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  1. intake and ecu
  2. See What Came In The Mail Today!
  3. major problems, please help
  4. 95 sc 300 8000 miles tranny problem
  5. Woo Hoo! Failed my inspection!
  6. Machine Shop work
  7. Smoke
  8. Strange operation question
  9. Overheated, coolant leaked a whole lot, and now wont start
  10. Options for rebuild of stock 1JZ twins
  11. Starter location?
  12. any idea on howto take this plug off?
  13. 1993 SC300 - When to replace timing belt
  14. nakamichi 12 disc CD changer question.
  15. Weird problem... Trac and idle
  16. Dumb Dumb me..Can u help me with timing?
  17. Boost and Transmissions?
  18. quick question on lsd
  19. sc400 overheating problems, please help
  20. Newbie just inherited my first SC and I need help
  21. Valve cover gasket job
  22. Compatible engines for swap?- SC300
  23. biggest fuel injectors for stock fuel rail
  24. Year of my 2jzgte??
  25. Little help? My SC300 is dying...
  26. maybe a dumb question, but...
  27. Severe Idle Problem...Please Help
  28. HELP: Check engine light just came on! what could it be? how 2 reset?
  29. na-t piping question
  30. sc400 odd running problem
  31. Special Service Tool - where can I get one?
  32. Can I use 87 gas with a 1.3mm head gasket?
  33. Has this happened to anyone? PS pump
  34. What to do
  35. Ran her at the track today....
  36. first time at track 95sc400
  37. How to remove auto-transmission cooler hard lines
  38. sc300 chips
  39. Time lapse build
  40. Cap and Rotor
  41. 2jz questions...
  42. Quick Question
  43. NA supra tranny in my sc300 1jzgte missing a OD sensor??
  44. timing belt mantainence
  45. Blow off valve BOV mounted pic request
  46. What intercooler for a 1jz?
  47. Just ordered my R154 1J!!
  48. SC400 engine vibrates when accelerating?
  49. Pre 95 and 95+/Supra W58
  50. Manual tilt override??
  51. sc300 aristo 2jzgte swap wiring?
  52. What is this on my 2jz?
  53. What parts are missing from my 1jz bell housing?
  54. headers for 2jztge?
  55. Pre-Detination Questions
  56. Stored my SC400 now I got problems...
  57. Hrmmm..Alternator Q..
  58. "Knocking" after starter replacement - Picture also!
  59. 2jzgte swap list please add if i'm missing things and make corrections.
  60. How strong are the SC axles?
  61. '92 SC300 HG -- Let go! Need Advice now!
  62. help with maintainence SC3
  63. hx35 on a 1jz?
  64. best 1jz engine management options...
  65. rx7 exhaust on sc300
  66. -GTE SWAP intercooler...searched didnt find
  67. SC300 Looking for opinions/2JZGTE in possesion
  68. Resetting ECU after mods
  69. MAF problem?
  70. HKS VPC install on a 1jz-gte sc300
  71. Interesting info from Jarco (1JZ-GTE motorset importer)
  72. -GTE swap check list
  73. lsd bearings.
  74. Running lean with resistors
  75. turbo charging my first car
  76. Centerforce DF clutch on NA-T?
  77. terrible noise....
  78. W58 Tranny with Auto ECU?
  79. Simple Question: Where's My 3rd O2 Sensor???
  80. What's going on? --SC300 overheating--Long post
  81. Which 1uz would you pick?
  82. Heeeeeeeeeeeeelllllppppp! (need help on passing smog)
  83. harmonic balacer
  84. shot some safc2 a vids and some city whippin
  85. Fuel level sender signal range?
  86. searched alredy: gte swap, 2 questions.
  87. heater problem NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!
  88. Seafoaming the Beast
  89. looking for cold air
  90. What LSD for sc400?
  91. dyno results...
  92. What trans mount for r154? auto to manual
  93. autotrans shift faster?
  94. 95 SC400 gets 20 mpg
  95. 92 SC400 1JZGTE - Gas tank "bubbles", will not go much over 4k, severe power loss
  96. 92 sc400 spark plug question!
  97. Vvti Curiosity
  98. What mufflers? And custom intake
  99. 2JZGE valve lift at 100% throttle 4400 rpm??
  100. Question with 92 SC400. opinions?
  101. sc300 w/ 2jzgte Running lean
  102. Need Help!!!
  103. Wiring diagram to install gated shifter into pre-98 SC
  104. Achieving Moderate Gains
  105. timing belt/interference engine?
  106. car died is it cursed?
  107. Gated shifter
  108. engine check light
  109. Clutch? What is wrong?
  110. Please confirm that I can install the Supra Torsen LSD into a 3.92 or 4.27 diff
  111. 1uz-fe intake
  112. Serpentine belt
  113. Goodies!
  114. Stumped, Exhaust!
  115. Wow. I am SCREWED! Something fell into the motor!
  116. Wanna Power??????? From Japan???
  117. Tranny swap?
  118. Transmission Removal Thread?
  119. Stock Or Swap
  120. Electrical ghost - randomly car dying
  121. Idle A/C problem
  122. The big red ketchup car at TX2K8
  123. neutral safety switch? or something else? :(
  124. Tune up question
  125. sc400 starts off in 4th gear
  126. Engine Light On/Off when going over bumps and dips??
  127. Common place to mount the fuel pump ecu on gte swap?
  128. 1jz piston rings
  129. Electrical Issues
  130. Weak Starting - Not Alt/Battery
  131. Calling the experts. I need some fatter track wheels.
  132. Ignition Harness - SC 300
  133. Need Battery Help ASAP!
  134. Questions about 1JZGTE Swap?
  135. where did you buy your magnaflows?
