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  1. MAF disconnected conclusion
  2. 99 sc300 headers
  3. A/C Diagnostics
  4. MAF simulator
  5. AC question
  6. Rear main seal replacement
  7. Busted Radiator - Need some advice/help
  8. Catch can install for everyone
  9. APEX-i RSM install
  10. sc400 spark plugs and throttle body
  11. 95 sc300 ecu diagram? tryin to install mapecu
  12. Can this be trusted???
  13. Dash Board Warning Light... Cannot understand what it means...
  14. Ordered shifter extension
  15. Calling all aftermarket TC gurus
  16. what leak is this? (pics)
  17. I didn't read rules
  18. Nagasaki motors
  19. PCV Valve question
  20. What is the pros/cons of a Solid Driveshaft Bushing?
  21. W58 Whirring Noise - All gears but 4th
  22. SC 400-Stem Seals
  23. Help Temp Gauge Going UP
  24. transmission slipping check
  25. sc300 engine cover
  26. engine/feedback
  27. found hose disconnected and capped PICS
  28. whats your torque
  29. SC400 Burnout
  30. Question SC300
  31. Funky Steering
  32. Where is my ECU?
  33. MK3 W58 swap into 1JZ auto, need some more info and help
  34. Speedo Needle Goes Crazy
  35. Single conversion what do you do with
  36. Help with my SC400 Please!
  37. Important Question :(
  38. Couple of clutch questions for the W58
  39. oil pressure gauge
  40. Speedometer problem...?
  41. W58 clutch question
  42. Overcharged a/c ?
  43. Wastegate vacuum question...T61 In Progress
  44. If you have a skip this may be the cause
  45. What is this goo/part?
  46. help/engine tapping
  47. car problem
  48. What do you think happened here???
  49. GAS Gauge Fked up HELP
  50. Oil pooling on top of spark plug wire caps.
  51. Aluminized vs Galvanized Exhuast Piping
  52. IACV Loaction questions
  53. Burning Oil when at stop light
  54. SC300 2jzGTE swap confusion
  55. What to do w/ the water pipe
  56. Differential Fluid Change Advice
  57. Overheating problem.....
  58. Does this sound like a bad torque conveter?
  59. My SC 400 overheats when stopped
  60. Turning Air Conditioner off causes idle to DROP to 250-300
  61. DIY manual for 2jzgte motor swap??
  62. Upper oil pan re-gasket
  63. JZZ30 SOARER front clip!!
  64. Punch list for my 1jzgte swap
  65. Loosing Water
  66. in need of some helpful info 1jzgte intake manifold gasket
  67. 1uz-fe/R154 combo
  68. Engine won't fire up after engine shampoo
  69. JDM 2JZ-GTE VVTI swap
  70. PLEASE HELP oil and temp lights
  71. power out of 1jzgte??
  72. Transmission question
  73. Doors keep locking
  74. FMIC kit options for a 1jz swap.
  75. My 93 LS400 wont start im forced to scratch my head
  76. 1jz Y-pipe for twins: OneJay's Review
  77. relocated the harness, now it wont start.
  78. BFI efficiancy question
  79. MAF Unplugged = Car runs better PART 3? HELP!
  80. 2jzgte from 97 supra to sc300 help
  81. a/c problem
  82. CX Racing Radiator?
  83. play in steering wheel
  84. Na-t or 2jz gte swap?
  85. SC400 timing problem?
  86. 1jz sc400 a/c
  87. Lower Oil Pan Reseal
  88. What ATF are you using in your A340E?
  89. SC400 Vs 3000GT
  90. dyno my sc300
  91. How can i make a VPC work on a aristo engine?
  92. Curious On How You All Removed Your Alternator
  93. neeed help. steering wheel goin crazy (moves on its own)
  94. Clutch Pedal Won't Spring Back Up
  95. Alternator not charging?
  96. Can't pass emissions need help asap
  97. Driving...WTF...Then there was smoke!
  98. Aftermarket fuel pressure regulator : 93Sc300 5spd
  99. Fuel Evap Hose
  100. W58 1jzgte?
  101. Name That Sound!
  102. Can the rotor, distributor cap be changed easily?
  103. 2jzgte aristo upgrade questions
  104. 1992 Lexus sc400 coolant temperature sensor
  105. HKS super-afr (install on SC400)
  106. 1999 SC cigarette lighter power intermittent
  107. is it possible?
  108. Heater VSV...what ecu pin is it??
  109. 1jzgte single turbo suggestions..please
  110. Problem with my sc help!!
  111. HKS Carbon TI on my 1997 SC300 5 Speed
  112. 1jzgte-vvti
  113. Dumb question but here it goes!
  114. aem series 2 ems pnp
  115. Help me find a turbo!
  116. 2jzge hockey puck mounts
  117. SC 400 Maintence Question?
  118. Lets talk intake manifolds!
  119. heater core hoses
  120. i promise i searched
  121. Exhaust Manifold betwen vvti and non vvti
  122. 92 SC400 Need help asap!!!!
