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  1. come on lets see your big turbos!!!!
  2. is my car miss firing?
  3. 2JZGTE Flywheel used with W58
  4. rev limiter at 4200rpms???
  5. Crazy battery drain + no start issue
  6. Does the supra single midipe fit our NA-t downpipe?
  7. ? What year exhoust will fit my 92sc300?
  8. Thermostat ???
  9. Need help fixing/swapping SC400 starter
  10. help plz! Wire Harness
  11. V8 OBD1/OBD2 modding question
  12. whats the name of this bushing?
  13. power steering pressure lines
  14. 266k miles diffential oil leak!! need help/advice
  15. usdm 6spd tt front clip swap
  16. Muffler removal
  17. how to add a powersteering cooler
  18. 1jz to sc400 help
  19. Fuel filter
  20. From 1UZFE to 2JZ NA-T
  21. Ebay/OBX Crank Pulley
  22. Need help on installing Short Shifter
  23. What does this green indicator light mean? w/pic
  24. Cleaning up engine bay (mechanically)
  25. Apexi AFC Neo Help! Car Starts, Rough Idle, Then Stall
  26. Lexus return Line thread
  27. Sc300 Turbo/GTE swap noob Questions..need some help
  28. Missing transmission shifter plate? Need Help
  29. A650e
  30. Loose Steering
  31. speed sensor help on w58
  32. in need of serious help
  33. A650E tranny on 1992 1uz
  34. MAF is fault, what are my options?
  35. 1 jz gte 2.5L twin turbo w/ R154 tranny?
  36. W58 to 1uz Adapter Plate (WITH PICS!)
  37. MK4 tt supra USDM injectors into a 1jz gte JDM
  38. Help Identify this connector
  39. MKIV Supra Twin Turbos
  40. sc300/400 auto tranny
  41. Quick Heater Hose question
  42. By Request: Aftermarket Auto Shifter
  43. an intake worthwhile pwr gains?
  44. Starter removal issue - need urgent help
  45. weird starting problem...
  46. 6puck vs 4puck Dual Friction. Q's?
  47. Need pic of the ps pump.
  48. how to remove front fenders?
  49. Manual Transmission fluid
  50. 1.5jz swap ???
  51. Another SC300 steering issue, and i'm stumped.
  52. Help Big Promblem. Transmission help!
  53. Letz talk exhaust !!!!!!!
  54. NA-T IC piping setup
  55. NTO's V8 twin turbo
  56. Na-t done, Code 24 25 31
  57. misc last wrap up wiring questions for gurus
  58. stock injector size?
  59. Anyone ever run these injectors?
  60. 2jz swaps?
  61. Transmission Problem - Fix or Sell
  62. y pipes
  63. High Pitched Whine from 0-40mph
  64. Seafoam Question
  65. SC300 resonator!!
  66. Long overdue Suprastick E-shifting video
  67. SC400 cap/rotor question
  68. Just finished my auto to 5spd
  69. o2 sensor what are ..?
  70. HELP ME! My brothers car is CuRsEd!
  71. 98 SC300 (vvti) convert to 5peed
  72. 98 SC300 (vvti) convert to 5peed
  73. Car is tuned and ready to go finally.
  74. Write up: Suprastick into SC400.
  75. Custom high pressure fuel lines, any ideas?
  76. is300 5spd tranny too sc430
  77. SC300 MT Driveshaft Woes - Mod the auto one?
  78. Vvti 2jz into 92 sc300??
  79. quick water pump?
  80. Loud obnoxious noise with my SC [Video Inside]
  81. how many MM is my Tial wastegate is?
  82. Timing problem on 98 SC300
  83. Code P0385
  84. dipstick oil tube 2jz-gte?? need one asap!!!
  85. Auto Transmission Pinouts
  86. sc300 auto vs sc300 manual crossmembers
  87. SC400 AT vs SC300 MT crossmember?
  88. shifter problem
  89. Car cranks but wont start.
  90. Need serious HELP!
  91. Aristo 2jzgte harness puzzle figured out!
  92. SC300 Randomly Dies
  93. Whos ordering the new BL compound turbo kit?
  94. SAFC setting on 7-8psi stock injector and maf
  95. just done na-t on my 1992 just get a CEL
  96. GTE MAF Connector
  97. Blitz Nur Spec R Exhaust
  98. Bad Torque Converter?
  99. drive shaft question
  100. Power Steering question please
  101. AEM map sensor install on 1jz
  102. need help with 5 speed swap
  103. SC400 shuts off at startup,and boggs back when driven.?Help.?
  104. 5-speed pedals
  105. Annoying noise I can't track down.
  106. Vacuum hose issues
  107. transmission mount question
  108. E8 standalone
  109. Just got back from the dyno
  110. Help out with looking for a clutch
  111. Squeaking Very LOUD
  112. Rear Output shaft seal r154 HELP
  113. supra 1jz into SC?
  114. Oxygen Sensor Interchange for 1JZ
  115. VACUUM LINES...ugh...and a question.
  116. I made a video! First start up for turbo setup gt3076r *incomplete
  117. Can't read OBDII CEL?
  118. 5Spd Conversion questions. SC400 related.
