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  1. Max hp with pretty much stock 2jz-ge
  2. Jaw
  3. Sc300 2jz-gtte Vvt-i
  4. custom exhaust idea
  5. Need help relocating Coolant Level Sensor on aftermarket radiator
  6. Whos single????
  7. ajusting clutch?
  8. 3.26 diff in a Sc400= smart idea?
  9. jdm and us coilpacks
  10. 120amp Alt Fuse/Relay
  11. question about the BFI
  12. sc400 with M90 and water/air intercooler
  13. craaaazzy's W58 to R154 swap
  14. So new transmisson is in....need help
  15. Neo-s Install trouble
  16. Need Help/Ideas with Possible Spark Plug Hole Stripped!
  17. Going the 1JZ route
  18. 1jz auto trans issue
  19. Very confused. which tranny?
  20. List of members with 2JZ-GTE swap...
  21. Water Pump Seal Packing Question
  22. is this tranny worth the price?
  23. Question for lexus with Aristo engine.:)
  24. lookin to 1jz
  25. 99 sc300 turbos
  26. IS350 Exhaust
  27. My sc300 swap nightmare unfolds...
  28. For those that have done a 5spd conversion...
  29. is there 97-00 SC300 intake Solution?
  30. SAFC worth it?
  31. Club Lexus FI V8 list
  32. 1jz swap wiring issues. jzz30 body plugs.
  33. Bettery Light on....
  34. Chaser R154 to 92 SC300 w/GTE Fitment Issue
  35. new exhuast for safc 2
  36. VVTi installation
  37. check engine light
  38. Check your intake
  39. electrical problems, help!
  40. question for jz pro's
  41. Exhaust Tick???
  42. Built Tranny
  43. Windows/trans
  44. battery light
  45. Update SC400 weight, gte single, Bride, and R154 (pics)
  46. Need HELP, R154 driveshaft?
  47. torn engine mounts :(
  48. Simple Q - 1995 SC400 OBD1 or OBD2?
  49. sc300
  50. 96' SC300 auto to 5-speed swap???
  51. A noob have questions.. Difference between supra 2jz and sc300 2jz
  52. Tune-up and slave cyl for $1k?
  53. Tune-up and slave cyl for $1k?
  54. 1uz hot valve covers?
  55. SC 400 MAnual tranny??
  56. differentials? choices?
  57. twin or single?
  58. Power Steering Fluid
  59. Has anyone here ever retrofited an R-12 A/C to R-134a?
  60. Power Steering Question
  61. Kaaz 2-way or Supra TT Rear End
  62. oil change question
  63. Help A.C. not working and its HOT AS HELL!!!!
  64. Trans Swap
  65. Exhaust, 3" or 2.5"
  66. SC400 high pressure hose parts HELP!
  67. Help with AEM EMS 1101 pin 62?
  68. question for 1jz sc owners
  69. Pulsation damper needed?
  70. do mk4 tt injectors fit sc300?
  71. delete mufflers or resanators
  72. 1jz cooling?
  73. pics of wet kit install on sc400
  74. Sensor Glitch???
  75. headgasket swap... Shiny oil... bad?
  76. charging ac
  77. maf to map?
  78. Knocking 2jz-Ge....Any suggestions?
  79. help pls. is300 flywheel same as sc300?
  80. Sorry but i had to... soooo happy! :)
  81. 1992 sc300 1jz & r154 swap
  82. which trans. fluid and fluid filter?
  83. alittle budget help please
  84. Turbo Manufacturers?????
  85. Where does this connector go?
  86. Cant seem to mend heating problem
  87. Electrical Diagram needed
  88. Soarer bible
  89. i need help quick please!...
  90. Speedo Problem?
  91. How I swapped an R154 into my SC400
  92. Electrical Issue - Weak Battery???
  93. All Aluminum Radiators - All the same or what? And does the Egg Trick work?
  94. automatic to manuel transmission help
  95. Ive been looking and looking, no one has the jzz30 swap
  96. Unorthodox cam gears
  97. STS Turbos?
  98. SC400 1JZ-GTE Exhaust Drive by Vid American Outlaw Flowmasters
  99. need advice on an sc300
  100. 1JZ-GE Nitrous questions
  101. Should I buy drag radials?
  102. r154 leaking
  103. Little Q and A
  104. which oil inlet/outlet flange am i supposed to get?
  105. Blinker Fuse Location
  106. what happens when Torque Converter fails?
  107. Slow response off the line
  108. 1jz water pump question
  109. Keep my current exhaust or redo it all?
  110. best clutch for N/A
  111. map ecu wiring
  112. Up down idle and then finally settles down..........
  113. Motor cutting out (video Included)
  114. Supercharger question
  115. Apexi Neo-s install help
  116. NEED HELP!! SC300 manual hydraulic line pics need
  117. 1jzgte Wiring Schematics?
  118. Automatic tranny question
  119. hard find, head bolt torque pattern.
  120. apex neo-s power gains sc300
  121. trans cooler really worth it?
  122. Supercharging a 96+ SC400
  123. NEED an ECM.
  124. How do I not Overfill the Tranny Fluid???
  125. Did an A/C test....
  126. one cam is off by 1 or 2 teeth
  127. Automatic transmission
  128. How to mount a blow off valve BOV
  129. 96' sc300 oil questions???
  130. new with sc's help. manual motor swap
  131. how much does it cost to switch manual?
