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  1. drive shaft
  2. Idle Air Control Valve?-Idle Problem
  3. Sc300 Inner Throttle Body Diameter/Size
  4. cold start????
  5. 2JZ oil pan on a front sump 1JZGTE
  6. 1uz firing order
  7. Oh me oh my, I have some serious starter issues please help!!
  8. 1UZ Intake Manifold
  9. Heater and the associated Actuator
  10. Best place to buy 1JZ/2JZ Coilpacks?
  11. 1JZ wiring problems
  12. My 1J running
  13. Very strange...
  14. 1jz help!
  15. gear shifting problems
  16. Electrical Gurus Chime in Please
  17. Why is my car not staying on
  18. 1jz - Max/Min Oil temp/Pressure readings
  19. oil leak
  20. fuel leak help
  21. More problems...
  22. 92 300 idle issue
  23. Problems starting from cold start
  24. Wont Shift into Overdrive
  25. rear end shaking
  26. fuel system problem
  27. Is the 92-96 sc400 differential a good differential?
  28. Change Water Pump on SC 400 without messing with the timing belt
  29. HELP! Auto transmission problems
  30. HELP! Auto transmission problems
  31. Why has my fuel economy gone down the drain?
  32. Is 18 mpg good for a sc400?
  33. Torque converter info
  34. Water Pump Seal Leak - Need OEM parts listing
  35. Has anyone dealt with a P0441 issue?
  36. Please Help! NA-T running rough...
  37. fuel tap/hesitation/ wanttin to die
  38. 95 Era SC400 Fuel System - Thread size and pitch of fuel supply
  39. JDM 1jzgtte
  40. differential install problem
  41. Can't bleed power steering
  42. Heat/AC question and some generally questions
  43. High Rpm before shift in Auto trans!!!
  44. 1jz engine no spark
  45. Splash Pan Bolts
  46. hydraulic oil pressure solenoid
  47. Driveline vibration upon initial acceleration
  48. Having starting problems etc...
  49. Can someone recommend a solution for exhaust droning?
  50. Power Steering going?
  51. 1jzgte sc gurus needed!!
  52. valve covers
  53. Dynoed my '99 SC400
  54. Turbo injector question
  55. HELP!! car will not shut off with key removed
  56. acouple diff questions (i searched)
  57. Any Ideas on how to run dual 255 fuel pumps in a sc400?
  58. How easy is it to swap a 1JZ-GTE with a 2JZ-GTE?
  59. Any 97+ Alternator Replacement Write Ups?
  60. how do i remove power steering pump pulley?
  61. Turbo'd SC's- Who's Broken the Stock Automatic
  62. maf replaced but new problem.
  63. puttering issue!!!!
  64. Rodent invasion=Interior stripping
  65. NA-T Oil Feed Line Length
  66. Does the 1UZ-FE have an idle speed adjustment screw?
  67. battery dies while car is runnin
  68. How to clean foggy lens on '97 SC300?
  69. Has anyone had this problem before?
  70. Can anyone help me???
  71. Climate Control Question
  72. wiring help...
  73. rev problem
  74. 95 SC400 battery drains...where is the alarm ecu?
  75. Hydraulic Fan Delete Kit
  76. How Many of You Guys Can Pass a Coin Test at Idle?
  77. Bad gas mileage, almost failed emissions for HC, need some help please
  78. lexus dealer is no joke, im about to sell my body to pay for parts!
  79. Sc400 Single T70 Turbo and 5speed conversion =)
  80. I am building a single t70 sc400
  81. 1jzgte - exhaust - Straight pipe or cat?
  82. Want to Twin Charge the 1UZ
  83. Exhaust control valve
  84. any1 with gates racing radiator hoses? need help please
  85. Heater Issue - Hellllp!
  86. OG S-AFC Black Box Style
  87. Steering Slightly Loose
  88. So i'll be getting a custom exhaust soon... but i have some Q's.
  89. Power steering whine issue, did a flush, still a small noise...
  90. A650E auto tranny possible problems SC400 vvti
  91. IMF Headers, how good are the gaskets?
  92. How many quarts of AT fluid do I need for the SC400?
  93. EFI Fuse killing battery overnight
  94. Does your engine temp needle every skyrocket suddenly?
  95. Full Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust
  96. Intercooler Mounting & The Method You Chose. Post Pictures If You Have Any
  97. Need some help, my car keeps stalling
  98. main relay
  99. 2jzge swap question...
  100. EGR Valve stuck shut..?
  101. Help car running rough...
  102. coil on plug on ge motor conversion...any help with links would be nice
  103. Your Opinion: The water bypass pipe is........
  104. Twin turbo
  105. Cheapest Way to 400+bhp
  106. SC300, 95, having an issue getting the timing to 10
  107. 92 sc4 temp guage hardly moves/never warms up.....
  108. I'm looking for some SC400 Auto Tranny DIYs but can't find them...
  109. Lexus 5 speed Supra Swop?
  110. Ticking noise from the engine.
  111. Fixin to have to do the starter, tips
  112. help finding cigarette lighter fuse
  113. 2jzge?
  114. ECU Question
  115. Fuel System help..
  116. safc help
  117. downpipe for 1jzgte
  118. intercooler pipng question
  119. Exhaust help
  120. alternator not charging? or somethin else
  121. Any pics of V-Mount Intercooler/Radiator SC's?
  122. EGR + Me = FAIL.............
  123. New ACT HDG6 racing clutch installed.
  124. Uh Oh (actually means) Dropped socket into engine.
  125. How do I change the gears on my transmission without the shifter?
  126. South Florida SC X-Mas Gift!!!!
  127. Ecu upgrade
  128. 1jzgte-vvti turbo
  129. Dang Coolant leak
  130. My SC400 overheated, help me diagnose
  131. Replacing distributor cap
  132. Noob here with probable noob question.
  133. Seatbelt light staying on
  134. Headers- what do you know!?!?!
  135. 94 1uzfe problems
  136. how do I determine valve size when upgrading to 272 cams?
