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  1. WTF is THIS??
  2. steering problem
  3. 1jz WOT sputter
  4. Compound Turbo 2JZ!!
  5. SC Exhaust Thread
  6. About to do a tune, what else should I get?
  7. 1999 SC300 transmission code clarification
  8. Exhaust System?
  9. ehaust?
  10. Clean your IACV - Idle Air Control Valve
  11. GS300 2JZ comared to SC300 2JZ
  12. Bad missing, stalling, smoke Oh My!
  13. Time for a stupid question!
  14. hks exhaust
  15. v160 swap
  16. Failed NOx emissions 4 times!
  17. tranny question
  18. Fuel pump problem on '92 SC400
  19. sc400/2jzgte wiring diagram
  20. 1995 SC400 motor mount part #
  21. Soarer Shifter Extension question
  22. Oil Level Question
  23. Some upgrades in the works....
  24. Fuel Pressue Regulator
  25. So the gas filter is rusted on the line..what to do?
  26. were is the telescopic motor????
  27. 1JZ... 2JZ... Jay-Z ... huh?
  28. Turn the key and the entire car goes dead.
  29. A/C Leak (Freaking Somewhere)
  30. w58 vs r154?
  31. clutch pedal broke= no car for days
  32. How much does it cost to fix an oil leak?
  33. wat is the best exhaust for 1uze
  34. Rust in the Radiator?
  35. car over heats
  36. strange sounds from tranny:(
  37. Please help A/C problems. URGENT.
  38. My aristo/Sc300 base dyno
  39. LSD ?'s
  40. No Overdrive, No codes, No redline
  41. How to replace rubber door boot
  42. Setting the timing on a 1999 SC300??
  43. car smells lean...
  44. Performance Problem
  45. Key will not come out
  46. 1jz blow off valve help needed
  47. What could this problem be?
  48. Air Bag light on!
  49. telescopic motor ????
  50. Soarer 1jz swap in sc300?
  51. Recharge...
  52. Actuated Exhaust cutouts
  53. Auto trans not kicking down
  54. SAFC for a 1999 SC400 with no Cats have questions !
  55. Transmission Question
  56. RMM exhaust for GS400?
  57. HELP! Air Fow Meter Signal?
  58. removing trac. comtrol & cruise
  59. Got my snail today
  60. soarer stock auto?
  61. SC300 Fuel Plumbing
  62. 92 sc400 obd code 27,29 after new cats. help
  63. FINALLY GETTING IT DONE Going 1JZ single!
  64. Price range on a/c compressor replacement?
  65. sc400 engine help
  66. UGhhh No power Sputter..SC3
  67. Coolant/Radiator Problem
  68. Broken Trans or broken diff?
  69. sensor ground and chasis ground
  70. help with telescopic motor replacement
  71. Engine Issue??
  72. just lost my job and now car finally acting up...WTF!
  73. Tire Wear Dilemma
  74. Rounded crank bolt, Any advice?
  75. need advice on sc300 auto swap
  76. Fuel system advice... 42r 1000cc a1000 etc.
  77. Did Sc300 ever get 5 spd. auto tranny?
  78. Engine swap for sc300, which engine?
  79. HKS T3G 1jz TT UPGRADE!!!!!!!!!
  80. tps and circuit
  81. Some Vibration in steering and brake pedal
  82. A/C check ... do these numbers seem right?
  83. Head bolt torque 2jzge 1992
  84. Battery discharge warning lights up at low rmps
  85. Need a little bit of help.
  86. Are 98 to 2000 sc300 VVT engines improvements
  87. cleaned motor and now motor shaking and stalling {HELP**
  88. when you turn your blinker on does your dash light dim?
  89. r154 question
  90. Need help 5 spd swap!!!!!
  91. If you cleaned your engine (1uz) and this happens....
  92. Where did you get that?
  93. Engine part rattle
  94. Battery light on. Need help please!
  95. 550 cc injectors ??? please help
  96. what manifold are you using(2JZGTE)
  97. I learned a new pilot bearing trick!
  98. sc400 oil filter help
  99. Conflicting Part Numbers
  100. Need Help. Oil Pan Question.
  101. Ordering Fidanza flywheel and clutch kit.
  102. 1jz in an sc400? help
  103. 2jz swap engine stalls when fan turned on
  104. Car creeps when in park
  105. wiring for fuel pumps....?
  106. how to remove fuse box?
  107. sc400 to 300 swap.
  108. Measurements for SC400 shifter Extension
  109. Tuning the JDM 2JZ
  110. help!! telescoping steering not working
  111. MK4 radiator?
  112. '99 SC400, whats leaking?
  113. radiator flow
  114. Using a 341le trans in an SC400
  115. Chipped ecu question
  116. Just got the car running an theres a vibration...
  117. GTE and Aristo aficianados...question BOV
  118. car stalls when i turn a/c off, pls help
  119. engine harness differences 1uz
  120. 15PSI -- Stock 1JZ versus 2JZ
  121. Need Vacumm diagram help (searched)
  122. air fuel ratio options
  123. IS 350 smelling BAD
  124. Need help with rear catalytic converter
  125. obx-R headers w/ mid pipe + 2nd cat removal makes ricers cry VIDEO :)
  126. Turbo on an Automatic?
  127. what you paid for manual conversion
  128. Greddy BCC on aristo motor? possible?
  129. SC400 stalled at low speed when turning off AC
  130. Need help
  131. 1jz staying twin turbo, turbo options?
