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  1. na build
  2. SC300 Revving like I was tapping on accel
  3. I Want To Swap My Motor, Seached Forever, Need Help On Wiring A 98 Sc3
  4. 92-95 Sc300/sc400 Obd1 Code Retrieval
  5. 92-95 Sc300/sc400 Obd1 Code Retrieval
  6. sc300 auto to manual 1jzgte
  7. 2jz-ge and nitrous questions...
  8. Two Videos Of My Boosted SC300
  9. Need help. Car is dying..
  10. SC300 hard shift problem after valve cover gasket change
  11. What 1JZ manifold are you using?
  12. Wtf Ac?
  13. I'm at a total loss here...
  14. Head Off, anything recommended
  15. i think my car is possessed ...
  16. wiring schematics (engine harness) for 1992 sc300?
  17. 6speed getrag question
  18. no wheel power?! HELP!
  19. SC400 Auto to Manual Conversion?
  20. A/C Fuse? A/C not working
  21. Car not starting
  22. 1JZ w/ SC stock Auto Trans
  23. My r154 1J project
  24. Clutch Recommendations
  25. O2 Sensors
  26. Passing smog test after mods?
  27. My New 92 SC400 - Pictures & Info - WHAT YOU THINK?
  28. AC question for Las Vegas heads!
  29. stumped, and no engine codes :(
  30. New to the sc300 and 2jgte world.
  31. Poll: Should I keep waiting on the EKT headers?
  32. gte exhaust manifold into ge
  33. heard of nagano swaps?
  34. Just hit 100k
  35. Simple Drive Belt/Maintenence Question
  36. Hey New to th Sc forums Need HELP please...Check engine light...
  37. Sc300 Transmission and amsoil
  38. new motor, louder than last.
  39. auto loc wiring question????
  40. New axle back mufflers from Megan
  41. SC300 Clutch torque specs
  42. Bearing
  43. Can anyone tell me what these wires are for?
  44. Car wont start...NEED HELP!
  45. Turbo Manifold, Intercooler, Downpipe outa paint shop!
  46. Pulling cams help
  47. will the SRT mani w/ turbonetics 60-1 hi-fi clear distrubuter?
  48. ABflug single vs Junction Produce dual
  49. Not Another SC300 GTE Transformation
  50. Engine Hoist
  51. Another Bad Idle Issue
  52. GMB replacement water pump --- different from stock
  53. TT Supra engine mounts on a '92 SC300
  54. Can anyone hear fuel pump whine through speakers?
  55. a/c problem
  56. considering motor swap need help/opinions
  57. Your Opinion on this 1JZ motor Please!
  58. Sensor On block
  59. HKS Hi Power Exhuast Question
  60. Parts Needed
  61. Small electronic problem. Please help.
  62. 92SC3 bought two months ago, broke down, time for a tuneup
  63. Any experience with Meagan Racing seats?
  64. Help! Head Bolt Size
  65. Bfi V4?
  66. auto to 5 speed
  67. Want to see pics of Apexi WS2 on SC
  68. Installed new exhaust, now have some hesitation. WTF!
  69. 1JZ flywheel and 7M clutch
  70. Serpentine belt slipped off after wipeout
  71. What wastegate mm are you 1UZ turbo guys using?
  72. My latest Mod...thanks to jdmjzz30
  73. a little scared, need help (Timing Belt 2JZ-GE)
  74. Sc400 Rpm ????
  75. Transmission clinking/bucking occasionally
  76. Clutch Master Cylinder
  77. Interesting. I don't get my fuel economy at all
  78. New exhaust on my 1jz SC 4" hotness (no56k)
  79. Would someone please let me know (Correct Socket Size for Plugs)
  80. Building oil pressure --on a fresh re-build GE
  81. Crashed 1JZ MKIII Now drop into sc300
  82. Increasing power with out turbo
  83. No Oil Pressure!! Na-t Sc300 Build
  84. SC300 Climate Control Issues...
  85. Help! GTE swap w/6spd question...
  86. My new exhuast...HKS Hiper
  87. CEL code P0420...a little perplexed
  88. Forced induction fan? hlp plz
  89. Best places to get a 1JZ Soarer Engine clip ???
  90. pulstar pulse spark plugs
  91. She is almost ready to be unleashed
  92. Very strange problem.... help guys!!!! did search
  93. radiator blew!
  94. NA rebuild-- Copper Spray on OEM HG?
  95. 98 sc400 with dead throttle
  96. Wierd Occurance
  97. Coolant splatter from Fan/Water pump Pulley *PICS*
  98. Super crappy idle, car shuddering?...
  99. 2jzge from a Gs300 to a Sc300
  100. Car won't start.
  101. Tranny tunnel cutout r154 swap
  102. question about a 1jz im thinking about getting help please
  103. Low Coolant Light
  104. Need to replace my clutch
  105. 1998 - 2000 SC400 Differential Ratio
  106. what part is this ?(2jzgte)
  107. Who has the best price for SC300 motor mounts?
  108. intake manifold for a 96 sc300
  109. need help sc 300 (muffler ???)
  110. sc400 stalling
  111. water pump
  112. Need some input on this please.
  113. 2JZGTE oil pan question
  114. Coil Pack Inspection and Turbo Blanket FAQ
  115. Weird thing happened today (infamous electrical ghosts)
  116. best exhaust for sc300
  117. SC300 Na --> TT Swap, INSTALL ANYONE!!!!!!
  118. Map ECU2 vs AEM FIC?
  119. greddy BCC adjustment on a 1jz
  120. BG 44k Complete Fuel System cleaner
  121. 2JZGE crankshaft journals
  122. extending the 1jzgte knock sensor?
