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  1. 2JZGE - Which pulley is it?
  2. Is this the power steering hose or could it be more?
  3. how much boost
  4. Braided oil pressure line resizing?...
  5. 1jzgte what harness do I have?
  6. Meangreen1's GT35R build.
  7. Swap Pix
  8. Supercharger
  9. W58 Swap
  10. engine problems
  11. yet another random missfire/sputtering thread sc400
  12. Window Motor Help Please!! (with pics)
  13. Fuel pump not doing anything
  14. no compression in number 7 cylinder intermittent
  15. airbag dash lite needs reset
  16. 2JZ-GE cam shaft work in 1JZ-GTE?
  17. 2jzge turbo manifold thats tapped for t3 and t4
  18. 2jzge turbo manifold thats tapped for t3 and t4
  19. IMF SC400 headers GB for the holidays $399!
  20. Sc300 heater control valve leak!!
  21. Sc400 Acceleration Problem
  22. Want to boost my performance on my SC
  23. Low boost, low budget 1UZ single turbo setup
  24. Apexi Neo Afc install help...obd 1
  25. my ehxuast smell like burn? werid?
  26. 92 SC300 Wipers stop working HELPPPP!!!!
  27. my 92 sc questions
  28. quick question: will sc3 cats fit an sc4?
  29. mystery problem
  30. New Here...have some questions
  31. chattering sound from transmission.
  32. Ebay intercooler IATs...Post if you know them.
  33. car will not stat in the cold but will when its over 40degrees SC400....
  34. 2jzge timing
  35. Question...Switched to Mobil1...
  36. single turbo ?'s
  37. need help, wont start
  38. w58 swap
  39. transmission swap (need info)
  40. Spark Plug Suggestions
  41. Where to get alternator, and which one? SC300, wierd problem...
  42. Weird W58 tranny 3rd gear experience
  43. Harness schematic
  44. Bpu 1JZ Breaking up Underboost...Help
  45. Anyone installed a Supra LSD with 3,76 final gear?
  46. How Can I Get Cheap LSD!!!!!
  47. car bogging during WOT?
  48. SC300 OEM Differential
  49. Heater Valve Repair
  50. 1JZ + WOT = burned rubber smell from engine compartment?
  51. flash codes
  52. PPE Header Group Buy
  53. new to the game. driveshaft help please
  54. car overheats at idle.. help!
  55. sc400 oil pump
  56. header exhaust system?
  57. Anyone Running A Griffin Radiator
  58. Megan Racing Axel Back????
  59. Car jerking when let off of gas at any speed
  60. Distributor Delete Pics w/ 7m-gte CPS / vvti Coilpacks
  61. Will 95-96 SC400 Alternator fit 98-00 SC400 vvti?
  62. 92 lexus sc400 bad cylinder
  63. E85 fuel setups chime in
  64. Easy solution or engine head removal?
  65. Need help with turbo
  66. Whinning sound from engine
  67. 98 SC400 Fuel pipe replace
  68. Sad morning.
  69. Supercharged 400 - installing Adaptronic!
  70. Question about stock ECU's
  71. R154 rebuild kits?
  72. Aftermarket Heads for 1UZFE?
  73. OEM or probe pistons for rebuild
  74. Mk4 1.5jz project
  75. Oil in spark plug valley again!
  76. How do I tell if I have a Blown HG/Cracked Head or Cracked Block??
  77. 1jz single low boost dyno results!!
  78. GE motor with v160
  79. Sc with 1fz-fe with 76mm turbo
  80. speedometer and odometer stopped working
  81. Weird butterfly valve / throttle valve click sound..??
  82. 92 sc400 rough idle at 400 rpm intermittent
  83. Quick 02 sensor question
  84. First Lexus Project
  85. 1jzgte twin turbo upgrade?
  86. SC400 Knock Sensor Voltage Range
  87. GTE trans on NA motor?
  88. Play with the ecu
  89. 1JZ Side feed Injectors Installation
  90. Drift Motion Power Steering Line - Question
  91. Question about NGK plug wires...
  92. Launching a stock sc300
  93. Water leak/rear carpet getting wet...
  94. 1JZ, 2JZGE Accessories compatible??
  95. Turbo suggestion please.
  96. does the sc400 tranny only take 2 quarts?
  97. Another Sc400 starting problem.
  98. Anybody use Vibrant mufflers? Pics?
  99. Proper W58 for the sc400 Swap
  100. Injectors maintenance
  101. Still havent gotten her running
  102. Transmission died
  103. W58 SC 400 long term report
  104. HKS Exhaust
  105. 1jz to good to be true? yes
  106. thread for stock bottom end redline?
  107. 1jzgte swap problem.
  108. restricted air intake-------any advice appreciated
  109. Tansmissions.....No this is not another W58 or R154 thread
  110. 2jz na-t intercooler size and choice?
  111. dr Tweak Harness and aristo ecu
  112. KAAZ LSD for SC400 questions
  113. Head Stud question
  114. Car randomly turns off. (EGR?)
  115. EGR valve
  116. Cold start rattle
  117. Vibration. Tranny or Engine mount?
  118. Sc400;The 1JZ Swap Adventure
  119. ct15b high flow upgrade
  120. Starter question?
  121. 1JZ breaking up in cold weather
  122. Masses of white smoke but not the headgasket?
  123. Fuel + Electrical problems
  124. 1j single setup question
  125. Whistling sound only on partial throttle.
  126. 1jz swap, dropping fuel guage needle?