  119. My Cutout idea
  120. egr to
  121. smoke from exhaust
  122. Car tugging a lot on the highway
  123. i need help!!! Crank Sensor
  124. A few questions about the 1jz engine sets on ebay
  125. Is the Sc400 Tranny Difficult to remove?
  126. Power steering broken?
  127. Goin 2 the track 2nite...
  128. Would this work? *help*
  129. Power Steering Knowledge Needed.
  130. Fuel system for 700rwhp 2jzge!...
  131. Headgasket change turn around?
  132. quick tranny question...
  133. GTE Auto with SC400 Driveshaft...AM I being slow???
  134. Help please, tps wiring problem
  135. pumpkin install
  136. complicated starting problem, need expert advice please
  137. 400 electric fan conversion 1 or 2 fans?
  138. only right rear looses traction
  139. which rear end do i need
  140. What do you think of this turbo?
  141. WTB: cold air intake/filter SC400
  142. where the f#*$ do i get a midepipe
  143. please help!!!car not starting
  144. A few questions about my tranny and other stuff
  145. What's the best resonator out there?
  146. 93 SC400 Need your help running 3/4 hot
  147. Fuel Pump Installation!
  148. SC300- full tank to dead dry average
  149. Regarding the SC300 computer wiring system
  150. Igniton not working
  151. Runs Better with MAF Disconnected
  152. calling all aristo swaps
  153. Question for the 2jzge; interchangable parts
  154. I want more out of her!
  155. Potential of the 1UZFE when Force Induced
  156. Just Wondering
  157. Educate Me.......Engines
  158. Auto and 5spd ECU difference issue?
  159. 1jz sc300 topspeed only 110mph
  160. ECU Help
  161. Power Window Problem
  162. Does anyone have a spare ECU (SC400) or has anyone else tried this?
  163. where to buy oem pressure plate bolts
  164. V160 Install Question
  165. Screeching clutch.
  166. A few vids of the Mag/Dyn Exhaust
  167. SC400 trans performance Q
  168. can anyone help me idenifly these 2 turbo gaskets?
  169. Can't decide on rods to save my life!
  170. what does this do and where does it go?
  171. Battery always draining car. What if I disconnected a Terminal?
  172. How to tell if it's W58 or R154?
  173. Should I get a 1JZ or a 1JZ VVT-i?
  174. V-Band Downpipe for a single 1jz
  175. Bought a JDM Supra TT motor with Auto tranny for my sc300 what else do i need
  176. Going to track for the first time HELP
  177. Sc300 exhaust compatibility
  178. Clutch suggestions needed
  179. P/S lost at idle
  180. Using foam in the engine bay [BFI]
  181. GE for a GTE short block ?
  182. Alright New Castrol Edge, whats your take anyone use it?
  183. What hose is this?
  184. What i need to turbo?
  185. 2jz sounding like a EJ20
  186. ever had this problem
  187. timing belt...serpentine belt...
  188. Soarer MT clutch engagement help
  189. LSD rear end identification, traction control?
  190. Tach only reads half of real engine rpm?
  191. Help me out Here Guys
  192. Looks like my W58 is toast.....what do you think?
  193. 1992 SC300 TPS Voltage
  194. check engine light came on then off
  195. transmission question
  196. knock sensors
  197. What 1jz's?
  198. Rev dropping?
  199. soarer/chaser ecu Fcon
  200. need help with power steering leak
  201. Can I modify my auto trans (SC400)
  202. My 1jzgte swap thread pic heavy!
  203. Comp stage 3 clutch for your stock clutch
  204. problem engine light is on!!!
  205. What Headers Should I Get For My SC300?
  206. Greddy MX vid clip
  207. questions on torque converter
  208. HOW TO: SC300 High Pressure Power Steering Hose
  209. Ebay Reman'd Compressor or Used Compressor?
  210. Bad Idle/Shaking/Misfire?? Help!
  211. can someone identify this BOV?
  212. My custom cold air intake set up!! Pics!!
  213. Random CEL, bad O2 sensors?
  214. Out of interest....
  215. Is this a good idea when motor swapping?
  216. where to buy a motor????
  217. W58 to 1uz Adapter plate on Fleabay!
  218. FINALLY my exhaust sound clip
  219. Removing Alternator 1992 SC400? HELP!!
  220. anyone have a rear end diagram
  221. Exhuast pin point?
  222. a/c stopped working!!!
  223. Vibrations when gas depressed
  224. transmissions
  225. Planned: Suprastick and Amsoil
  226. How many have the EKT/IMF headers for the SC400 ?
  227. just Bought this gte
  228. sc300 Speed Sensor, Location, which one 5spd
  229. Does SC300 have any engine reset tool? check engine?
  230. Spark plug wire question.
  231. Turbo Opinions NEEDED.
  232. Exhaust sizing
  233. Ignition system wearing out too fast
  234. SC4 Throttle Plate cleaning.
  235. engine broke off valve in 3rd cyclinder
  236. Alterntor ?
  237. Cel light on!!!! Code 25
  238. No power to my passenger side coil on SC400
  239. 1jz time
  240. Location of EGR temp sensor on a 1992 SC400?
  241. PLEASE help!! Where is the fuel pump relay for a 93 sc400?!
  242. sc400 makes rubbing nosies
  243. Driveshaft Loop
  244. what size is the injector tip?
  245. tony performance sc300 1/4 pass
  246. 1jz tensioner Question, Help
  247. Please help meee! 93 sc400 battery light on
  248. Timing Belt
  249. 92 sc300 Running rich/poring smoke HELP????
  250. how many cats and resonators on sc400?