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  1. 93 SC400 + Intake, exhaust, safc2, Wideband O2
  2. Innovate wideband error code "E8"
  3. mounts
  4. Fake hks?
  5. Vlad's AEM Series 2 idle tutorial
  6. Anyone here put one of these exhausts on their SC?
  7. stall converters...
  8. Looking to buy a 1992 sc400 but it has problems
  9. NATEASER project thread
  10. Strange oil Leak
  11. Engine Compatibility for 92 SC300
  12. Steering Wheel and under the seat shake!!
  13. Oil Pump Bolts 2JZGE
  14. Battery Relocation. Clarification Needed
  15. Installing TT pump; What hardware and isolator?
  16. Never ending 1JZGTE Issues
  17. Need oversized pistons
  18. Turbo
  19. 180000 miles is turbo bad idea
  20. Help! Smoking like crazy.
  21. wheel bearing replacement
  22. Sc 300 NA-T build, with pics!
  23. Final drive help!
  24. R154 clutch options?
  25. Let's see what your intake looks like?!
  26. Tranny issues HELP!!!
  27. quick ? for those with aristo swap
  28. Best Synthetic Oil for 1JZ/2JZ ?
  29. detroit locker possible ?
  30. 92sc400 revs from cold start
  31. Transmission Fluid Black
  32. 2002 SC430 stopped running!
  33. Engine purchase!!
  34. Engine purchase question!
  35. Squeaky Noise
  36. Sc300 not starting. Need help!
  37. Calling all LSx conversion folks
  38. how many 1uz front and rear cam seals/plugs?
  39. 1995 SC400 Exhaust
  40. Iat sensor singal ??
  41. GTE ecu in na-t sc300
  42. What is this dash indicator?
  43. flywheel question
  44. supra harness, with a aristo motor
  45. Decided to take a couple photos of the engine nekkid
  46. 95 Sc400 Manual Swap soon!
  47. E-Brake Light On
  48. Helppp
  49. sluggish
  50. Any 1jzgte guys here change valve stem seals here?
  51. Question regarding VVTI.
  52. GTE block rebuild piston ring gap help.
  53. VVTI Coil Packs and Dizzy deleting!
  54. Power Steering (Like Everyone Else)
  55. difference between soarer auto trans
  56. R154 housing
  57. Alternator oil leak
  58. Manual shifter removal to fill tranny fluid
  59. Smoking exhaust and leaking powers steering
  60. Which tranny for 1UZ?
  61. SC300 Transmission Fluid Woes
  62. Need help,fuel pump has no power.
  63. sc300 1jz downpipe
  64. Engine leak - Can someone identify what this is? (PIC)
  65. LSD or Faulty diff??
  66. Are 92-99 sc300 auto drive shafts all the same?
  67. seafoam sc400
  68. What kind of car is this 1jz harness from?
  69. header back removal diy ?
  70. sc400: intake manifold porting and gasket matching
  71. sc300 seems like leaking oil
  72. sc300 and supra rear end
  73. Coolant Leak @ Back of Engine...Pull Trans or Engine?
  74. need help with 1jz
  75. MAP ECU 3 assistance needed
  76. whats going on w my AC?
  77. crank pulley off, balancer still on..what next?
  78. fuel pump
  79. traction help!
  80. Estimate my horsepower - win a lunch with me
  81. gs steering wheel on sc.
  82. 1jz AC Compressor Question
  83. Oil in the top end of the park plugs
  84. Hello fellow Lexus drivers!
  85. Help
  86. best place to order parts
  87. Stock 1992 SC400 dies after starting
  88. Expert Advice Needed :[ - 95' SC300
  89. soarer ecu? how to get past the 13psi limit
  90. Where to buy 1JZ swaps?
  91. Tranny swap options? For sc400
  92. SC300/400 LT1 6-speed swap attempted?
  93. your take on driftmoition turbo kit
  94. Sealing auto trans tunnel on 5 speed swap
  95. My POS keeps dying when put into gear, HELP!!!
  96. Exhaust questions
  97. prices
  98. Koyo A2062 Radiator for 1996 SC400
  99. 94 SC400 VSS Part Question.
  100. Need help car dont start
  101. what is the max GM LS engine to fit in SC400
  102. Odd noise coming from passenger front shortly after startup.
  103. Check Engine Light 94 SC400
  104. HELP SC400 wont start
  105. going w58 on my 1jz swap!!
  106. tt differential for 99 sc 3
  107. 1jz or 2jz that is the question...
  108. Check Engine Light 94 SC400
  109. car lags and idle gets really low
  110. Odd Idle: MAF,IACV,TPS, or Vacuum leek????? need heelp
  111. First Time Lexus owner - SC300 NOOB factory exhaust spec questions
  112. Odd Rear end diff pop noise. Brake noise
  113. R154 Trans Issue.Help
  114. Problems on my cats
  115. Re-tune results! S362
  116. would a 99 sc wire harness plug up to a 01 i.s motor???
  117. MAF ???? Help
  118. correct me if iam wrong?
  119. Finally Some Progress (pic heavy)
  120. ECU-IG fuse keeps blowing.
  121. Need Help SC turning off
  122. HKS T04S turbo help
  123. need help- hg?
  124. Is my Transmission shop trying to pull one on me ??
  125. supra mkii W58
  126. bucking and hesitation in 1999 SC400
  127. Gte tps help!
  128. going turbo for cheap
  129. radiator silicone hose blue
  130. USDM 2JZGTE going in
  131. Will an 89 supra rear end fit in a SC300?
  132. sc300 97 trans into 93
  133. O/D Off light intermittent flashing?
  134. Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump wiring - reverse polarity?
