Supra Trans
  50. IJZGTE question...kinda weird.
  51. Crankshaft position sensor
  52. sc400 air intake question
  53. TRAC issues still, replaced hose and bled
  54. CE Light Trac off ?
  55. Hit the dyno for a baseline [pics]
  56. IAVC Cleaning
  57. Spark Plug Question
  58. how to check engine codes?
  59. Lsd?????????????????????????
  60. Supra (MK3) and SC300 1JZ use same downpipe?
  61. SC300 OBX headers question
  62. replacing O2 sensors... ?
  63. New PCV Valve and Hose
  64. MAF Removal
  65. clutch issues
  66. anyone need help doing a 5 speed swap so cal?
  67. 5 speed conversion for 98 sc300?
  68. Yep....... Another exhaust question. [SC400]
  69. SC 400 With a 2jz swap
  70. help with tach adapter
  71. HKS Turbo Timer
  72. sc300 exhaust help
  73. new exhaust on my 1jz, i hate it.
  74. So i changed my worn out timing belt
  75. 1JZ SC300 won't start, need help!
  76. SC400 hi perf computer chips?
  77. Sc300 body ecu pinouts
  78. emissions for patches
  79. Need help w/ 1jz vacuum hose and turbo sensor
  80. Where do I recharge my A/C?
  81. I really need some help
  82. Headers and X-pipe
  83. Clutch Trouble (Master Cylinder, maybe?)
  84. TRAC light always on... help plz?
  85. Engine codes
  86. Help Plz.. TRAC light
  87. Valve cover gasket and sealer.
  88. I Want A Turbo
  89. Stall Speed Info, 1jz gte, 2jzgte, 2jzge etc
  90. SC400 Loud engine moaning vibration burning smell
  91. Possible plug/wire problem?
  92. ct26 1jz ?
  93. Rear seal on transmission
  94. List of parts to replace before Winter
  95. Won't go into 3RD GEAR!!
  96. trying to make contact
  97. Power steering bypass....
  98. SC400 swap help....
  99. head gasket and studs
  100. Can't turn TCS
  101. Looking for the 2 polished plates that go under the hood of the sc, one being carbing
  102. weird stumble with SC400
  103. SC300 Overheat/Thermostat/Waterpump
  104. Single T78 almost done...
  105. jdm 2jzgte o2 sensor.
  106. 1jz...won't boost over 5 psi!
  107. Na-t in Oct., but starting Intercooler today/PICS!!
  108. Strange electrical?
  109. AC/Engine Problem
  110. Supra 1jz down pipe
  111. A couple questions
  112. Rear-Mount Turbo SC300/SC400
  113. Time For an Upgrade
  114. My Sc 300 Won't Start, Help!
  115. Miss after pressure wash
  116. Electric fans!
  117. Sc300 Tb size?
  119. superchager
  120. TURBOXBERTS! Here's my T4 T04 Airesearch T04B Turbocharger BEWARE 56K!!
  121. JDM 2jzgte Starter
  122. Ewww, leftovers. :(
  123. All Swappers
  124. A343E in sc300 fit question
  125. SC400 Failed Emissions Very Bad.. HELP!
  126. Quick question on Turbo
  127. Supra MKIV NA-t DownPipe onto SC300
  128. A343E Weight and Replacement?
  129. They're shiny and they came in today
  130. Tony performance wins streetdragking event in P.R.
  131. SC300 Auto to R154 swap question......
  132. sc300 part number
  133. A/C never cold after 10 minutes! :(
  134. How MANy Holes?
  135. Twin Turbo Question
  136. Auto 1jz EMS?
  137. SC300 with 28 inch drag radial or slick
  138. 273K Timing Belt post mortem......
  139. SC570? Is it possible or even practical?
  140. Engine turns off while in movement also lights dimmed
  141. Breaking Up. Need help from GTE Guru's.
  142. Are there any 1JZ aftermarket Intake Manifolds ??
  143. Battery dying overnight
  144. Need Help Asap
  145. testing sensors
  146. 2jzgte swapped question..
