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  1. Inspiration needed - show me your FMIC's!
  2. anyone? SC300 auto -> manual?
  3. Some new issues with the arrival of cold weather...
  4. 1jz head swap questions.
  5. Need review on Short Throw Shifters.
  6. Sc400 Trans Problem
  7. Calling all SC400 Transmion wiring experts!
  8. torque converter
  9. w58 transmission
  10. new cams new turbo new fuel running poor HELP!
  11. 6spd's into SC300
  12. Replaced PS Pump and still have whining
  13. seaking full 5 speed swap
  14. HELP! very high idle after TB cleaning
  15. brackets for my Precision Intercooler??
  16. Dashboard warning lights
  17. I want a shortshifter for my w58...............
  18. 1jz map sensor
  19. Will a LS400 Tranny work on an SC400??
  20. 1jz boost problem.. help
  21. Walbro to much fuel for stock regulator?
  22. Engine Shaking Misfire SC400
  23. Radiator Swap
  24. Boost controller install
  25. need help asap please (NA-T dumping tons of fuel and i mean tons of black smoke)
  26. MAF and 02 Senor Question!!! Newbie here :)!!!
  27. Slight grind when going in to second
  28. clutch problem
  29. Edit: Issue solved
  30. Gas Pedal Sticking
  31. sc300 rpm question
  32. Input Request - Headers and Blitz Nur on 1uz - Video Request
  33. Head Gasket? ECU? or Blow the Car up?
  34. Magnaflow x pipe
  35. Vaccum line
  36. 1JZ into SC300 motor mount help
  37. supra exhaust on SC300/400
  38. Opinions on Replacing 02 Sensors
  39. is the center cat necessary?
  40. Using Wideband O2 in place of OEM
  41. Makes noise when i start the car and accelerate.
  42. Installing a k&n type air filter on OBD2
  43. transmission temp sensor
  44. Rear trailing arm bushings
  45. I Cant get my oil cap off !!!?/!? Wierd
  46. Where to buy exhaust manifold to go single in 1JZ-GTE?
  47. DSM Injectors
  48. Timing belt cover
  49. transmission questions
  50. Hks Fcd
  51. Am I the only one who cannot deal with the crappy gas mileage of the SC?
  52. Dealer Stumped, I'm!
  53. S-AFC install on 97 SC4
  54. anybody rubbubg LC-1 wideband?
  55. Hmm Car stalled, need help :(
  56. Infineon Raceway Track Pix
  57. Throttle Position Sensor , Throttle Body , TPS , Rough idle , 1uzfe
  58. screeching when turning on?
  59. supra or soarer clip
  60. 94 Sc400 problem
  61. stock headers heat shield
  62. Mario goes 10.2 on a stock JDM 2jz motor
  63. ?'s on 1JZ-GTE head on 2JZ-GTE block...
  64. SnShne1jz's Single Swap
  65. Needing help with R154 transmission repair suggestions
  66. 94 Lexus Sc400 Problem
  67. 10.2@136 off the bottle
  68. Custom Exhaust, need help to build!!
  69. Who thinks a silencer should be added?
  70. installation kit for walbro fuel pump gss341
  71. usdm and jdm turbos
  72. Whipple S/C in a Soarer
  73. Idle Air Control Valve IACV Technical Question
  74. MKIV Supra on Spike TV Saturday Late night, Nov 10
  75. JDM Goodness
  76. questions about oem tt pistons and rods...(pics)
  77. Aristo 2JZGTE into 92' SC300 5sp.
  78. Have the option to swap a obd2 2jgte in a 92 sc
  79. any sure signs of worn rings?
  80. okay i have searched but still have ??????
  81. Went N-AT and having problems
  82. 99 SC300 Engine Replacement Concerns
  83. changing throttle position sensor
  84. sc300 stock fuel pump capacity (RWHP)
  85. SC400 Injector Ohm Question
  86. sc rattles when i turn slow with a/c on
  87. USDM Supra TT Downpipe?
  88. A little rubber square fell out...
  89. supra swap question
  90. 2jz-ge AUTO TRANNY (HP RATING)
  91. Question about 1JZ bypass / diverter valve
  92. What is the longest your parts have lasted?
  93. VVTi SC300 to TT swap owners? please chime in
  94. Bad Idle
  95. bucking in my car stopped!! yay!!
  96. 1j turbos bad?
  97. I ran codes and need some help
  98. How to install HKS TT in the SC300
  99. throttle position sensor voltage perameters
  100. Exhaust sizing question
  101. Dyno'd my 2JZ-GTE swapped SC.
  102. Car jumps when changing between park....
  103. Another "my gas mileage stinks" thread.
  104. check engine codes ???
  105. Stock 1jz 5-speed Performance numbers
  106. Supra Swap Guide?
  107. Car doesnt start on its own...need help!!
  108. Dyno'd the 1J this weekend (dyno plot attached)
  109. Looking for a new exhasut......
  110. Auto To Manual Conversion Question
  111. Oil Filter Housing
  112. BFI Materials and Complications
  113. Need Help!!!!!!!! (also, teach me to search and post thread titles!!!!)
  114. 6 Speed Gearbox Options for 2jzge or 1 / 2jzgte
  115. Which UZ models have a 5 speed?
  116. throttle acting funny
  117. 1j odd issue
  118. Repositionable Cold Air Intake
  119. 97 SC400 Getrag V160 6-speed swap thread
  120. MKIII r154, Soarer, w58 transmission mount the same?
  121. car turns off...
