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  1. do I need all 3 o2 Sensors?
  2. Belt or Chain
  3. 1997 sc400 transmission oil
  4. so i got to the tx2k9 early and since there was no wait i put my car on the dyno...
  5. need intall guid for ic pipping on ge motor sc300
  6. Sc 400 engine ??
  7. 1jz swap into a 2gs ftw or ftl?
  8. Temporary exhaust fix?
  9. My Manual SC400
  10. Spec 3 or Spec 3+ With my NA-T set up?
  11. SoFlo part II //LRD dyno pull
  12. Thumping noise when I shift??
  13. Alternator replaced : A little tip
  14. Engine Dies While Driving And While Idioling
  15. Exhaust fumes question?
  16. South Florida Dyno numbers Pt. I
  17. Turbo for VVT-I
  18. 92 SC300 CEL - #17 (w/o OBD2) need help
  19. TH400 Tranny question (High Horse Power Guys)
  20. Engine Bay Reconstruction "Johnny Number 5"
  21. Little teaser - You SC400 guys will enjoy this even more!
  22. 99-00 SC300 picture request, engine, header
  23. 92 sc400 water pump? :(
  24. Torque converter opinion needed
  25. This is why you don't buy mods at 3AM.
  26. 1jz Power Steering Pump Help
  27. Spring plans! <Transmission help>
  28. SC400 Brake Calipers
  29. Really quick w58 swap question
  30. Heat Wrapping your Cold air intake tube
  31. T3 super 60 on a 1jz-gte. Too small?
  32. TPS sensor clip = Car not running right
  33. Need help please!
  34. fuel injector cleaner ?
  35. No fire. need some help.
  36. sc400 injector upgrade
  37. For the love of...uggghhh, starter motor part number?
  38. Broken Speedo Plastic Gear or worse?
  39. Lightweight flywheel...streetable?
  40. Suggested drive belt and source?
  41. Newly Owned SC300 Questions Clutch Flywheel question HID
  42. Headgaskets need to be changed, anyone have the shop manual for 1jz-gte?
  43. Relocating harness ?'s
  44. sc300 1jzgte 1/4et
  45. Exhaust spec Questions
  46. Cost of Machine Work
  47. Fuel Filter
  48. been thinkin
  49. biggest cams
  50. Flex Coupler Part number
  51. A 1jzgte swap in a 92 sc400 and whats needed?
  52. Battery draining problem
  53. DIY knock sensor replacement
  54. 1jz swap question?
  55. Installing Gauges, anyone know what wire to use?
  56. Differential gearing question
  57. 1jzgte oil leak around oil filter housing
  58. Some questions about battery, and ldle
  59. Did the Water pump/Radiator/Timing Belt today
  60. Help needed badly!!
  61. radiator?
  62. IACV setup on FFIM?
  63. got my head today
  64. LSD for 1997 SC300 what size? Need help!
  65. name the bov of the supra
  66. More issues than I thought
  67. HELP!!! What this noise????
  68. trans prolbem need help
  69. Help in decifering mysterious warning light?
  70. How much $ to go fast?
  71. OBX Header...Buy or Pass???
  72. what manifold will clear dist with t67
  73. whats the most hp stock bottem end can hold
  74. Need help
  75. help with timing belt
  76. 2jzge tensioner question
  77. checking codes
  78. Cam gears for a 300
  79. Can someone help with diff question????
  80. what seals/gaskets 2 change on tune up
  81. missfire
  82. Code P0510: TPS Problem
  83. washed engine bay - strange problem. need the experts
  84. Where to fill up transmission fluid
  85. SC300 Oil Capacity - Technical Service Bulletin
  86. intake trble
  87. ABS and TRAC lights on
  88. 94 SC400 fan belt
  89. 1jz automatic transmission rebuild?
  90. 1uz manifold question.
  91. Fuel pump stays on with key off.
  92. 5 speed and an Auto ECU?
  93. Clutch stuck engaged
  94. Help with diff fluid change on sc400!!
  95. 94 USDM GTE in 92 SC300
  96. aristo 2jz gte vs 1jz gte
  97. SC400 V8 engine that's as fast as Bugatti Veyron!!
  98. custom exhaust from Concept Muffler
  99. *Project Log* SC400 1uzfe to W58 5sp conversion
  100. Better benefit or downfall from straightpiping??
  101. Injector Pictures.
  102. Shift Points
  103. Overdrive light blinks in diagnostic mode
  104. Engine RPM Vs MPH
  105. Picked up an extra engine/tranny....few questions.
  106. Please help... pinging and tinging
  107. Phantom noise under the cam cover!!!
  108. Unusual Squeeeeeek...
  109. MAF doesn't work...wiring wrong?
  110. Electrical gremlins? I don't know where to start searching...
  111. Exhaust Thread?
  112. Marlin crawler speedo fix
  113. EGR questions!
  114. SC300 Auto to manuel?!
  115. do you really loose hp?
  116. A/C rebuild thread
  117. Powersteering pump issues
  118. S&S headers ceramic coated black
  119. Maintenance: o2 sensor
  120. i need some help!
  121. 04111-46033 or 04111-46032 ? .. 1JZ-GTE gasket kit question
  122. GTE swap-1998 Supra NA Fuel ECU does it work?
  123. Coilover rebuild service
  124. what exuast tips are these?
  125. 1jz progress, pics and radiator questions
  126. rev and o/d problem
  127. Main Bearing Seal
  128. Guide--1jz into SC300
  129. motor swap questions! 1jz or 2jz?
