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  1. springs/shocks or coilover question
  2. axxis ultimate hell
  3. Seeking spring/susp advice
  4. Brake booster is out
  5. What break pads do you use
  6. Rear upper strut bar (no TRD?)
  7. do springs work w/ 19" fat setup?
  8. how to paint brake calibers
  9. Problem with EDFC - it looses it's memory settings if the car is sitting for more....
  10. Alignment Specs - Everything cool?
  11. The 4x4 is dead!!!
  12. Replacing brake pads
  13. Suspension Rebuilt!
  14. TM Engineering only place of Daizen Bushing??
  15. TEIN CS Questions
  16. How much brake fluid?
  17. Coilover lifespan?
  18. Help! Front Brake Rotors
  19. Tein CS : Changing spring rate
  20. Questions about stock suspension...
  21. Help - Camber settings appear to be off
  22. Help - VSC kicked in after L-tuned S&S
  23. New OEM shocks, strut tops and ball joints installed
  24. Alignment with new wheels
  25. soft ride with 20' rims ?
  26. Problems with Brembo/Satisfied combo
  27. trd stb question
  28. ABS engaging when braking at 10mph for no reason
  29. Daizen sways on Ortega Highway
  30. Questions regarding upcoming installation of bilstein HD shocks
  31. Easy brake rotor mod...
  32. Air Runners
  33. I don't have a steering pre-tensioner. Now what?
  34. Cross Drill / Slotted Rotors
  35. Just Installed Daizen Oem Sway Bar Bushings
  36. WHich brake pads would you get?
  37. Replacing VSC/ABS speed sensors
  38. Daizen Sway Bars - 2001 GS430
  39. tein CS motors not screwing on
  40. Weird Sounds from brakes?
  41. just about to replace the speed sensor on my GS and had a ?????
  42. Brake Scraping, Any Suggestions
  43. 98 and up GS wheel bearings
  44. Brake Pads For 2000 Lexus Gs 300
  45. strange suspension rattle
  46. My First Brake Job
  47. Need Help Choosing H&R w/ Billstein or Ltuned w/Billstein
  48. Help!!! Caliper Bracket Bolts?
  49. GS owners - are your ball joints broken?
  50. labor charge Daizen sway bars???
  51. please help replace brake problem
  52. control arm / ball joint = combined??
  53. TOMS Chassis Braces - what difference will it make?
  54. Steering ECU
  55. help change brake and power steering fluilds
  56. Daizen Sways & Bushing Kit Installed
  57. which shocks tend to wear out faster...front or rear...
  58. espelir springs
  59. please confirm for me
  60. Need Pics of Caliper: Preferably Gold
  61. Tein HA?
  62. Tein STB for GS 400
  63. red caliper paint
  64. KYB GR-2 Struts/shocks.....
  65. Tein CS for 2000 GS 300
  66. newbie here-some suspension advice
  67. brands of outer tie rods?
  68. Carson srut bar..does it work?
  69. different types of tein cs??
  70. Daizen Help!
  71. Front OEM Rotors: Turning Problem
  72. EBC Red Stuff pads install - squeakies
  73. New TEIN CS Replacement
  74. noisey brakes?
  75. Tein super street noise
  76. anyone has a pic of a TRD suspension on GS 400?
  77. TRD strut bar with Tein CS
  78. Rotora ??????
  79. cheapest place to buy EDFC?
  80. Tein CS coilovers are here, install soon
  81. Turning OEM Rear Rotors
  82. Are all OEM struts made by KYB?
  83. Daizen Control Arm Bushings Installed
  84. anyone know about the JIC suspension kit?
  85. Grinding noise when in Reverse?
  86. 20k miles Used Tein Flex... Worth buying?
  87. Maybe i'm late on this: Daizen Camber Kit
  88. Review of Daizen Bushings
  89. New Tein Flex Suspension Installed & Lights - Pix
  90. Daizen Camber Kit!!
  91. Will I need rear rotors?
  92. Pad Shims & Torque Specs-Help!
  93. Camber wear!!
  94. DIY Brake and Rotor Guide
  95. H&R vs TEIN coilovers
  96. What's up with my Brakes...
  97. Supra brakes...necessary?
  98. Brake pads and rotors?
  99. TEIN CS - Hard to find?
  100. Multiple Questions - high mileage, need shocks? alignment?
  101. L-tuned springs w/ KYB is this a fact?
  102. Best Place To Buy Rotora Rotors
  103. Racing Brake GS Stock Rotors- Looks Really Good
  104. Should I get an alignment?
  105. Anyone have pictures from the repair manual of front wheel suspension parts??...
  106. Air Ride Suspension: Yes /No?
  107. help....when braking hard pulls right.
  108. question about the brake
  109. Supra Brakes
  110. How long do stock spring last?
  111. Alignment Issues... HELP
  112. new Racing Logic coilovers installed!
  113. Need advice- are tie rods and ball joints a DIY job?
  114. Squeaky Daizen sway bars
  115. Transformation is complete....(2 step process (pics))
  116. 18's and Tein CS
  117. 99GS4 120K miles, need help with timing belt replacement
  118. New BBK
  119. Advice -- shocks/strut caps versus lower control arms, ball joints and tie rod ends
  120. Cheapest place to get Bilstein HD shocks?
  121. Are OEM brake pads really that bad?
  122. Tein CS On The Way!!
  123. price for big brake kit
  124. L-Tuned shocks no longer available???!!!
  125. Brakes First gen GS and second gen GS same??
  126. shock advice please.......