  123. Good or bad?
  124. Those with low or erratic idle READ!
  125. Trans flush questions
  126. What is this & can I remove it?
  127. 5spd question
  128. How Would the SC look with these exhausts tips?
  129. Transmission Problem
  130. If my 1uz is blown...
  131. Swaping Motor
  132. 2 quick questions aristo gte swap
  133. aristo WIRING help
  134. Aight, I'm gonna do it: Single.
  135. something is wrong with my car please help.
  136. Another stumper?
  137. Tearing down 2JZGTE and questions with pics
  138. Transmission Advice
  139. DO I have a soarer 1jz?
  140. 94 SC300 A/C & HEATER blow same air temp
  141. I may have killed my car. Help please!
  142. Synthetic Oil Benefits?
  143. Ugly radiator support trim replaced
  144. PLEASE HELP....2JZGTE harness question
  145. Secondary cat neccessary?
  146. GS300 Catback on an SC300???
  147. Leak...maybe water pump?
  148. A/C electrical problem doesnt work. NEED HELP!
  149. Blown HG on a 92 5-spd -- fixing it right
  150. AC Clutch
  151. driveshaft U-joint replacement
  152. will these motor mounts fit our car?
  153. Check out the new exhaust! with Pic's!
  154. tranny question
  155. NEW AND IMPROVED Exhaust poll thread
  156. Help with idle problem
  157. I was on dyno today.... and.....
  158. Exhaust Set up Poll!!!!
  159. sc400 overheating pls help.
  160. any problems with this idea?
  161. heating system doesnt work
  162. $250 Exhaust Pics
  163. SC400 o2 sensors same as LS400?
  164. MAP ECU Users
  165. 2jzgte manual instead of auto
  166. Some pics of my starter replacement.
  167. sc300 basic info needed for 2jzgte swap
  168. Negative effects of exhaust leak?
  169. where is the fuel filter?
  170. vaf sensor circuit code 31 on a lexus help
  171. SC300 MT -engine removal --with trans or not?
  172. short shifter
  173. Automatic Transmission Swap
  174. EGR woes.
  175. Turbo Rebuilt By Turbonetics
  176. intake and ecu
  177. See What Came In The Mail Today!
  178. major problems, please help
  179. 95 sc 300 8000 miles tranny problem
  180. Woo Hoo! Failed my inspection!
  181. Machine Shop work
  182. Smoke
  183. Strange operation question
  184. Overheated, coolant leaked a whole lot, and now wont start
  185. Options for rebuild of stock 1JZ twins
  186. Starter location?
  187. any idea on howto take this plug off?
  188. 1993 SC300 - When to replace timing belt
  189. nakamichi 12 disc CD changer question.
  190. Weird problem... Trac and idle
  191. Dumb Dumb me..Can u help me with timing?
  192. Boost and Transmissions?
  193. quick question on lsd
  194. sc400 overheating problems, please help
  195. Newbie just inherited my first SC and I need help
  196. Valve cover gasket job
  197. Compatible engines for swap?- SC300
  198. biggest fuel injectors for stock fuel rail
  199. Year of my 2jzgte??
  200. Little help? My SC300 is dying...
  201. maybe a dumb question, but...
  202. Severe Idle Problem...Please Help
  203. HELP: Check engine light just came on! what could it be? how 2 reset?
  204. na-t piping question
  205. sc400 odd running problem
  206. Special Service Tool - where can I get one?
  207. Can I use 87 gas with a 1.3mm head gasket?
  208. Has this happened to anyone? PS pump
  209. What to do
  210. Ran her at the track today....
  211. first time at track 95sc400
  212. How to remove auto-transmission cooler hard lines
  213. sc300 chips
  214. Time lapse build
  215. Cap and Rotor
  216. 2jz questions...
  217. Quick Question
  218. NA supra tranny in my sc300 1jzgte missing a OD sensor??
  219. timing belt mantainence
  220. Blow off valve BOV mounted pic request
  221. What intercooler for a 1jz?
  222. Just ordered my R154 1J!!
  223. SC400 engine vibrates when accelerating?
  224. Pre 95 and 95+/Supra W58
  225. Manual tilt override??
  226. sc300 aristo 2jzgte swap wiring?
  227. What is this on my 2jz?
  228. What parts are missing from my 1jz bell housing?
  229. headers for 2jztge?
  230. Pre-Detination Questions
  231. Stored my SC400 now I got problems...
  232. Hrmmm..Alternator Q..
  233. "Knocking" after starter replacement - Picture also!
  234. 2jzgte swap list please add if i'm missing things and make corrections.
  235. How strong are the SC axles?
  236. '92 SC300 HG -- Let go! Need Advice now!
  237. help with maintainence SC3
  238. hx35 on a 1jz?
  239. best 1jz engine management options...
  240. rx7 exhaust on sc300
  241. -GTE SWAP intercooler...searched didnt find
  242. SC300 Looking for opinions/2JZGTE in possesion
  243. Resetting ECU after mods
  244. MAF problem?
  245. HKS VPC install on a 1jz-gte sc300
  246. Interesting info from Jarco (1JZ-GTE motorset importer)
  247. -GTE swap check list
  248. lsd bearings.
  249. Running lean with resistors
  250. turbo charging my first car