  137. Question on the vacuum lines around the ps pump
  138. drive shaft for gte swap
  139. Sc400 Starter randomly engaging while running..........
  140. Bottom line: Soarer ECU part #'s (auto or manual)
  141. Problem with EGR on 95 SC300
  142. 94 sc400 1uzfe
  143. Toyota Soarer (SC chassis) Power to Fuel Pump
  144. questions on heat wrapping
  145. SC300 2JZ-GE Bottom End Question
  146. Exhaust help- Any Bright Ideas!?!?!??!
  147. If Motor Gets put sideways
  148. cam gears legal in California?
  149. s-afc or e-manage
  150. 2jzge head question. are head parts between gte and ge interchangable?
  151. 99+ SC300 auto to manual questions...
  152. BFI intake?
  153. Did my ECU die?
  154. Ok, wtf?
  155. 81k should i seafoam?
  156. Dual fuel pump wiring question
  157. Is the supra/sc300 radiator fan hydraulic or mechanical?
  158. Need help with gas tank ! !
  159. Starter? Orrrr?
  160. aristo to usdm turbo question
  161. 5 speed conversion on SC300
  162. Build threads?
  163. engine swap.
  164. need help troubleshooting overheating problem!!
  165. Should I change my SC400 AT Tranny fluid?
  166. i want to build my motor...i have an extra 2jzge..should i build it?
  167. WTF!!!!!???? Can you do this????
  168. 1jz gaskets
  169. Anyone got a power steering line crush washer part #?
  170. Let's just clarify the w58 tranny and shifter issue right here in this thread.
  171. Why the hell does this happen when i turn the heat on?
  172. SC - 1JZ swap - ?JZX90 1JZ or Supra/Soarer 1jz?
  173. Vibration & Hesitation... driving me crazy!!
  174. Calling all auto to 5spd guys! Need some advice.
  175. Another starting problem thread
  176. need help starting car.
  177. Couple power steering pump questions
  178. 92 sc400 tranny slips help!
  179. How to install fuel pump
  180. Question on swapping to 4.27 gearing
  181. Help my car doesnt pass smog !?!?!??!
  182. SC400 tranny swap?
  183. Reading trouble codes in pre-OBD II (pre 1996) SCs
  184. Heater problem, please help
  185. Anyone got a repair manual?
  186. w58 tranny swap and speedo not working!
  187. Check Engine Light Issue
  188. 94 sc400 shakes when i drive
  189. Tune up causes A/C heat to not work...
  190. Help with Aristo base map for Aem
  191. SC400 - low speed stalling
  192. Info on SC400 vvti w58 swap!
  193. Good question on sc400 vvti a650e tranny
  194. SC 300 Heater Putting Our WARM Air
  195. intake yeah lil help please!
  196. HELP! 1JZ overheating in boost
  197. Aftermarket Transmission Filter?
  198. SC400 Cold weather operation.
  199. 1UZ thermostat?
  200. aristo in sc300 problem
  201. 220,000+ maintenance on recently purchased car.
  202. PLEASE HELP!! Starting problem;SC400
  203. SC400 stalling issues
  204. Exhaust Ideas Gents
  205. need help..where do these all the vac lines go? na-t with ttmanifold project
  206. HELP: Puzzled by my car
  207. Hi, new here, first SC300, have a few quick ?s for everyone
  208. Distributor...
  209. Best aftermarket parts
  210. EGR71 code will not clear trac/check engine
  211. how do i know its my alternator?
  212. Another Bad Noise
  213. Help with motor swap.. non-turbo
  214. Mkiii r154 vs soarer r154 shifter feel
  215. is it normal?
  216. water leak
  217. Pics of my 1j that came in this morning
  218. Mechanic says I may need new transmission - you agree?
  219. Sc400 drag car
  220. Screeching noise after seafoaming my car
  221. diy torque converter request...
  222. Prestolite Plug Wires
  223. HELP WITH RPM !! 1995 sc400
  224. Engine Hesitation at 5200 rpm
  225. 1jz wiring blues
  226. Stripped bolt with pic, suggestions
  227. You've got to be kidding me!? An Electric turbo?
  228. Timing belt install, but it wont start!
  229. Automatic Stalling Out? Waitwut?!
  230. SC400 W58 Swap in progress
  231. HELP - '92 Lexus SC300 idle problems
  232. VVti question
  233. Any automatic drivers ever had this PROBLEM
  234. PLEASE 92 Sc300 automatic transmission not changing gears
  235. *94_Soarer's Auto to 5spd Swap*
  236. How do I remove the alternator on my 98 SC400 without removing power steering pulley?
  237. My SC just took a dump. Any suggestions?
  238. r154 bellhousing??
  239. jdm tt question
  240. car jerks while accelerating or decelerating
  241. Help!, 1JZ-GTE vvti into an SC400
  242. HELP. Changed trans mount now Power Steering Overflows.
  243. Clublexus, any idea what's wrong with my car?
  244. Maintenance Schedule for 98 SC300?
  245. Spark plugs, wires
  246. shift solenoids
  247. List of bolt in rearends?
  248. Is it even possible to remove the 400's PS pump?
  249. All 99 SC300 owners Air intake Question
  250. Car has lost power, Cats glowing... All bad!