  127. 2jzgte swap cruise control not setting
  128. does the 97 sc300 have traction control??
  129. Need help with buying an LSD.
  130. Blown head gasket fix estimate
  131. Lexus SC 400 Ignition Coils
  132. aristo transmission swap?
  133. Reverse plug part #
  134. Solved CEL Code 71 EGR by changing fuel filter
  135. Lets play a game. "Wheres this noise coming from?"
  136. 60 MPH @ 4,000 RPM's HELP!!!!!
  137. Steering wheel having sligtly delayed steering response?
  138. HKS Type S FMIC kit for Supra TT
  139. Scared I Messed Up My Ride
  140. supra tt pump lines.
  141. Some rambling, questions and need advice. Considering an EMS.
  142. OBD II ECU help
  143. radiator light comes on and off mid drive?
  144. need help sc400
  145. SC400 transmission problems.
  146. Occasional starter kickback
  147. boost guage line question 2jzgte
  148. Dreaded starter click - changed starter and I still get the starter click randomly
  149. newbie sc400
  150. Fault codes.
  151. 1jz bpu question
  152. Quick quick question please answer!
  153. na-t fuel injectors..who is running stock?
  154. Maf?
  155. can I get any info on the reliability of this website?
  156. Evaluate my service deal/labor costs
  157. '92 SC300 with high NOX --failed smog today
  158. For those with 1UZ Manual Swap
  159. catalytic converter delete
  160. mass air flow or tps?
  161. Am I Missing Something? (pic)
  162. JZA70 to SC300 wiring
  163. Garrett GT3071 on a bone stock 2jz?
  164. How Much for a 1JZ Setup?
  165. Trying to add a fuse (Help please) ...
  166. 2JZ + Tremec T56 ?????
  167. Exhaust manifold/ catalytic converters
  168. Oil for engine fan fluid in a 1993 s 400
  169. warm start, and dies while driving
  170. A few questions about white smoke, disappearing coolant and rpms
  171. turbo on na 2jz-ge
  172. 1992 Sc300 F/IC problem with MAF
  173. sc400 swapping rear end : gears 4.10 vs. LSD
  174. Swap wiring question?
  175. Downpipe question...
  176. Car is all the sudden started dumping oil. Please help
  177. Stalling in automatic sc400.
  178. Coolant block test pictures - head gasket
  179. Car makes loud whine in the morning
  180. Will these exhausts fit?
  181. Start up issue.
  182. Oil cooler location help!
  183. automatic starting in 3rd-4th gear?
  184. 10" Subwoofer install in stock location (PICS)
  185. hks hi power exhaust???
  186. My new fall/winter project
  187. Timing Belt
  188. gas line questions
  189. Cranking boost to just below fuel
  190. Fel Pro Gasket Paper?
  191. What kind of leak is this???
  192. Help with AEM FIC 6 1jzgte SC400
  193. sc400 performance...lacking
  194. New Battery for SC300
  195. fuel pump? your call
  196. Sequential is a go! Finally... Transition boost question for the twins lovers
  197. Phantom parasitic power draw (about to get rid of SC)
  198. SC400 turns over but wont start
  199. Starting issues
  200. Startup waterpump/timing belt replaced
  201. Proper hosing locations?
  202. Help identifying exhaust manifold. 1jz or 2jz?
  203. beaten by a 1uz
  204. Startup after waterpump replace
  205. Anyone know bolt size for bellhousing bolts?
  206. vvt-i 1uz w/ a w58 stick transmission?
  207. light weight pulleys
  208. sc400 5spd swap
  209. HELP!!!Required Bits and Pieces for M90/1UZFE
  210. driveshaft question
  211. na-t engine bay pics please :)
  212. 2JZGTE Strangest boost leak ever. Is this bad?
  213. Egr valve malfunction wont go away
  214. What clutch are you using?
  215. Busted radiator reservoir
  216. sc 400 1992 water pump
  217. I thought this looked fun for a weekend laugh...
  218. timing belt complication...
  219. need to find this part pls help
  220. na-t runs like booty
  221. My Single Turbo Soarer
  222. SC300 W58 Carrier Bearing
  223. Fan Bracket wont come off?
  224. Fan Oil/Fluid?
  225. Rebuilding a 92 SC 300
  226. Plugs, Wires, Caps & Rotors
  227. Battery, or startup issue.
  228. This is going to be a PIA the remove (fuel Filter)
  229. SC's down again.....
  230. Coolant System flush and Brand questions.
  231. 5spd in 2jzgte
  232. need help!!
  233. sc 300 help
  234. Interesting Walbro noise issue
  235. swapping companion flange for the getrag v160 and gs400 diff
  236. R154 for $700?
  237. Flexplate Lockup
  238. na-t to jdm aristo gte with AEM
  239. anyone have the lextreme cams or torque converter in the sc400?
  240. Aristo GTE rich idle issue (single turbo)
  241. 92 Sc400 Crankshaft Issue
  242. Random low idle
  243. Pulsar Plugs in a Sc300?
  244. New to the Lexus scene, looking for people in the DFW, Texas area
  245. 2jzge intake manifolds
  246. Need new 1uzfe where to get near Georgia??
  247. No voltage from pins IGT 1-6 at ecu
  248. TT head swap ?
  249. gte vs. ge head
  250. SC400 driver's rear clunk