  132. gte auto ecu into 5speed
  133. PSP replacement 1992 SC400
  134. 2JZGTE Aristo Swap in SC400 - A/C Problem
  135. does anyone know ?????
  136. vsv for evap?
  137. question about checking engine codes
  138. steering problems
  139. Need trans help
  140. 1jzgte in 96 sc obd2
  141. Need Advice: Noise at low RPM's
  142. Installing boost gauge
  143. gte into 5 speed
  144. na build
  145. SC300 Revving like I was tapping on accel
  146. I Want To Swap My Motor, Seached Forever, Need Help On Wiring A 98 Sc3
  147. 92-95 Sc300/sc400 Obd1 Code Retrieval
  148. 92-95 Sc300/sc400 Obd1 Code Retrieval
  149. sc300 auto to manual 1jzgte
  150. 2jz-ge and nitrous questions...
  151. Two Videos Of My Boosted SC300
  152. Need help. Car is dying..
  153. SC300 hard shift problem after valve cover gasket change
  154. What 1JZ manifold are you using?
  155. Wtf Ac?
  156. I'm at a total loss here...
  157. Head Off, anything recommended
  158. i think my car is possessed ...
  159. wiring schematics (engine harness) for 1992 sc300?
  160. 6speed getrag question
  161. no wheel power?! HELP!
  162. SC400 Auto to Manual Conversion?
  163. A/C Fuse? A/C not working
  164. Car not starting
  165. 1JZ w/ SC stock Auto Trans
  166. My r154 1J project
  167. Clutch Recommendations
  168. O2 Sensors
  169. Passing smog test after mods?
  170. My New 92 SC400 - Pictures & Info - WHAT YOU THINK?
  171. AC question for Las Vegas heads!
  172. stumped, and no engine codes :(
  173. New to the sc300 and 2jgte world.
  174. Poll: Should I keep waiting on the EKT headers?
  175. gte exhaust manifold into ge
  176. heard of nagano swaps?
  177. Just hit 100k
  178. Simple Drive Belt/Maintenence Question
  179. Hey New to th Sc forums Need HELP please...Check engine light...
  180. Sc300 Transmission and amsoil
  181. new motor, louder than last.
  182. auto loc wiring question????
  183. New axle back mufflers from Megan
  184. SC300 Clutch torque specs
  185. Bearing
  186. Can anyone tell me what these wires are for?
  187. Car wont start...NEED HELP!
  188. Turbo Manifold, Intercooler, Downpipe outa paint shop!
  189. Pulling cams help
  190. will the SRT mani w/ turbonetics 60-1 hi-fi clear distrubuter?
  191. ABflug single vs Junction Produce dual
  192. Not Another SC300 GTE Transformation
  193. Engine Hoist
  194. Another Bad Idle Issue
  195. GMB replacement water pump --- different from stock
  196. TT Supra engine mounts on a '92 SC300
  197. Can anyone hear fuel pump whine through speakers?
  198. a/c problem
  199. considering motor swap need help/opinions
  200. Your Opinion on this 1JZ motor Please!
  201. Sensor On block
  202. HKS Hi Power Exhuast Question
  203. Parts Needed
  204. Small electronic problem. Please help.
  205. 92SC3 bought two months ago, broke down, time for a tuneup
  206. Any experience with Meagan Racing seats?
  207. Help! Head Bolt Size
  208. Bfi V4?
  209. auto to 5 speed
  210. Want to see pics of Apexi WS2 on SC
  211. Installed new exhaust, now have some hesitation. WTF!
  212. 1JZ flywheel and 7M clutch
  213. Serpentine belt slipped off after wipeout
  214. What wastegate mm are you 1UZ turbo guys using?
  215. My latest Mod...thanks to jdmjzz30
  216. a little scared, need help (Timing Belt 2JZ-GE)
  217. Sc400 Rpm ????
  218. Transmission clinking/bucking occasionally
  219. Clutch Master Cylinder
  220. Interesting. I don't get my fuel economy at all
  221. New exhaust on my 1jz SC 4" hotness (no56k)
  222. Would someone please let me know (Correct Socket Size for Plugs)
  223. Building oil pressure --on a fresh re-build GE
  224. Crashed 1JZ MKIII Now drop into sc300
  225. Increasing power with out turbo
  226. No Oil Pressure!! Na-t Sc300 Build
  227. SC300 Climate Control Issues...
  228. Help! GTE swap w/6spd question...
  229. My new exhuast...HKS Hiper
  230. CEL code P0420...a little perplexed
  231. Forced induction fan? hlp plz
  232. Best places to get a 1JZ Soarer Engine clip ???
  233. pulstar pulse spark plugs
  234. She is almost ready to be unleashed
  235. Very strange problem.... help guys!!!! did search
  236. radiator blew!
  237. NA rebuild-- Copper Spray on OEM HG?
  238. 98 sc400 with dead throttle
  239. Wierd Occurance
  240. Coolant splatter from Fan/Water pump Pulley *PICS*
  241. Super crappy idle, car shuddering?...
  242. 2jzge from a Gs300 to a Sc300
  243. Car won't start.
  244. Tranny tunnel cutout r154 swap
  245. question about a 1jz im thinking about getting help please
  246. Low Coolant Light
  247. Need to replace my clutch
  248. 1998 - 2000 SC400 Differential Ratio
  249. what part is this ?(2jzgte)
  250. Who has the best price for SC300 motor mounts?