  123. Vacuum lines diagram sc300
  124. Replacing OEM fuel pump with Soarer pump?
  125. DriftMotion power steering hose ?
  126. What's Under Your Hood?
  127. 92 SC400 Idiling problem
  128. Need an answer ASAP! Thanks
  129. GS300 HKS axle backs fit an SC?
  130. Cost concerns for 1JZ swap
  131. SC300 Clutch Problem r154 2jzgte help...
  132. DIY: Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement- 2jzge I6 SC300
  133. Trans Diagnostic Retrieval
  134. HELP Experts Supra TT suspenison
  135. Need help R154 transmission mount and crossmember
  136. r154 drain plug
  137. new battery still losing powers
  138. Coolant leak
  139. sc3 1jzgte engine cut
  140. check engin
  141. 97 and 95 Sc400 engine differences
  142. Driveline vibrations??
  143. What Radiator? (SC + 2jzGTE swap)
  144. My SC400 just started stalling intermittantly ... what could be causing it?
  145. Misfire again! (I know I hate misfire threads too!)
  146. Car runs better with MAF unplugged (part 2)
  147. manifold
  148. Need some suggestions - Turbo and Tuning
  149. Drive Shaft Phasing
  150. power steering h/p hose
  151. More 1UZ woes
  152. Broken Harmonic balancer?
  153. Something Keeps Spinning After Shutting off Engine
  154. Need Help With Haltech Install
  155. first ever CEL on my 97' 5spd...ideas??
  156. Oh, my 1JZ woes :(
  157. Wiring Problem: Chaser 1JZ into SC300
  158. How many miles is too many miles to turbo?
  159. Why a 1JZ-GTE?
  160. Pillar Gauge pod
  161. SC300 2JZGTE Auto Swap
  162. what sensor is this? i need some help
  163. TT Supra Exhaust on GTE swapped SC?
  164. Greddy bcc questions!
  165. Which swaybar to complete my suspension
  166. My R154 finally let go.
  167. oil leak from under tensioner
  168. Difficult starting issue!!!
  169. how to fit a mk4 auto tt rear
  170. Shern's W58 to R154 swap thread
  171. Pulleys???
  172. How do you guys get to your oil filter on your SC300?
  173. Oil and oil leaks.
  174. leaking VVT GEAR?
  175. <<help>> unknown sensor
  176. where iz my voltage regulator?
  177. Mk3 1jzgte into a Sc300 help....
  178. Straight pipe thread. input appreciated!
  179. greddy profec b II
  180. Engine Swap!
  181. car dies out
  182. Intake manifold lower GE to upper GTE rail adapter?
  183. MK4 clutch pedal
  184. Bogging off the line
  185. SRT Intake - Yay or Nay?
  186. HELP on replacing the headgasket
  187. Air conditioning
  188. Power steering lost, battery light on
  189. Oil leak - The remedy?
  190. Loose shifter assembly
  191. Clutch Fork Lubing?
  192. Finding TDC
  193. Requesting Reviews on Electric Fans: your experience, your thoughts...
  194. Transmission return line...
  195. W58 swap HELP!
  196. question on header install..
  197. noise around 40, help me find the problem!
  198. Another "holy crap the 1UZ sounds amazing" thread
  199. So... Explain the AC Speed Sensor PLEASE!
  200. Car won't start... Loud grinding noise
  201. AC problems
  202. AEM UEGO and stock o2 sensor question..
  203. Serious Loud chattering noise from underneath the car..???? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
  204. 1 UZ-FE performance upgrade w Temp Sensor replacement?
  205. My 1JZ Overhaul/Swap into a '92 SC 300
  206. 1JZ engine problems.. need help!
  207. idler pulley braket is snapped
  208. Aristo Swap & Fuel Pump ECU Issues
  209. Need help with rear diff LSD!!!
  210. Green wire with Blue stripe?
  211. na-t owners couple of question...
  212. Emange Ultimate no Fuel
  213. what for SC300?
  214. help me out a little guy with my o2 sensors
  215. Alternator issue
  216. 1jz FPR question
  217. My 1JZGTE thread, 93 SC300 with W58
  218. 1jz vacuum line picture ( I believe lol)
  219. AFM disconnected: side effects
  220. Power Steering H/P Hose leaking
  221. Need a little help with the vpc/safcII/gcc combo
  222. Exploded Diagram of MK3 Supra Transmission - Slave Cylinder
  223. ~ Failed functional check - No vac signal to EGR ~
  224. need help asap, electrical issues inside!
  225. Slow acceleration with Lextreme TC
  226. Fuel line sizing(Urgent help)
  227. MK4 n/a and SC300 differential drain bolt the same?
  228. tranny surging issue?? 92 sc400
  229. My Koyo Radiator Experience (semi-DIY)
  230. ~ Can I pass smog with C16 fuel? ~
  231. Crank bolt removal suggestions..
  232. Engine oil, A/F ratio paranoia?
  233. Thicker oil to use to prevent oil leak?
  234. HP gains with bolt-ons
  235. Throwing MAF codes....
  236. Wiring Diagram resources
  237. quick sc question
  238. check engine light goes on and off now and again.
  239. T3 Super 60 / F1-49 .48 A/R yay or nay?
  240. screeching engine
  241. ABS in 1jz jdm ecu swap???
  242. Shifter Problem
  243. So when an ECU goes bad, what exactly goes bad?
  244. Motor Mounts Options
  245. A/C problems need help
  246. power steering h/p hose
  247. Oil Return Line
  248. 1jz ?
  249. Car radio won't work.
  250. SC400 Headers?