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  1. Rebuilt r154 or buy another r154?
  2. Who's SC is this?
  3. 94 SC300 idle issues
  4. No power steering:-(
  5. gte swap
  6. Is tranny fluid change necessary? If so which?
  7. Transmission questions
  8. Ecu questions.
  9. My 2jzgte swap
  10. cooling sytem problem
  11. 92 sc300 electrical problem
  12. 1997 SC300 2JZ-GTE current swap step by step
  13. gte swap and camry throttle cable ??
  14. Sc300 fan blower stopped working!!
  15. CEL help needed
  17. 1JZ injector firing issue via!, out of ideas!!
  18. sc300 leaking oil
  19. 2jzge sensor next to the oil dipstick use ??anyone? pictures inside
  20. custom y
  21. Is this a good turbo set for a 2jz-ge?
  22. kll clutch noise
  23. V160 owners what clutch are you running?
  24. Is IMF still around?
  25. SC400 Reso Removal
  26. auto to v160questions
  27. SC300 aftermarket exaust? and light?
  28. Help, No power after trying to start
  29. 1995 Sc400 Radiator Questions
  30. SC400 A/C control panel problems
  31. Auto to manual tranny swap
  32. More starter problems
  33. Porsche Tips on Sc400??
  34. What kind of oil?
  35. Driftmotion Underdrive pulley kit....Reviews?Opinions?
  36. HELP, messed up electrical experiment
  37. Mixed Dex II with T-IV
  38. 1997 sc300
  39. T-iv atf
  40. SC300 W58 swap VSS question
  41. Stumbling idle
  42. BW Matchbot
  43. Coolant dash light on, but level is normal. Any ideas?
  44. Pivot Voltage really work?
  45. 1992 Lexus SC300 AC
  46. Question on relocating catalytics on a 1uz
  47. How to make the tach work?
  48. Engine ECU
  49. My 1jz R154 problems
  50. mk3 supra pumpkin into a SC
  51. Anyone shim their automatic transmission actuators?
  52. ignition coil #1
  53. 1jz auto transmission won't go in to OD
  54. 1JZGTE SC300 Dr.Tweek wiring into SC400
  55. quantum auto spacer on w58, measurement for shims?
  56. Tranny question
  57. Evap Canister routing?
  58. new cams dont require new springs?
  59. 96+ OBDII CEL Fixes after Trans Swap
  60. Another O. L. T. DIY - In depth with the heater core control valve
  61. Removing a tight nut on a battery terminal?
  62. Megan axle backs
  63. trany fluid.
  64. starter slow to disengage when cold
  65. Driftmotion AEM harness
  66. soarer FSM!!!
  67. Starter single click when "cold"... contacts?
  68. aristo tranny into sc300
  69. SC400 A.C. delete
  70. 1jz auto ecu manual harness
  71. power steering hose
  72. Engine is finally starting give up?
  73. Throttle Body ideas and flipping upside down
  74. Can't get my SC400 to run right? Help!
  75. Hydrogen injection?
  76. MAF dead? how do i know?
  77. Knock gauge (knocklite) installation
  78. DIY manual pedal swap thread/s?
  79. Starter Woe
  80. disdtributer help
  81. Any Short Shifter for Soarer R154?!?!
  82. What's your opinion on this aluminum coolant tank?
  83. 95 SC400 Timing Belt Change No Power
  84. new alum. radiator and slim fans for sc400? anyone done it?
  85. SC400 exhaust idea.
  86. R154 & 1jz DriveShaft
  87. 92 SC400 stalling issue
  88. 1jz vvti into 92 sc300 (i searched)
  89. Speedo died
  90. new exhuast whudgathink?
  91. What exhaust should I buy next? (Nur Specs got stolen)
  92. rebuilt stock motor now turbo
  93. aristo swap in 98 sc400 (shifter question)
  94. Well freaking fruitty doo...It's doing it again...
  95. Need help installing a HKS FCD
  96. what are you running for intercoole (sc3 1jz)
  97. Coolant tank leaking, common problem? (pic attached)
  98. Distributor Cap Users now and future?
  99. Changed fuel filter today, DANGER
  100. rounded bolt help!!
  101. Need Help- Idle Issues on 1992 Sc300
  102. Engine start - two turns before start
  103. will this r154 work in my sc3
  104. 2jz 6spd or 1jz r154
  105. Fuel Pump Questions
  106. stroker kits
  107. Faulty replacement rack?
  108. Overheated; turns over, but won't start
  109. New to 2jz
  110. I hate automotive A/C systems.
  111. need to know what part this is
  112. QUICK, Please post a closeup pic of your obd1 sc300 IACV wiring harness
  113. supra 1jz
  114. really works :D
  115. how do you set up catch can arrangement on a 1uz?
  116. Replace your fuel filter without loosing fuel*
  117. 1UZ crank bolt
  118. Do I need fuel pump/fuel regulator?
  119. Hard starting when engine is cold; not the coils
  120. LSD rear end
  121. Randomally wont start
  122. any ideas??
  123. Aristo harness gurus: what is this plug I have missing?
  124. What exhaust to use in a 92 sc400 1uzfe
  125. A.C. delete ?
  126. how should i build my engine jza70
  127. code 13, NEED HELP GUYS
  128. 1993 sc300 alternator wiring
  129. chirping sound coming from car
  130. SC400 Engine Splash Guard
  131. question on exhaust
  132. 92 sc300/Aristo swap...
