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  1. Climate Control Unit
  2. I have a 93 SC 400 with bad engine and transmission that I am about to part with.
  3. Headlights not working
  4. I thought this was cool and wanted to share.
  5. Sunroof rattling noise on 98 SC300
  6. How rare is my car
  7. Elite Enterprise Spoiler
  8. What is the DINAN of aftermarket parts for SC300?
  9. 92-94 custom tail lights!!!!
  10. Tire routes, which would you choose?
  11. New comer
  12. What would you pay for this 97+ kit?
  13. battery charging problem need help asap
  14. Cd changer wont work
  15. New SC300 Manual owner
  16. Wanted to say hi
  17. Back at it... Driving an SC again with some cool ideas
  18. scENFORCER's farewell
  19. cabin noise not sure if it's a wheel bearing issue or not
  20. Why do you do these things to your SC?
  21. been haunting me since my swap!!!
  22. sc300 rear spoiler question
  23. Car failed inspection some legit some total BS
  24. Complete build gone completely wrong
  25. green horn alert!!!
  26. 1995 Sc300 Pickup
  27. interior question
  28. sem paint on sc300
  29. 95 sc300 taillights tint question
  30. Sc430 wheels with 32mm spacers
  31. Front lower subframe rotting away...
  32. Vertex bodykit replica
  33. Need Urgent Help With Anti-Theft System
  34. Trunk lock key
  35. Armchair Appraisal
  36. ECU compatibility question
  37. Is it time to retire my SC?
  38. Souping up an Sc300?
  39. introduce myself and my baby
  40. SGSII's Lexus SC300 Timeline
  41. where my gauges went
  42. Fronts that don't drag
  43. Finally!!!! Car has been painted a new paint color!!!!
  44. 1gen sc with 95 tails help!!!
  45. Damn pothole, need advice on repairing/replacing wheel.
  46. Sc300 Spoiler Conundrum
  47. Dilemma: Sell the IS-F or The SC
  48. I found this article on Yahoo
  49. changing to 95 tails
  50. My 92 SC400 Exhaust Sound
  51. SC Needles Cycling ON and OFF
  52. First clip of my 00 sc400.
  53. taillights not working
  54. Exhaust sound clip
  55. Is it possible? 28.8 mpg?
  56. Frozen door lock
  57. purchasing a 92' sc300 with 2jzgte swap questions?
  58. rhd jdm seatrails. difference between MO and RO
  59. SC300 was in a FIRE!
  60. Aftermarket Wheel Help
  61. Good Deal? 98 with 79,000 miles
  62. is $160 to much for a wheel alignment?
  63. Supra tt seat brackets?
  64. Sewell Shut Down
  65. Spacers inquiry
  66. Need Your Input About These Headlights
  67. 350z 17in stocks rims on 92 sc300
  68. 6u8 50v capacitor question
  69. Window tint on white SC
  70. Noob Question Regarding 3 spoke steering wheel.
  71. Anyone going to TX2K15?
  72. radio problems
  73. I wound up with tow knock sensors!
  74. nardi steering wheel with NRG hub and adapter - horn issue
  75. 95 SC400 - Need Advice
  76. Flashing brake lights? I'm curious
  77. Climate LED rebuild Tanin
  78. LED Turn Signal Light Conversion Problems
  79. Follow Me!
  80. Toyota Soarer Rain Visors disoncontinued
  81. Radio died??
  82. Sweet Indonesian Soarer
  83. key for Lexus sc 400
  84. Auto Couture Kit Concerns
  85. I need help
  86. Wild looking soarer
  87. how to fix license plate lights
  88. My very small interior build
  89. pre 97 vs post 97 valance
  90. Heated seats!
  91. Spoiler gash and scratches
  92. No action
  93. It's a damn shame to see no decent aftermarket solutions for the SC
  94. Forgeline RS comps. Stickers
  95. steering wheel options
  96. Aftermarket radio. What to do with factory power knob
  97. Rare factory colors
  98. Pics of Carpet Before (NASTY) & After
  99. Another SC To The Stable
  100. Head unit is missing, easiest way to tell if system is Nakamichi or Pioneer?
  101. Original Cluster Needles
  102. speedometer messed up how to fix or solve problem
  103. Feb 2015...Mini Photoshop....Update
  104. Maybe I'll just keep it after all....
  105. Fix, keep as is, or sell? Input welcome
  106. My 1993 SC400
  107. Just got a sc400
  108. Rubber Window Seal Catching On Window
  109. Amazon Front Lip
  110. 93 sc300
  111. Reverse lights stuck on (Automatic Trans)
  112. my 92 sc400
  113. What to pay 97 sc300 manual
  114. Just bought a SC400, new a few parts. Where to start?
  115. Sc400 seat recover kits?
  116. 97+ HID Fog light install help?
  117. DIY racing tow strap instead of tie-downs?
  118. Newer Lexus Wheels for the SC400
  119. Low wattage bulbs for my 98 300 high beams
  120. MS3X Tuning ?
  121. Just puts a smile on your face.
  122. Ignition switch replacement
  123. Part Out or Junk? '96 SC300
  124. So would you trust your SC on a 3k mile road trip from Portland MA to San Diego CA???
  125. Interior LED's?
  126. Adj. Motor Mounts ... Will they affect other components?
  127. 89170-24010 airbag sensor module housing
  128. haltech questions
  129. Speedometer Mystery
  130. CL Nor Cal mini meet - lots of photos
  131. Riverside Trafficstar Wheels on SC........
  132. projector lense is loose?
