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  1. 1995 lexus sc300 02 sensor problem.
  2. Need a little help - my SC won't respond at all :(
  3. 1992 Sc300 ecu rebuild
  4. SC300 w/ Torched Springs
  5. no heat?
  6. egr - Code 71....HELP
  7. Need urgent help
  8. Blitz boost controller questions/ problems
  9. Fuel pump computers all tested bad SC400
  10. Bubbling noise??
  11. Engine Damper?
  12. so now the car runs, i have cel code 25, low idle when warmed up.
  13. Throttle Position Sensor
  14. Best turbo route simplified
  15. Head work
  16. Underdrive pulleys?
  17. Where does this part go?
  18. Grinding/rubbing sound when starting 1992 SC400
  19. Loss of Compression?
  20. hey whats up ClubLexus
  21. 2jzgte swap...wont crank
  22. lacking power
  23. A/c compressor problems
  24. My own sc4 BFI version, not done though.
  25. BC valve springs
  26. wheres the fuse for the eletrice fan 99 sc300?
  27. exhaust drone, rumble.
  28. exhaust drone..
  29. 2JZ-GE Port & Polish
  30. Head gasket
  31. overheating issues, quite intresting...
  32. 2nd gear grind/bind
  33. a/c problems
  34. Sc300 Na-t TT ecu
  35. Does anyone know
  36. 350z g35 trans on 2jz motor
  37. Bad idle on start up when it sits for a few days.
  38. HELP r154 speedo
  39. 1jzgte swap
  40. Going Na-t Questions!!
  41. Help with part Number:
  42. 1jzgte supra swap wiring harness to a sc300
  43. Sounds from the engine (vid inside)
  44. GTE complete? buy?
  45. Help gated shifter swap on 97 sc300
  46. SC300 w/ 1JZ-GTE swap, need trans and other ideas?
  47. Help! Head Gasket? Radiator? 1992SC300 5 speed
  48. No Vacuum?
  49. 97 SC300 Revving on its own at Start UP.
  50. Higher Gear
  51. SST's Alternatives?
  52. parts/rebuild
  53. R154 Slave bleeding problems
  54. how do i know if i have a sc400 diff? helps please
  55. SC400 no start - please help
  56. SC400 almost total system failure - please advise.
  57. This is what 5000 hp 2J's look like. LOL
  58. Super frustrating issue. Code 47 Sub TP Sensor?
  59. 99 sc400 charcoal canister location
  60. Anbody made cat back exhaust system w/the Tanabe mufflers?
  61. Close range key fob?
  62. Where is the low side AC hook up on 94 SC300
  63. Weird Starting problem, anyone help?
  64. MSD Digital-7 Ignition
  65. HELP 97 sc300 idle air control valve
  66. sc400 ecu pinout
  67. v8 conversion on sc300
  68. Help - Throttle Position Sensor TPS screw-up
  69. 440cc Injectors in a SC300
  70. Power steering, Oil, or ???? leak
  71. R12 to R134 AC Retrofit SC400/300
  72. car starts but cel comes on
  73. Is this a good deal?
  74. Transmission won't go all the way in
  75. 95 sc400 Alternator
  76. ?'s on 1jz (bpu mods, 2jz turbos on 1jz, & single turbo on stock ecu?)
  77. ac problem need help!
  78. 95 sc300 auto tranny
  79. Doing the 2jzgte swap
  80. Cold engine, revs jumping, car almost stalling, check engine light coming on.
  81. Using usdm 2jzgte harness on a jdm motor questions .
  82. Post your oil cooler/filter relocation set ups!
  83. left and right front catalytic converters
  84. Common Q
  85. cranking but not running sc300
  86. Any 1jzgte guys here using an aristo trans or ecu?
  87. SC400 Weird Stall
  88. exhaust question
  89. Fluid in my spark plug valley
  90. 1UZ vs 1UZ Vvti block strength?
  91. need help! going lean
  92. How to wire clutch pedal switch auto to manual?
  93. What size tap to use to tap ge oil pan for turbo drain?
  94. SC400 Stock Fuel Pressure
  95. Idle Problem, but no Vaccum Leak.
  96. SC 400 Excessive Cranking at Start
  97. W58 rebuild ?
  98. Sc300 Rear driveshaft length? Seller sold me wrong part?
  99. Small question
  100. SC300 Chirping Noises
  101. kaaz 2 way diff in 92 sc300?
  102. 92' SC400 | Coolant Sensor, Leaking Coolant
  103. sc400 random major oil leak wtf!!!!!!!!
  104. can a 1jz sound like this?
  105. Tempature coolant problem
  106. SC400 Cooling Hoses
  107. SC300 down...NEED HELP !!
  108. Worst 2jz problem discovered!!!
  109. SC300 Clunk Noise
  110. different starter sounds
  111. 300 stick, O2 sensor, idle issues?
  112. My New Sc300 Exhaust Video!!
  113. 94 SC400 idle problems and accelerating by itself, throttlebody butterfly valve?
  114. Suggestions on 440 cc injectors
  115. Temp gauge stopped working - cold -1jz swap
  116. question about upgrading twins
  117. Help. Checking engine light after 96 sc3 manual swap
  118. sc400 1jz no start - ACC work - weird warning lights
  119. T3 Heat Shield?
  120. upgrade starting points
  121. sc400 Engine Stall I'm Stumped
  122. Highest Horsepower Numbers from W58 NA-T Guys? Post up!
  123. overdrive cel
  124. 1uz dipstick o ring pn and ring gear bolt pn please
  125. cranks but no start... need help asap
  126. bad o2???