  122. I need a new cat!
  123. usdm 550cc injectors
  124. Couple issues with my 95 SC400
  125. AFR on Stock sc400?
  126. Time for T-Belt...Some Questions
  127. Drive belt tensioner pulley replacement/SC300
  128. broken exhaust bracket ??
  129. 12 MPG!! I got a plan. Anything else?
  130. So I took my car in for a multi point inspection...
  131. Low engine idle and misfire. SC400
  132. wich wires for neutral switch bypass
  133. Mixed Topic: Mods going in, need parts help.
  134. Bought a 1UZFE for my swap
  135. ecu pinout request, soarer 1jz 5 speed
  136. 1jz vacuum ?
  137. leak?
  138. pic request
  139. Project 1jz Boosted
  140. another r154 swap question
  141. HKS Super AFR/Apexi SAFC on 92 sc4?
  142. Supercharger helpppp!!! plzzzzzz
  143. aem ems turbo sc need help via phone
  144. need help via phone minor problem solving on a aem turbo sc help
  145. Safety Neutral Switch wiring
  146. Auto or manual? HELP!
  147. New clutch!! Quick question.
  148. Strang sound
  149. My SC400's exhaust
  150. ticking noise
  151. 98 lexus V8 engine/tranny in a 92 SC400?
  152. I think I bought the wrong Transmission Mount....any advice?
  153. temp question
  154. SC300 Auto Transmission Upgrade?
  155. GM Synchromesh Review
  156. Karmen sensor (92 SC400)
  157. 92 sc400 idle problems
  158. my inputs on soarer tt automatic transmission.tranny swap
  159. had head gasket set done now problem
  160. 2jzgte swap with w58 tranny
  161. Air filter question
  162. 97 obII o2 sensor ????
  163. 92 SC400 Crankshaft pulley remover bolts thread size
  164. Vibration from Supra mounts?
  165. Problems when I step on the brake and then gas
  166. boost controller
  167. Calling out peeps with dead Alt + Battery.
  168. Waterpump question
  169. electric fan question
  170. 92 SC400 is not idling or reving right :(
  171. chargers for SC400
  172. Port And Polished
  173. VSS Wire (Vehicle Speed Sensor Wire)???
  174. HKS boost controller install on 1j
  175. Checked CEL, but does not blink...?
  176. Heater Only Work When Drive
  177. Q: Will MKIV Supra single turbo kit fit a 2jz'd SC?
  178. trq specs for caps on cams
  179. gte swap cruise ????
  180. R154 Measurments
  181. tuning a 91 supra 1jz
  182. SC470TT will be Alive shortly!
  183. Where can I get this gasket?
  184. soarer and sc300 a/c pump Is it the same
  185. gauge illumination......DEFI gauge night shots
  186. Engine Fan Pump
  187. some one stole my motor
  188. Universal Cat and mufflers
  189. 1jz low runners
  190. any ideas
  191. Removing a Trac Control Trottle Body
  192. shift hesitant
  193. w58 to r154 tranny swap neep help on conversion
  194. HELP Car wont start!!!
  195. 1JZ - Cannot Rev Pass 3000 RPMS - Need Guru.
  196. noob question
  197. sc300 2jz aristo swap
  198. 1jz swap - what radiator are you using?
  199. BFI question pls help
  200. 5speed Tranny Oil Refill Hole
  201. where???
  202. which is the correct transmission mount for sc400?
  203. engine strange bucking after 3000 rpm
  204. Got my new 4" to dual 3" Setup done!
  205. swapp the head or not?
  206. Apparently my car is quicker than I thought
  207. anybody else see this?
  208. Resurfacing the flywheel
  209. Help: Pulling Out The Tranny On 1jz :::in Progress:::
  210. LSD questions...
  211. Brake light comes on in my 95 sc300
  212. Overheating issue
  213. 1jz OEM blow off valve replacement?
  214. it died =/
  215. SAFC WOT vs regular driving
  216. any one using the xspower turbo kit?
  217. Timing belt, water pump and PS hose $1700
  218. what is EGR?
  219. exhaust silencer magic trick??
  220. 1jz ecu mounting without extending harness??
  221. PA emissions and turbo SC3
  222. what do you guys consider a healthy motor
  223. Fuel tank Denmension?
  224. Help - Boosting Problem
  225. O2
  226. Thermal Fan Clutch?
  227. Strange chatter sound when accelerating??
  228. From Mild to Wild 1jzgte
  229. Turning up Trans line pressure.. SC400
  230. question about n/a motor.
  231. traction off, engine light on!!!!
  232. Starter Issues or can it be more?
  233. Auto Supra TT Diff Installed (LSD and 3.76 gears)
  234. GTE power issues
  235. Torque damper?
  236. Greddy Catch Can Contents, is this normal ?
  237. 1jz ECU Problems, Anyone Else?
  238. Starter locking?
  239. LS1 into a SC300/400
  240. Aod-e (4r70w)
  241. Boosting my 95SC4 and some other projects
  242. Car dies randomly
  243. 99 SC300 With A W58 5 Speed Trans.
  244. Best spark plug for a stock SC400..................
  245. How strong are SC300 Axles? Anyone break one?
  246. JDM vs. USDM...
  247. car is misfiring at idle
  248. traction off light, check engine light ON!!!
  249. / Tech2Motorsports shifter: A review
  250. fmic piping ?