  130. Shift kit for sc300
  131. throwout and pilot bearing pricing
  132. Need wiring diagram for 97 SC300 OBDII
  133. ~Column tilt issue after 5SPD swap~
  134. see if u can find the problem?
  135. SC400 lost all power and is sputtering
  136. wiper stock stuck
  137. silicone vacuum lines?
  138. NA-T Build Thread: 1996 SC300
  139. converting to 5 speed
  140. Oil leak around the front turbo..?
  141. Oil light still on after change
  142. Intermittent vibration with thunking AND soft clicking noises.
  143. Odd problem climate control
  144. Advice needed desperately!!!
  145. Just finished 1jz swap and...
  146. New Mobil One oil
  147. 95 sc400 Power Issue
  148. ECU Problem? White Smoke, Running Extremely Rich
  149. Questions about my built tranny.
  150. Car won't start - No Fuel. Need your help.
  151. Quick water pump question
  152. Sc300 Blend Door Servomotor and A/C Pressure switch**Help Aliga and I**
  153. 1995 SC400 Rear Differential--->1992 auto SC300
  154. ok guys... now im really in trouble
  155. JDM 2JZ swap stock. Running dangerously lean?
  156. HELP. problem with catalytic converter
  157. Is your SC balls slow?
  158. Weird sound when turning the steering wheel
  159. Turbo Soarer R154 swap - TT Auto 3.73 or tubro 5 speed Soarer rear?
  160. NA-T O2 sensor question
  161. 1jz swap
  162. 93 sc300 trans problem
  163. Anyone tried the Bosch Super Blue injectors yet?
  164. when is a timming belt due on a sc300?
  165. banjo bolt bottom of gas tank
  166. Attention!Socal Na-t Owners I need help on tuning my car!
  167. yellow box in pass fender well
  168. Please HELP car DIES AFTER START!!
  169. come on lets see your big turbos!!!!
  170. is my car miss firing?
  171. 2JZGTE Flywheel used with W58
  172. rev limiter at 4200rpms???
  173. Crazy battery drain + no start issue
  174. Does the supra single midipe fit our NA-t downpipe?
  175. ? What year exhoust will fit my 92sc300?
  176. Thermostat ???
  177. Need help fixing/swapping SC400 starter
  178. help plz! Wire Harness
  179. V8 OBD1/OBD2 modding question
  180. whats the name of this bushing?
  181. power steering pressure lines
  182. 266k miles diffential oil leak!! need help/advice
  183. usdm 6spd tt front clip swap
  184. Muffler removal
  185. how to add a powersteering cooler
  186. 1jz to sc400 help
  187. Fuel filter
  188. From 1UZFE to 2JZ NA-T
  189. Ebay/OBX Crank Pulley
  190. Need help on installing Short Shifter
  191. What does this green indicator light mean? w/pic
  192. Cleaning up engine bay (mechanically)
  193. Apexi AFC Neo Help! Car Starts, Rough Idle, Then Stall
  194. Lexus return Line thread
  195. Sc300 Turbo/GTE swap noob Questions..need some help
  196. Missing transmission shifter plate? Need Help
  197. A650e
  198. Loose Steering
  199. speed sensor help on w58
  200. in need of serious help
  201. A650E tranny on 1992 1uz
  202. MAF is fault, what are my options?
  203. 1 jz gte 2.5L twin turbo w/ R154 tranny?
  204. W58 to 1uz Adapter Plate (WITH PICS!)
  205. MK4 tt supra USDM injectors into a 1jz gte JDM
  206. Help Identify this connector
  207. MKIV Supra Twin Turbos
  208. sc300/400 auto tranny
  209. Quick Heater Hose question
  210. By Request: Aftermarket Auto Shifter
  211. an intake worthwhile pwr gains?
  212. Starter removal issue - need urgent help
  213. weird starting problem...
  214. 6puck vs 4puck Dual Friction. Q's?
  215. Need pic of the ps pump.
  216. how to remove front fenders?
  217. Manual Transmission fluid
  218. 1.5jz swap ???
  219. Another SC300 steering issue, and i'm stumped.
  220. Help Big Promblem. Transmission help!
  221. Letz talk exhaust !!!!!!!
  222. NA-T IC piping setup
  223. NTO's V8 twin turbo
  224. Na-t done, Code 24 25 31
  225. misc last wrap up wiring questions for gurus
  226. stock injector size?
  227. Anyone ever run these injectors?
  228. 2jz swaps?
  229. Transmission Problem - Fix or Sell
  230. y pipes
  231. High Pitched Whine from 0-40mph
  232. Seafoam Question
  233. SC300 resonator!!
  234. Long overdue Suprastick E-shifting video
  235. SC400 cap/rotor question
  236. Just finished my auto to 5spd
  237. o2 sensor what are ..?
  238. HELP ME! My brothers car is CuRsEd!
  239. 98 SC300 (vvti) convert to 5peed
  240. 98 SC300 (vvti) convert to 5peed
  241. Car is tuned and ready to go finally.
  242. Write up: Suprastick into SC400.
  243. Custom high pressure fuel lines, any ideas?
  244. is300 5spd tranny too sc430
  245. SC300 MT Driveshaft Woes - Mod the auto one?
  246. Vvti 2jz into 92 sc300??
  247. quick water pump?
  248. Loud obnoxious noise with my SC [Video Inside]
  249. how many MM is my Tial wastegate is?
  250. Timing problem on 98 SC300