  127. Carrier bearings
  128. engine swap vvti gte vs non vvti gte?
  129. Facts about oil and what grade to choose
  130. Alternator harness hacked off of your 1JZ Swap? Click here!
  131. cams and valve springs
  132. Power steering issue..searched
  133. Hmm... 2JZ Boxer-style?
  134. ABS and Trac lights
  135. Ac help
  136. 1jz vvti swap no power whatsoever
  137. question CEL light
  138. Please Help!!!! More problems
  139. New Problems
  140. quick question about my swap w/pics
  141. 2jzge head gasket
  142. False advertisement! No A/c for me!
  143. Distance Indicator?
  144. Vacuum help/Engine Help needed!
  145. Which aisin water pump do I need for the gte?
  146. Sc300 fuel pump issues!!!
  147. water cooled turbos & coolant system diagram (GTE)
  148. Is this normal for a 94 SC400
  149. 98 SC400 Turn Signals and Flashers Dead
  150. 1JZ temp sensor voltage
  151. 1993 SC300 5speed
  152. ECU problems??
  153. Changed plugs then ????
  154. SC300 - low idle/no power - just started
  155. oil leaking on driver side cat converter
  156. 98 sc300 1jz overdrive question
  157. boost help please
  158. boost vs police
  159. AEM V2 air conditioning question
  160. Sc400 custom exhaust, o2 bung thread?
  161. SC300 Will crank fine, but won't start
  162. violent misfire and strange noise overnight? video inside
  163. PLEASE HELP! Don't know what's wrong!
  164. what setup are you running in your or gte?
  165. Fuel Pump & Fuel Pump ECU Issues SC400
  166. I need your help CL...
  167. 1UZ-FE Unknown noise?
  168. Misfiring pretty bad in boost, need some advice
  169. sc300 na tt build..Harness question
  170. O/D light flashing...code 61
  171. 450whp Sc300 kill list.
  172. Need Advice on Auto Transmission choice
  173. Need Advice on Auto Tranny
  174. Clutch info
  175. Failed Emissions test!
  176. EGR Cleaning
  177. Sat for days now idles rough?
  178. Thoughts on stock mufflers?
  179. A/c diagnostics : Blowing semi-cold
  180. Resonator thoughts/feedback
  181. 1995 sc400 lights and radio cut off
  182. Cv shaft removal
  183. What do I do with these hoses?!?! FFIM
  184. High idle on start up!
  185. Need help ASAP EMISSIONS FAIL.
  186. Help trying to go distributor-less
  187. anyone familiar with brake motive
  188. sc300 NA-T safc, afc neo specs
  189. FMIC and piping question
  190. Adding freon to 1992 SC400
  191. cooling fan help and is this a mk4 w58
  192. mkiv radiator in sc400?
  193. Oil Leak Only In High Speed/High RPM (SC400)
  194. Driftmotion intake manifold
  195. Bad tranny mounts?
  196. tranny??
  197. Radiator coolant reservoir
  198. searched.. need a few swap q's answered
  199. Something wrong car accelerating and rev'n by itself
  200. exhaust help
  201. questions on auto to manual swap (ecu)
  202. 97 sc300 1jzgte swap! Need help ASAP with wiring
  203. 2jz drive belt tensioner pulley
  204. lost all power. runs rough. help please
  205. "Manual switch" on Aristo Auto A340e
  206. Boost logic 2jzge Trans on 1jzgte
  207. Battery charging light always on.
  208. ecu!!! ecu!!! ecu!!!
  209. Bad engine coolant tempature sensor
  210. Throwout Bearing Rub Marks on Pressure Plate
  211. Check engine light not working??
  212. Cheap Power steering hose replacment
  213. SC300 Exhaust Piping Help
  214. Fuel pump wiring (1JZ > SC400)
  215. Need some ECU Help
  216. A/C blows hot air...awesome.
  217. exhaust Q
  218. 1JZ SC400: Fuel Gauge reading wrong
  219. Speedometer help!!!!!
  220. Problem With My 1992 Lexus SC300
  221. A/C help needed
  222. Idle backfire
  223. which to choose?
  224. Does sc300/400 use the same fuel pump
  225. 1jz vvti auto speed sensor
  226. 1jz - battery light flickering with bumps on road
  227. 1jz auto intake manifold - what throttle pulley?
  228. 2jzgte ticking
  229. Check Engine (CEL) + Flashing Trac Off Light - How to read codes, Help please!
  230. engine is dead, going to do a swap
  231. Center Support Bearing
  232. 2jzgte swap fuel pump question
  233. trans swap questions
  234. To clean or not to clean: MAF Clean????
  235. 92 Lexus sc400 help what is size of PS high presssure banjo bolt
  236. transmission issues
  237. Need Help! Exhaust Question.
  238. Anybody know the thread size on fuel feed line?
  239. Question about Turbo...
  240. Need help with Ac clutch or compressor...
  241. engine rebuild
  242. 98+ shifter plate
  243. If I drive with this "stuttering/sputtering" can I make anything worse?
  244. Adjusting a TPS by hand?
  245. cr with gte pistons, na hg? TT hg?
  246. Tapping into Tial BOV for Boost gauge reading?
  247. sc300 midpipe lenght?
  248. Universal ecu for...Well, everything?
  249. Need HELP with new noise!
  250. need help in south florida