  136. What ECU to use in a 2jzgte manual swap?
  137. How many quarts of ATF do I need for SC300
  138. Am I forgetting any decent motor vendors?
  139. Noisy AC compressor pulley.
  140. HKS F-Con V questions
  141. Has anyone heard of Monster Performance?
  142. Any Magnaflow mufflers similair to these?
  143. Engine Drinking Gas And Stuttering Bad
  144. Engine Coolant Question
  145. ECU HARNESS PLUG.. issue fixed.
  146. gas smell coming from car.
  147. ECU chipped?? and other q's
  148. I need a cold air intake!!!!!
  149. Any parts?
  150. Car not starting, Alarm problem
  151. sc300 engine hesitation
  152. Experience with Thor Racing?
  153. Stuttering
  154. Performance Shops/indy shops in MA
  155. I have a single exhaust, what about the other side?
  156. What gauge is our Ignition wire?
  157. Thoughts on the auto shift lever
  158. sc300 auto to manual swap
  159. MAF Question?
  160. Success!!! Finally found a solution
  161. leaking exhaust manifold - labor rape?
  162. valve cover gasket replacement ?
  163. 3 inch Straight pipe Exaust
  164. Performance Shops in Georgia
  165. Who here has used the MKIII Supra Clutch Pedal Assembly on a 5spd swap?
  166. Exhaust work cost ??
  167. heres a question
  168. HKS hi power question??
  169. obd1 and obd2 injector differences?
  170. OPEN UP WIDE and say AHHHHH!!
  171. Turbo EXPERTS, please help me order!
  172. the never ending SC issues...
  173. Need transmission help
  174. How Important are Exhaust for Performance?
  175. Exhaust Clips - N/A Sc300's
  176. Does your stock exhaust make noises?
  177. Shops that do 1jz swaps
  178. Swap
  179. What wastegate are you running?
  180. In Here!!! Problem Sc/soarer>????
  181. high idle and smoke after spark plugs change!?
  182. GE power steering pump support bracket... orientation?... Need help today!
  183. Twins on the 2jzge?
  184. Smoked out my highway - my story of the day.
  185. 1jz Help....Please Help
  186. Weird exhaust whistle
  187. has everyone given up on 40mph vibration?
  188. sc400 starting problem
  189. U-joint tear - Need help -
  190. 92 SC300 (130k) NEED HELP with Problem
  191. Walk Crank Walk
  192. intakes anyone ??please
  193. looking for intake ???Please,anyone??
  194. check engine light PO 125
  195. thermostat install - how to prevent trapped air?
  196. Pictures of my 98 SC400 custom made BFI snorkel--Hope it works!!
  197. anyone have an extra fuel pump ecu? 92sc4 warm startup sputtering
  198. driveshaft length for sc300 with 6spd gte?
  199. tach signal and speedo sensor
  200. Look what came in today!!
  201. How about power-mods for a NA SC300?
  202. exhaust or vaccuum leak
  203. for turbo sc which way is cheaper & more stable?
  204. Troy's build
  205. tc lock up?
  206. 92 SC300 ECU Question
  207. Whats Wrong With my SC?
  208. Engine Cleaning ?
  209. Engine Cleaning ???
  210. Wiring Retardation
  211. Wiring Retardation
  212. Good piggyback system na-t are running
  213. is this normal?
  214. My new custom turbo exhaust
  215. HOLLY mackeral people :)
  216. Check out my fuel sump
  217. Need to borrow some 370/310 RC Injectors
  218. SC400 Serpentine belt replace recommendation
  219. SC400 Cooling fan fluid requirements ...
  220. Going low speeds in high gears dangerous?
  221. Finally! The SC300 will again be turbocharged!!!!
  222. My new 300 -- suggestions?
  223. car won't turn over!!!
  224. 15 hour Water Pump job
  225. best chassis to start with for 2j platform
  226. gated shifter help leading to DIY
  227. coolant temp (this normal?) pic
  228. Sc300 Oil Change, Overfill?
  229. stuck starter
  230. SC400 Oil Change ... What a Breeze!
  231. Installed VPC, now cel and weird idle
  232. Coolant Leak
  233. cracked block?
  234. 97-00 SC400 BFI questions???
  235. seat belts
  236. Will the BL built TT auto trans fit in an SC?
  237. Boost Controller & Wideband 02 recommendations
  238. This put a smile on my face/2JZGTE
  239. Crank Pulley Bolt Removal Sc400
  240. 1JZ Single Turbo
  241. Companion flange nut size
  242. R154 mk3 tranny extension?????
  243. SC400 idles issue, check engine light, DIES!!
  244. SC4 guys, help! Changed plugs/wires now rough at idle
  245. The dash battery light came on..
  246. questions about fuel
  247. Muffler flange
  248. Power FC
  249. Short Shifter Kit??!!?!?
  250. Anything New For Tuning 1jz in sc3?