  127. Emergency brake lite indicator HELP
  128. Rear brake caliper paint??
  129. where can i get the L-Tuned suspension?
  130. Air in ABS system - Bleed Without Dealer?
  131. Need some help on my braking problems
  132. Does the addition of coilovers = Warranty issues??
  133. Need help/advice on suspension install
  134. Need some direction from some Tein CS owners
  135. Lexbox Mods II
  136. BRAKE PADS??!! I want minimal!
  137. having problems deciding on tein CS ride ehe
  138. getting tein cs
  139. Bilstein Sport shocks + L-Sportline springs....on Staggered 20's?
  140. Help---just had my ball joints replaced, but.....
  141. Tein SS?
  142. Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Lower Control Arms
  143. Any good places for alignment in MD?
  144. universal joint remover kit...
  145. Need Help with Daizen Bushing Install - ? about how many Bushing Sleeve's in kit
  146. What pads to use with TT Rotors?
  147. TEIN vs TANABE Coilovers for the GS
  148. EDFC install
  149. HELP: Installing L-tuned Ecu / Steering wheel pretensioner
  150. Alignment question.
  151. Tein HA question?!?
  152. painted brake calipers and decaled
  153. I've got SS Coated brake lines from ROTORA
  154. Brake pads
  155. Brake Help!!!!
  156. Desperately Need Help for Rear Brakes
  157. Cusco Type II Lower Arm Bar
  158. IS300 rack????
  159. just installed my Brembo
  160. front right brake caliper piston stuck
  161. sway bar help
  162. TT Brake help
  163. cusco sways any good??
  164. Need help .... suspension moron
  165. Alignment specs
  166. ???question???
  167. Daizen OEM Sway Bar Bushings
  168. can pirelli tires cause vibration when braking?
  169. Pos
  170. Brake Problems
  171. TIEN CS w/EDFC Install Pics
  172. Brake Rotors from Racing Brake Inc. I will try them will give feedback later.
  173. uneven drop??????
  174. Blitz Lowering Springs For Gs300
  175. Adding some Toe In?
  176. Harsh ride -- went to Midas today
  177. NHC brake pads KEVLARMETALLIC - anyone use these?
  178. does TM engineering have a core exchange policy?
  179. GS430 Tein s tech or Intrax Springs
  180. tein flex dampener setting question
  181. Quick question for anyone with Tein CS and 20s
  182. bedding brake rotors
  183. Storing Shocks/Springs built or separate?
  184. Where can I get KYB GR-2 shocks?
  185. Upper Control Arms
  186. Buying calipers
  187. stainless steel brakelines dangerous??
  188. Kyb?
  189. I just got my Daizen bushing kit
  190. Newbie with 2 questions 02 GS430 brakes and suspension
  191. Anyone have H&R springs/ Bilstein shocks?
  192. tein "s" or "h" lowering springs
  193. Eibach Springs
  194. HELP-In the middle of brake job/have question/problem
  195. H&R and Bilstein Shock combo?Pics?.
  196. Anyone ?
  197. Quick question regarding Tein CS coilovers
  198. General Suspension Questions (please read!)
  199. For anyone looking to replace ball joints
  200. suspension option
  201. noise when i brake at low speeds
  202. need help Tein CS
  203. Front rattle over small bumps--wierd
  204. Replacing stock brake lines with SS
  205. just got my rotora bbk for the rear
  206. rear brake pads
  207. pricing on used (in good shape) supra tt brake kit
  208. Daizen Camber Kit
  209. Tein CS reminder.
  210. Creak in Rear Strut/Suspension
  211. Whos Got Some Brembo Experience For Me?
  212. whyyyy still SO SQUEEEEEKY?! 98 GS400
  213. Which Big Brakes are the best for the bucks?
  214. Strange noise...
  215. Installed TRD Sway bars and got ABS and VSC Lights.
  216. Do I need new pads with new rotors
  217. GS Suspension/Lowering?
  218. Aftermarket Brakes Noob question
  219. 2003 GS430 Looking for a clean drop
  220. Bilsteins Arrived!!
  221. Brake light coming on...
  222. Can springs/ shocks provide a comfortable ride?
  223. New Sway Bar (s) Poll
  224. Felt piece around parking brake release?
  225. For those with TRD Sways...
  226. steering wheel vibrates when brakes are pressed.?
  227. Springs/Shocks for 20s to fit budget. Any suggestions?
  228. Coilovers vs Spring/Shocks in Price (did a search)
  229. Installed Daizen Control Arm and STill have Vibration.
  230. Calipers stickin but then they arent, i don't get it
  231. How do you adjust coilovers???
  232. New Member..NEED HELP!!
  233. Stiffnes rating on anti roll bars
  234. power steering
  235. How long before needing change of stock shocks?
  236. Anybody know what a gently used low mileage Tein Flex for the GS is worth?
  237. Supra and GS suspension question
  238. I need BRAKE/ROTORS HELP!!!
  239. Lowered and wheels
  240. strange griding noise when fully turned
  241. Supra coilovers
  242. Alignment Done....
  243. GS Sport design suspension
  244. Rotora Installed FINALLY
  245. Brake Questions?
  246. abs speed sensor
  247. EBC rear pad install
  248. Update on Rear Brembo Install.
  249. Advice on New Shocks
  250. Lowered my GS with L-Tune S/S How to make front lower?