  132. jerking problem
  133. Clicking/Tick noise when shifting into gear
  134. How to pressurize your fuel tank for leaks...
  135. short ram or cold air intake??
  136. looked underneath the car and oil pan is soaked
  137. Bought bosch 02 sensor now car dies out!
  138. sc400 underdrive pulleys
  139. i have a tranny ??????? if anyone can help
  140. key gets hot
  141. Car wont start up
  142. anyone have a Greddy BOV type RS
  143. Can we recirculate BOV in a 1jzgtte
  144. compressor surge? *video*
  145. sc400 5 speed conversion help
  146. Starters? Best one to get?
  147. Waited and waited, but I've gotta start this 19" thread.
  148. Ac compressor plug (3 wires) - anyone have a pinout?
  149. Where are you guys getting your R154?
  150. cat free
  151. sc400 rear end ratio
  152. 1jzgte jdm swap into 97sc300 HELP PLeASe
  153. sc300 performance
  154. Will 99 stock exhaust fit a 97?
  155. max boost ?
  156. where does this cable go?
  157. Stock Clutch with Turbo
  158. 2jzgte with a sc400 rear question
  159. Searched but can't find!
  160. Toyota Soarer 1UZ-FE SAFC 2 Install and Settings
  161. I can't contain myself.
  162. Help with AEM FI/C tune
  163. Exhaust leak?
  164. Help with weid noise,maybe crank pulley? Video inside.
  165. transmission fluid change..
  166. High idle
  167. 92 UZZ30 no cats/true duals
  168. 95 Sc400 rear end help!
  169. Clutch Won't Disengage on Turbo SC300, Please Help!
  170. RE: Starter removal
  171. California Emissions - JDM 2JZ-GTE
  172. Long Starts Battery Drained...
  173. recirculate a BOV on a 1jz gte
  174. Relocating knock sensors?
  175. check engine light wiring??????
  176. OD light flashing!
  177. What goes bad in the SC300 ECU?
  178. LS400 distributors on SC400
  179. need help on rhd conversion
  180. My Aluminum 1uzfe Flywheel Does Exist.
  181. Engine cuts our about 2k rpm
  182. SC400 with squeeking belt
  183. Question for experienced compressor map readers...
  184. Single Turbo JDM 2JZ-GTE v. Single Turbo US 2JZ-GTE
  185. Oil Lamp Light on and off?
  186. Gte swap issues
  187. Coolant overflow tank...?
  188. Emissions - OBD I vs. OBD II
  189. how much boost ?
  190. a340e Transmission Pan....?
  191. Rate my BFI!!
  192. How to check MIL codes?
  193. OEM vs aftermarket gaskets?
  194. Stripped my fuel rail, what can I do?
  195. My ghetto hack job BFI *pics*
  196. 1jz swap question
  197. sc400 just cuts out
  198. Dual Fuel pump question....
  199. SC400 Power Loss after Muffler removal???
  200. Primary Catalyst Removal
  201. how much does labor run for a R154 swap?
  202. Sludge normal?
  203. Need new radiator - 1992 sc400 - suggestions please
  204. borg warner gm-8 turbo
  205. My car doesn't idle. idea guys?
  206. 1JZ with boost cut!!!
  207. 1jz valve covers on a 2jzge?
  208. inexpensive catback for 1JZ SC300?
  209. Ground for the passenger side door
  210. Changing spark plugs...
  211. Anyone running a stinger?
  212. white sc300 build 2jzgte swap
  213. SC400 Air Conditioner issues...
  214. 1JZ Turbocharger inlet/outlet gasket set
  215. Overdriving alternator, low rpm charging
  216. Help with 1992 sc400 cluster light please - wont turn off
  217. Monitoring temperature of motor oil engine 2JZ-GE to the Lexus SC 300
  218. Injector grommet part number?
  219. [818] Happenings in the Hellfish Stronghold
  220. Setting the kickdown cable on an SC400?
  221. Which Spark Plugs to use?~!??!?!
  222. CEL wiring aristo in sc300
  223. Misfire at WOT sc300 w/ Aristo swap
  224. big problem with acceleration, not goin over 15mph at all
  225. PC680 vs PC625 vs GE16P
  226. Turbo Timer Wiring SC300
  227. Chip-tuning Engine 2JZ-GE
  228. Newbie engine swap question for my 93 sc300
  229. gte block w/ ge head???
  230. Idle Control Valve Interchangable? (1995)
  231. Difference between aristo block and supra block?
  232. Acceleration problem....Help please.
  233. Timing belt kit for 95 sc300?
  234. water / meth injection on supercharged v8 - coming soon
  235. Sc300 stock fuel pump specs?
  236. Not down shifting with ECT off, is this normal?
  237. Loud Moaning Noise
  238. Newbie Upgrade question...
  239. tony performance new record 8.59@163mph
  240. Help removing 3rd cat
  241. Horn not working!?
  242. 1jz head is about done NEED HELP WITH SINGLE TURBO
  243. Engine gasket kit?
  244. urgent help with injecors
  245. turbo oil line question
  246. My Cheap Solution for those who have broken climate control and Electrical Ghosts.
  247. camshaft replacement question please help!
  248. Blitz SBC i-D III Spec-S okay to use on stock 1JZ twins?
  249. turbo manifold question
  250. Need replacement boot for SC300 manual shifter