  133. Looking for a greddy emanage blue map...
  134. 1jz swap temp fix doesn't seem to work for me
  135. supra parts on an sc300
  136. Code 13
  137. Innovate Wideband Sensor
  138. SC400 with SC300 Auto Diff??
  139. Bringing the 1UZFE to life!
  140. My new custom exhaust for my 98 SC430
  141. Need help Wiring a Apexi SAFC
  142. Supra TT Auto LSD install
  143. Car running Rich all of a sudden
  144. aristo diff lsd?
  145. Warm start up problem - SC400
  146. 1JZ Knock Sensor Extension
  147. Ar5
  148. [VIDEO] 879 RWHP @ 28psi burning corn!
  149. NEED HELP!! sc runs great then rough idle, dies
  150. Difference between Soarer/Chaser/Supra 1JZGTE wire harness??
  151. need help buying exhaust for my sc400 yr 1993
  152. Runnign rough after radiator leak/swap...
  153. How long should a shop with lifts and air tools take to install v8 headers?
  154. aristo wiring experts needed
  155. any one using borgwarner s366
  156. PS Resevoir Replacement Recommendation
  157. headlight bulbs
  158. 1997 sc400 auto tranny line pressure adjustment
  159. A/C question
  160. 96 SC 400 nothing electrical works
  161. Advice from guys with Auto ECU 1JZ on 5 speed car
  162. Is there anyone looking for a 2UZFE swap w/ a built motor?
  163. Super 8 1uzfe car
  164. Question about Apexi SAFC V1
  165. SC300 cluster pinout
  166. advice for auto. cars
  167. 2jzgte safc2 idle setting?
  168. 1992 SC 400 question
  169. help
  170. Curious about a labor quote to replace A/C Compressor
  171. Rough idle, poor driveability! Please help.
  172. My SexC300 in the fast pace of light zone
  173. ITB's on your 1UZ-FE?
  174. breaking up aroud 3k
  175. humming noice while accelerating.
  176. water pump / timing belt
  177. 2JZGE LS400 Throttle body Mod
  178. Which cat for an SC400 with custom exhaust being built
  179. AC pipe line leaking solved
  180. leather seat
  181. v8 guys, what have you paid to have headers installed?
  182. 1JZ fuel pressure test
  183. 370cc, 440cc injector clips
  184. Rpm's running real low an under 1k when stopping
  185. Cut out
  186. Finally got the new motor in - V8
  187. Looking to swap r154 to 98 sc400 1uz-fe vvti
  188. Keys Locked in Car, Pulled EFI Fuse, Now Running Rough
  189. 2jzgte auto swap hick up
  190. 1992 Lexus SC400 will not start (fuel issue)
  191. R154 leaking.......again! Need advice please
  192. need help 7m resitor for 550cc 1jz
  193. fireball exhaust compatibility
  194. lets talk all things cooling
  195. In middle of R154 swap, starter won't line up HELP (PICS)
  196. Auto SC3 Chirped Yes
  197. zetrinix wide band
  198. Sc400 tranny...solenoid connector?
  199. NA-T Ignition Break-up at 4K
  200. help turbo timer & oil cooler
  201. : ( cant find anymore top speed pro 1 exhausts...similar replacement?
  202. T56 Swap kits....
  203. Parts List for SC300 5 speed pedal assembly
  204. 2jzgte swap with tt automatic- Which rear diff are you using?
  205. Door mirror(drivers side) ?
  206. It's been a month and I still can't figure it out.
  207. Gapping question
  208. Need help... my SC making noise when start up
  209. Anyone used A1 Turbos blower manifold?
  210. Changed fuel filter-what a mess.
  211. post starter replacement problem on 1uz
  212. Q : sc400 auto transmission fluid
  213. Aeromotive, Bosch, Denso, Walbro fuel pumps
  214. Sc400 low idle problem
  215. Sc300 Check Airbag Light?
  216. sc300 engine electronic help
  217. can i use my gte ps pump?
  218. Finally get to post my Dyno...
  219. Turbo or na
  220. 1.5JZ, Running LEAN-stuttering
  221. Crank Pulley Tool
  222. HELP! Identify This Engine Wiring Harness Connector
  223. r-12 freon for my sc400?
  224. Throttle body coolant hose
  225. questions about limp mode on 1JZGTE
  226. fuel injector preference question
  227. Tach and Speedo problem. Help!!!
  228. rear subframe qeustion
  229. sc400 auto full 2j swap??
  230. Rear Diff Question.
  231. Great vid abt AEM AQ-1...with a hot chick in a bikini (borderline NWS)
  232. This is probably a stupid question, but will ask anyway
  233. Should i get a lsd?
  234. 1JZ cruise control works!!! But...
  235. SC300/400 Fender plastic piece.
  236. Ls sc300?
  237. NEW 1jzgte
  238. Anyone got Soarer or Supra 1JZ harness pictures?
  239. Wont boost over 5LBs??
  240. Cat delete question
  241. sc300jz's 5spd swap
  242. What have you guys personally spent on a 1JZ swap?
  243. Weird Exhaust Noise... "crinkling"?
  244. is a safc a good idea??
  245. Cheap rear end options?
  246. W58 to 1UZ peeps chime in
  247. Bad ecu?
  248. cold air intake and axle back exhaust for stock 98 sc300 nonturbo
  249. R154 rubber seal
  250. 95 sc400 loss of power helppp!