  135. Coolant loss is driving me crazy!
  136. Can anyone confirm me if this is a R154 or a W58 Tranny?
  137. Water Seal Plate Leak on 1UZ
  138. '96 sc 300 misfire, codes po300, 301, 306
  139. 1UZ ITB's Finally here?
  140. MAP-ECU vs. SAFC
  141. 2jz twins on 1jzgte
  142. SC300/SC400 Pedal Set for 5 Speed Conversion
  143. Which oil pump is this?
  144. old r154 shifter for mk3 what to do
  145. many problems with my sc400 1993 help !
  146. na-t turbo set up
  147. pulley puller snapped crank pulley sc3na-t
  148. 7mgte pistons in a 2jzge?
  149. TT upper mani Retrofit!?! almost done...
  150. 92 SC300, Cold Start Chatter
  151. Latest source for 1jz valve cover gaskets?
  152. Power steering help
  153. how to tune up a 1992 sc400
  154. Rebuild my 2J or put in a 1J?
  155. Rough idle
  156. No start when cold problem. help im stomped
  157. I bet no one here can tell me what shifter this is on a r154!
  158. Koyo Aluminum Radiator now leaking!?!
  159. which harness??
  160. 1992 motor and motor harness in 1995 sc300 now have warning lights
  161. 1992 SC400 Engine Shuts Down When Moving Shifter into any Gear
  162. clicki lickilickilick, no start... few mins later vroom
  163. Car didn't pass inspection because of jumping idle!
  164. Whats wrong!?!?
  165. Odd over heating issue...yes I used the search button.
  166. 97 supra rear
  167. odd missfire gets better when warm?
  168. SC400 Will Not Start, Engine Stalls Out
  169. Just bought my 95 sc300 need help with door indicator killing my battery!
  170. blue smoke turns to black
  171. HELP. Throttle chokes when i drive around the block
  172. Hot Terminals No Start
  173. Injector fitting issues help needed
  174. How to get Climate working for DIY 1jz wiring.
  175. Lextech temp needle fix?
  176. Engine Hoist Question
  177. 1jz vs 2jz
  178. head gasket
  179. would a 01 i s 300 motor work on a 99 sc??
  180. Super Single OS Giken Clutch Kit
  181. 1jzgte sc300 not starting
  182. ijz newbie swap help
  183. Motor Swap
  184. 2jzgte cold start problem
  185. Sc300 & GS300 A/C compressors interchangeable?
  186. 1jz swap issues HELP!!!!
  187. Idle surges when in park
  188. 2jzgte+R154=what clutch
  189. 2JZGE valve covers (HELP)
  190. 7mgte electronics on sc300 2jzna-t any thoughts??
  191. help troubleshoot for spark 2jz ge
  192. Heat problems
  193. How to Change Front Wheel Bearing?
  194. 94 SC400 check engine light
  195. Looking for cooling plate? Also polished rad brackets
  196. Ps pump question
  197. Do you recommend rebuilding your A/C compressor?
  198. chinese forged pistons and rod
  199. aristo tt auto trans code..??
  200. Help with 1JZ Motor
  201. Ordering my swap harness Q's
  202. Need help with JDM 2jzge swap
  203. NA or Turbo which is cheaper and worth it???
  204. 2JZGTE VVTi swap help please!
  205. Problems with flex disc
  206. New sc400 owner need help!!
  207. Upgrade 1jzgte...
  208. 1UZ partial teardown, pic requests?
  209. knocking sound when i let the clutch out
  210. Piggyback guys: How clean is your closed loop?
  211. Help tune AFC-II
  212. AC Compressor Front Seal
  213. ECU Main Relay PART NUMBER?
  214. Does anyone have same transmission issue / fix
  215. oil light?
  216. DIY intercooler pipe beading
  217. Where To Buy SC Performance Parts?
  218. Anyone running delphi injectors NA-T
  219. Need mAnual 2jzge ecu pinout nuetral safety switch from 93sc300
  220. Sc400 Engine Removal 1UZFE
  221. Want to start drifting, but I have a question...
  222. JDM 2jzge
  223. Are these the supra tt motor mounts needed for sc300 stock replacements?00
  224. Need help auto to w58 not starting
  225. Intercooler and blowoff valve!!!
  226. transmission mount replacement
  227. Sc400 1jz swap help
  228. Soarer clutch master/slave cylinder same as?
  229. Who has a Spec Stage 5 clutch?
  230. catalytic converter issue
  231. Do you have a noisy fuel pump??
  232. Pricing for V160 6-Speed V160 Getrag Transmission? Rebuilt or New?
  233. I came across this turbo
  234. legit lsd??
  235. starting problems. will crank but no start
  236. Where to buy oem spark plug tube seals
  237. **Coolant Issue** Need help diagnosing an issue
  238. GS400 Mid pipe on SC?
  239. Bought a Turbo 5 speed SC400, and its already under the knife...
  240. SC400 heater: out of commision! Assist.
  241. Getting tired of this
  242. Blown headgasket or something else..?!!?
  243. Window motor repair
  244. aftermarket foglight issue smoking issue
  245. Foaming water!!!
  246. sc300 keeps turning over not starting
  247. 1jzgte in the works maybe??
  248. 1jzgte backfiring, wont start
  249. Anyone replace valve steam seals with oem?
  250. Man! Now Check Engine and Track Off!!!