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  1. GTE Auto with SC400 Driveshaft...AM I being slow???
  2. Help please, tps wiring problem
  3. pumpkin install
  4. complicated starting problem, need expert advice please
  5. 400 electric fan conversion 1 or 2 fans?
  6. only right rear looses traction
  7. What do you think of this turbo?
  8. WTB: cold air intake/filter SC400
  9. where the f#*$ do i get a midepipe
  10. please help!!!car not starting
  11. A few questions about my tranny and other stuff
  12. What's the best resonator out there?
  13. 93 SC400 Need your help running 3/4 hot
  14. Fuel Pump Installation!
  15. SC300- full tank to dead dry average
  16. Regarding the SC300 computer wiring system
  17. Igniton not working
  18. Runs Better with MAF Disconnected
  19. calling all aristo swaps
  20. Question for the 2jzge; interchangable parts
  21. I want more out of her!
  22. Potential of the 1UZFE when Force Induced
  23. Just Wondering
  24. Educate Me.......Engines
  25. Auto and 5spd ECU difference issue?
  26. ECU Help
  27. Power Window Problem
  28. Does anyone have a spare ECU (SC400) or has anyone else tried this?
  29. where to buy oem pressure plate bolts
  30. V160 Install Question
  31. Screeching clutch.
  32. A few vids of the Mag/Dyn Exhaust
  33. SC400 trans performance Q
  34. can anyone help me idenifly these 2 turbo gaskets?
  35. Can't decide on rods to save my life!
  36. what does this do and where does it go?
  37. Battery always draining car. What if I disconnected a Terminal?
  38. How to tell if it's W58 or R154?
  39. Should I get a 1JZ or a 1JZ VVT-i?
  40. V-Band Downpipe for a single 1jz
  41. Bought a JDM Supra TT motor with Auto tranny for my sc300 what else do i need
  42. Going to track for the first time HELP
  43. Sc300 exhaust compatibility
  44. Clutch suggestions needed
  45. P/S lost at idle
  46. Using foam in the engine bay [BFI]
  47. GE for a GTE short block ?
  48. Alright New Castrol Edge, whats your take anyone use it?
  49. What hose is this?
  50. What i need to turbo?
  51. 2jz sounding like a EJ20
  52. ever had this problem
  53. timing belt...serpentine belt...
  54. Soarer MT clutch engagement help
  55. LSD rear end identification, traction control?
  56. Tach only reads half of real engine rpm?
  57. Help me out Here Guys
  58. Looks like my W58 is toast.....what do you think?
  59. 1992 SC300 TPS Voltage
  60. check engine light came on then off
  61. transmission question
  62. knock sensors
  63. What 1jz's?
  64. Rev dropping?
  65. soarer/chaser ecu Fcon
  66. need help with power steering leak
  67. Can I modify my auto trans (SC400)
  68. My 1jzgte swap thread pic heavy!
  69. Comp stage 3 clutch for your stock clutch
  70. problem engine light is on!!!
  71. What Headers Should I Get For My SC300?
  72. Greddy MX vid clip
  73. questions on torque converter
  74. HOW TO: SC300 High Pressure Power Steering Hose
  75. Ebay Reman'd Compressor or Used Compressor?
  76. Bad Idle/Shaking/Misfire?? Help!
  77. can someone identify this BOV?
  78. My custom cold air intake set up!! Pics!!
  79. Random CEL, bad O2 sensors?
  80. Out of interest....
  81. Is this a good idea when motor swapping?
  82. where to buy a motor????
  83. W58 to 1uz Adapter plate on Fleabay!
  84. FINALLY my exhaust sound clip
  85. Removing Alternator 1992 SC400? HELP!!
  86. anyone have a rear end diagram
  87. Exhuast pin point?
  88. a/c stopped working!!!
  89. Vibrations when gas depressed
  90. transmissions
  91. Planned: Suprastick and Amsoil
  92. How many have the EKT/IMF headers for the SC400 ?
  93. just Bought this gte
  94. sc300 Speed Sensor, Location, which one 5spd
  95. Does SC300 have any engine reset tool? check engine?
  96. Spark plug wire question.
  97. Turbo Opinions NEEDED.
  98. Exhaust sizing
  99. Ignition system wearing out too fast
  100. SC4 Throttle Plate cleaning.
  101. engine broke off valve in 3rd cyclinder
  102. Alterntor ?
  103. Cel light on!!!! Code 25
  104. No power to my passenger side coil on SC400
  105. 1jz time
  106. Location of EGR temp sensor on a 1992 SC400?
  107. PLEASE help!! Where is the fuel pump relay for a 93 sc400?!
  108. sc400 makes rubbing nosies
  109. Driveshaft Loop
  110. what size is the injector tip?
  111. tony performance sc300 1/4 pass
  112. 1jz tensioner Question, Help
  113. Please help meee! 93 sc400 battery light on
  114. Timing Belt
  115. 92 sc300 Running rich/poring smoke HELP????
  116. how many cats and resonators on sc400?
  117. SC 1jz at Dyno on stock boost 280WHP with Video!
  118. virgin 5speed SC300 NEED ADVICE!
  119. SC400 and LS400 transmission difference?
  120. suggestions anyone?
  121. TT HG thickeness?
  122. first video sc300 na-t out for a run
  123. A/C Light Blinking (Used Search)
  124. Problem: RPM bouncing, no throttle response , CEL flashing
  125. 2JZGTE water pump in an SC300
  126. 92 SC400 - Water Pump Problem???