  133. can an SC be made to handle like a bmw e39....?
  134. Best media to sell my 2000 sc?
  135. Cluster odo/time in white?
  136. MDX Antenna
  137. 97 front end swap to a pre 97
  138. Lamp failure sensor not working while LED brake light is out
  139. Update on the SC400
  140. The "My SC300/400 Story" Thread
  141. misc. interior cleanup questions
  142. 3D Printing SC Parts
  143. Anyone have any experience with Traklite wheels?
  144. Alternator Shield Advice Please
  145. Electrical Oddities ...
  146. My NEW SSR Wheels are here!!!!
  147. Project: "Preparedness"
  148. is this a decent price on exhaust work?
  149. Hood doesn't crack open when pulling latch
  150. 20% Tint :)
  151. Someone here had of owned this car
  152. Advice on bodywork & paint.
  153. How to open glove box when key does not work?
  154. Sc400 tlc
  155. Anyone Succesfully dealth with LuxuryMods
  156. JDMCelsior anybody?
  157. Index for the SC400 repair manual?
  158. Front page CL Feature...
  159. Is it okay to put 89 fuel sometimes
  160. SC300 build thread article on Jalopnik
  161. Three Spoke vs Four Spoke steering Wheel
  162. need input on
  163. Analysis of how many factory 5sp may still be around
  164. Did some needed maintenance today!
  165. Doors Keep Unlocking
  166. Anyone NA-T running a 6262??
  167. Gotta Love the Holidays...
  168. Whats this sc worth? 1 of 17 RSP sc400
  169. seen this
  170. 1997 SC300 - Reset the Security System?
  171. 99 sc3 master key part number
  172. clock has a mind of its own?
  173. new guy!! help
  174. Look at what I noticed
  175. Front K-Frame rust and you
  176. Is it just me?? SC with almost no electrical issues
  177. 1998 Sc400 side swiped...
  178. Shine Auto Project Front Bumper for SC300 need work?
  179. Just got one of my dream cars! SC400!
  180. Holy SCnow
  181. May be buying a SC 400
  182. Pro EFI 128 Guys (What's needed ??)
  183. 463K on My SC300, Original NON rebuilt Engine and Transmission
  184. opinions wanted
  185. Original fuel filter seems slightly mangled
  186. I think my sc400 is toast
  187. Met up with a few SC's
  188. Helppppp
  189. helpful Sc300 TPS adjust article
  190. First picture of 2015
  191. How did they pull this off?
  192. Rear Window Wiper
  193. This isnt another one of those "Sc400 vs Blah who would win" type of things.
  194. In Progress: IS250 Instrument Cluster Swap
  195. Long time lurker, ready to purchase an SC
  196. All WTB Threads Go In The Classifieds Section
  197. V-speed body kit for sale for 1995 sc400
  198. 89 supra turbo whats it worth
  199. sc400 after market headlights??
  200. Heat only works when driving
  201. A Pillar Gauge case
  202. Have Cali sc300 ecu. Need Federal.
  203. Turbo timers and longevity
  204. unidentified object please help
  205. SC Imported
  206. Sc400 ECU
  207. Is the Cabin filter worth installing?
  208. getting heated seats to warm hotter?
  209. havent been a while. progress
  210. blinker problem
  211. I've Been Lurking Around And Here's my 5 Speed SC300
  212. Paint Name/Code?
  213. Scblackout - my first 5sp Lexus experience
  214. Did I just purchase the right lsd for my 96 sc300 5sp?
  215. How about a little education
  216. blew 120AMP fuse, replaced it, now can't rev passed 4500rpms
  217. electrical problem
  218. Alarm/Start Help
  219. ls400/sc400 cali mods
  220. Add a Circuit / Tap a Fuse
  221. Safety hazard?? Advice needed
  222. what do you think of this car.
  223. Fog lights, front parking lights, and side markers not working. Please Help!
  224. what rims do i have?
  225. Wire Tuck/Clean Up on Passenger Side?? (Engine bay)
  226. Racing Seat / Bracket option?
  227. New gauge cluster???
  228. I cant think of a reason not to.
  229. celica steering wheel in SC
  230. am i missing something?????
  231. 92-97 sc3 factory MT only 3883 made "that's rare"
  232. 1998 sc400 high/low beam/fog kit
  233. Interior Pics. Post em!
  234. parts?
  235. 2jz to ka24de 5 speed
  236. My SC got stuck twice today
  237. 2jz question
  238. Anyone aware of this alternative to the Metra double-din kit for 92-00 SC's?
  239. My '92 SC300 Power Windows Crapping Out! Need Help!!
  240. w58 into sc400 shifter question
  241. Extreme dimensions TS-1 carbon Hood??
  242. Oh, this is not good.... !!!!
  243. Outside Window trim molding.
  244. How to ID a Calif spec 300? (Code 27 question)
  245. [Photo] Mods vs. Stock
  246. Recommendations for a split window panel?
  247. BOTH doors on 95 sc400 broken... please help!!!
  248. Power Mirrors
  249. Oversized or wheel well rubbers unite!
  250. 1998 Sc400 factory TRD badging?