  147. Cam sprocket torque?
  148. V8-V6 gauge cluster swap info. (tach mainly)
  149. '95 sc400 - poor performance / getting codes
  150. Is there a tutorial for changing the clutch?
  151. 1992 sc400 tranny question
  152. Location of O2 Sensors (already searched)_
  153. Water pump missing seal tracks....
  154. My bucking car keeps bucking
  155. R154 Q's????
  156. Pics of my $2700 Sc400
  157. I could really use some help
  158. Sc400 issue... smells like gas....
  159. Engine swap question?
  160. How do I remove the crankshaft TB sprocket?
  161. Impossibly high compression results????????
  162. OMG i dono what to do please help me!
  163. 1jzgte harness?
  164. Gated Shifter Question....
  165. Where does this plug go?
  166. Boost Controller install question??
  167. Sc400 engine stutter
  168. When engine dies.... what now??
  169. Nice crack in stock manifold
  170. Valve clearance specs?
  171. JDM 1UZ? Does it swap into a USDM SC400?
  172. W58 Year Difference
  173. 2.5 inch SS exhaust for turbo car?
  174. Some shots of my custom 3" exhaust w/Vibrant Mufflers
  175. NA-T or 2jz-tt engine swap
  176. sc300 shift problem plz help
  177. Soarer Front Clip
  178. Reseal or Swap the engine?
  179. Turbos Whinning?!
  180. how can i find the 92 knock sensor under the chasis
  181. Ugh, Another 1j question
  182. Exhaust Port pic request
  183. mandrel bend exhaust ???
  184. After research, i need verfication regarding the R154 swap please.
  185. Lets talk about trannys! Wooooo.
  186. Somethings knocking...what is it!?!?!
  187. Auto 1jz sc300, 5 speed swap?
  188. Removing Turbo for Smog??
  189. Custom HKS Hi Power cat back exhaust
  190. AC recharge
  191. NA-T or Not?
  192. 92 SC400 Head Gasket Question
  193. RPM Meter Dosn't COme?!?!?
  194. breather on the #2 cylinder cover
  195. NA-T to-------->JDM ARISTO TT SWAP
  196. Aristo GTE swap guys...specific wiring question(s)
  197. 2jz-gte swap SC300 A/C not working
  198. Oil Filter relocation kit?
  199. Spark Plugs Gapping
  200. adjusting new clutch and throw out bearing noise
  201. Engine Oil Capacity / pressure light
  202. a/c question
  203. Engine swapping ideas/questions
  204. Downforce
  205. 1jz swap, fuel pump not turning on...HELP
  206. a/c low pressure side question
  207. 91 supra a340e into 96 sc4?
  208. Blitz Exhaust, Intake?
  209. Stock exhaust size?
  210. Engine Whinning when i accelerate
  211. Gonna be a good day
  212. SAFC Neo wiring
  213. About to purchase some wheels.
  214. Strange ticking noise from TB/Idles at high RPMs?Anyone knows whats wrong?
  215. 1jz swap, wont start, starter ok, did neutral bypass...
  216. Will obx pass emissions?
  217. sc400 motor drop
  218. GTE head
  219. 1994 Sc300 5speed questions
  220. true size of turbonetic evolution wastgate
  221. CHanging Heads
  222. Whats a soarer trans worth now?
  223. 2jz exhausts
  224. Will Supra engine mounts, fit a SC400 W/1UZ??
  225. ac not cold after 2 days of replacing compressor
  226. White smoke?
  227. V8 EKT headers installed!
  228. Anyone running an Emanage Ultimate? problem!
  229. SAFCII Weird throttle issue
  230. Will SC400 Tranny output flange fit on the 2JZ-GTE TT auto tranny?
  231. 94 swap for 97
  232. my stock 1jz@track
  233. Performance mods with 97 Sc300
  234. Will this manifold fit?
  235. State of California- legal engine options
  236. Auto Trans swap 96 sc400
  237. Do I need to change the tensioner when doing the TB?
  238. Speed sensor solution to R154 swap w/ pics
  239. 1jz coil pack vs. 2jz coil
  240. I need Help with blue e-manage
  241. SC300 goes 8.86 in the 1/4
  242. New Catback Straight Pipe Exhaust Lots of PICS !
  243. Record Pass Sc300 Tony Performance
  244. Liquid in #5 and #6 Spark Plug bays
  245. Eng Codes, Throttle Response...
  246. Automatic supra holding power?
  247. rear end info??? ive searched
  248. royal purple synchromax
  249. What's missing from this timing belt kit on ebay?
  250. Valve after tb is'nt opening up causing reall bad idel