  127. Misfires at WOT
  128. Sc300 Muffler delete
  129. rough idle on 93 5speed sc300
  130. Rich mixture
  131. Tune time
  132. SC400 Auto Driveshaft Pictures?
  133. Fastest 60ft times in an SC.....?
  134. Headers for 2jzge?
  135. grindy gears low rpm?
  136. advantages of forged pistons over stock TT?
  137. Strength of metals after heating and cooling
  138. Looking for Pictures of speed sensor
  139. Alternator upgrades?
  140. Another Speedo Thread (I've Searched) - Wiring Question
  141. Some Engine shots just before I ship my car out of Japan
  142. high end loss
  143. please help me with sc400 slow on take off
  144. Start Me UP
  145. GT30 With 2jzgte ????????????
  146. Supra TT LSD...
  147. ~ 1JZGTE in a SC3 ~
  148. Sc400 2jswap need help!!!!!!!
  149. Sc400 Tranny Conversion
  150. power steering noise
  151. Nitrous Kit Help Please!
  152. My car keeps dying, any advice?
  153. GS exhaust fit in SC?
  154. Can i reuse the IACV gasket when cleaning it?
  155. 1jz or Na-T
  156. PS pump rebuild kit
  157. Bad gas - now the car has intermittent sputtering.
  158. Greddy SP2 exhaust for Supra TT...anyone have it?
  159. R154
  160. Burnt clutch, replacing it, what do i need?
  161. SC300 with a TT Head and TT Auto Questioins???
  162. WTB: Turbo Kit for my Sc300
  163. sc300 ecu same as gs300?
  164. Ignition Control Modules??? Opinions welcomed!!
  165. Mishimoto electric fans.
  166. driving with no maf sensor
  167. 1992 SC400 Car is bucking at 35-50mph!!!
  168. NOOB needs help and opinions!!!
  169. Supra USDM TT Harness Info - Need it
  170. Something bad happened
  171. Quick HKS FCD question
  172. Sluggish
  173. My NA-T project... for all you picture *****s(56k... doubt it)
  174. 1JZ-GTE running hella rich, S-AFC 2 help!!!
  175. battery light coming on after 3k rpms?
  176. my next muffler setup
  177. New 1992 SC400 troubleshooting, won't start... pissing me off!!
  178. Made lots of changes, ignition woes ensue
  179. 1jz swap problem...
  180. I need to make a decission; Best option for my bottom end
  181. tech meter help
  182. What is this plug on the Rack Pinion
  183. Camshaft question
  184. So if I cannot get my Blitz Nur Specs... which mufflers?
  185. LSD DIFF question?
  186. CEL + Cooling Problem
  187. weird clutch pedal operation? help me please.
  188. Engine covers?
  189. A/C Line Repair???
  190. Fuel Problem?
  191. help me choose
  192. Battery jumped backwards!!!Please Help me!
  193. OEM sc motor mounts vs Supra mounts
  194. sc400's....maybe cheaper headers.....
  195. New Help onFan blade.
  196. How to remove AC clutch? (diy request)
  197. not my sc but pics of my set up....
  198. PLEASE help me matchup these last wires
  199. Who has replaced a sc400 radiator???
  200. 1UZFE power loss: What's the real Culprit?
  201. WTB Air Intake For sale?
  202. what drive shaft???
  203. Can someone identify this part?
  204. My 93 SC400 is dying, please help me diagnost the prob
  205. JZX100 VVTI 1JZ to SC300... Who has done it?
  206. wifes car acting very strange wont start
  207. middle of working:Need help fast
  208. Another 2jz-gte swap thread...
  209. Will a turbo Manifold from a NA 2JZ fit on a NA VVt-i 2JZ
  210. wondering!
  211. Differential flanges for new driveshaft
  212. DIY: Alternator Plug Repair Harness
  213. Driveshaft and Flywheel aluminum vs steel
  214. A/C condenser fan (electric)
  215. Drag wheel/tire fitment pics
  216. after car warms up , starter will not kick in
  217. Do... Bigger Injectors = Bigger Power ????????
  218. radiator
  219. thinking of going single's/con's?
  220. Change filter now wont start
  221. What are the plugs!!! PLEASE HELP! Off main harness
  222. Intake Manifold w/ 2 fuel rails?
  223. Is the cams in time or am I one tooth off?
  224. How to NOT lose low end torque with this exhaust? Help!
  225. How much am I looking to spend on a turbo for an SC300?
  226. Good place to buy HKS 18 pound wastegate spring?
  227. Which Cometic head gasket? and what cc injectors?
  228. Turbo confusion
  229. SC400 Exhaust Questions
  230. would supra upper fit SC300 lower manifold?
  231. speedometer sensor for 1992 sc300 auto
  232. 92-96 Koyo High Peformance
  233. Big Dilemma...(Repairs ???)
  234. definitive difference in 92-97 vs 98-00 exhaust
  235. White smoke (tranny?) after driving car hard
  236. Mega Squirt 2
  237. Sc300 Exhaust
  238. SC400 Overheating Problems??
  239. clutch slipping a little in second?
  240. Overheating....I think.
  241. Code 71
  242. ??? about o2 sensor install
  243. Differential Fluid
  244. car won't start
  245. Cold start up!
  246. The nightmare: Aristo Wiring Conversion
  247. JUst curious.....
  248. How to drain gas tank?
  249. drive shaft joint angle? (soarer)
  250. car is dieing on me....