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  1. Which o2 sensor is bank 1 sensor 1
  2. NEWBIE with p.s. fluid filter question
  3. Grounding Kit
  4. Stock Cat's???
  5. Error code 52
  6. egr, trac. control removal
  7. Random auto to 5 speed swap parts question
  8. Did you buy the S&S/JBrady Headers?
  9. 1995 transmission question?
  10. dual walbro setup
  11. Clutch or Trans?
  12. project sc250tt
  13. ijz sc400
  14. 1JZ + Race gas?
  15. Confused/Worried - Airbag Light ON
  16. Confused/Worried - Airbag Light ON
  17. Injector Questions?
  18. Auto to Manual
  19. 1jz to sc400 done and it is easy!!!!
  20. Power Steering Leak
  21. SC400 periodic engine vibration
  22. LSD gearing
  23. Notchy shifting when first starting
  24. what exhaust is this
  25. Just bought a turbo SC300
  26. cat-back exhaust
  27. exhaust pipe size?
  28. VVT-i Turbo/ vvt-i and piggyback fuel controller
  29. Post Your 1jz Pics Here!!!
  30. Any good DIY's on A/C Compressor Replacement?
  31. Which Boost COntroller to recommend?
  32. CD-2 anyone ever used this stuff?
  33. twin turbo upgrade
  34. exhaust rattle
  35. EGR Check engine light
  36. Well I'm finnaly going to do it
  37. Any Oklahoma 1jz's Around?
  38. 95 sc400 lunges when dropped into d or r
  39. check engine light code 71 EGR
  40. sc300, gt42 turbo, transmission question
  41. Speed sensor replacement help needed
  42. SC400 MAF help
  43. toyomoto manifold and clears distributor?
  44. K&N air filter
  45. DASH Removal
  46. Starter Problems
  47. Rough auto trani engage from P-D & D-R
  48. 1jz and ob2 emissions?
  49. Question on OBDI code 61
  50. 500 miles on my 1JZ swap... a review, plus dyno and track numbers!
  51. Displacement on Demand? Could this be done in a lexus?
  52. Help on tuneup?????
  53. Help!!!!
  54. Help!!! Cant Remove Ac Compressor!
  55. 1JZ guys - where does the stock 1J downpipe bolt up?
  56. enhanced engine performance
  57. 1jz vs 2jz vs na-t
  58. New here and boosted
  59. Help me trouble shoot my rumbling/stuttering motor
  60. Cold Start Issues???
  61. Duel tips???
  62. You Gotta Love This Sight!!
  63. 95 sc400 shudders at 3-5k rpm
  64. Supercharging the SC400
  65. sc300 weird sound??
  66. easy bolt on power adders for 1jz?
  67. Serpentine Belt Slipping
  68. What is your Idle rpm at?
  69. Coolant Leak Help!!!
  70. Engine Code
  71. Help 1999 SC300 2JZGTE Fuel Return Line
  72. Temp fix after 1jz swap DIY with pics
  73. general forced induction question
  74. project 1jz sc 400
  75. Clicking Noise
  76. Engine Lifter Clicking
  77. Manual SC300s
  78. Short Shifter for Pre-95s
  79. Raditor options
  80. For Those with C's Shifters
  81. questions about 1jz n 2jz
  82. Power steering and power steering fluid question
  83. newb
  84. sc300 motor mount replacement
  85. Running Rich normal? or just me?
  86. Oil pan bolt question
  87. Clutch recommendations?
  88. MA70 1J into SC
  89. Will JDM 2JZGTE clear SC300 chasis?
  90. Fan is off-balance after 1JZ swap
  91. oil leak?
  92. How many SC3s out there with headers?
  93. intercooler piping
  94. Need to buy ground cable.
  95. Started A Thread in BL's New Suggestion forum on SFs
  96. Very interesting...
  97. 1jz tach fix?
  98. 1jz finally done..
  99. put in rps setup and wow... need help on adjusting clutch pedal??
  100. Where is the "FILL" bolt on sc300 auto tranny?
  101. oil everywhere during spark plug change???
  102. custom or aftermarket exhaust system?
  103. Dead SC400, smoke from near valve covers and distributors
  104. Im Smoking what is it?
  105. What tools?
  106. 2JZ NA-T Thief found
  107. delating the hydraulic fan
  108. positrac for SC400
  109. Help! What is this noise? Vid inside, tremendous rattling
  110. Toyota soarer 2.5TT power?
  111. how much BOOST is too much
  112. SC300 engine for sale - 2JZ-GE
  113. SC400 Valve Cover Gasket R&R thread
  114. Positive Traction on 5spd SC300?
  115. Gear Ratio?
  116. engine noise
  117. Valve ticking?
  118. getting an sc400, but want to TT
  119. BFI Intake and 100 oct = A different car
  120. engine tumbles but not starting
  121. OBD for auto to manual swap?
  122. questions about motor swap
  123. Smoke coming from AC compressor
  124. All 1jzers q?
  125. car suddenly dies, rpm lulls...
  126. Need a list of the engine torque specifications for the 1JZ!
  127. Replace A/C Compressor
  128. i need advice
  129. sounds like rod knocking.,.need advice
  130. Exhaust Video
  131. I need some advice...
  132. Good price of 1JZ swap?????? Suggestions
  133. usdm 2jz gte
  134. from whom I can buy soarer translated schematic?
  135. 98-00 Exhaust manifold
  136. question on 5 speed trannys.
  137. where go that cable (1jz )
  138. about to order lextreme torque converter for my 1jz auto
  139. 1jz gte ignition problem
  140. WTB: Intake, but questions abound...
  141. 1jz gte question?
  142. My Sc300 1jz Pics
  143. Changing the radiator. Help?
  144. after 1jz swap
  145. Auto Lexus trannies stink for performance....
  146. 2jz-gte vvt-i swap~ question...
  147. Stock sc400 exhaust diameter?
  148. a/c gets much colder when car is moving
  149. Greddy Exhaust. real nice.
  150. GS400 Rear onto SC300
  151. Newbie Needs Help!!! 1992 Sc300
  152. Oh oh... always something
  153. x-pipe exhaust setup
  154. What does it take for an SC300...
  155. 5SP Shifting Problems (W58) - not bushings, not loose
  156. fuel filter backwards??????
  157. Just in case you thought 1JZ\'s were slow
  158. A/C only blows low speed
  159. Just got my sc300! with a raidiator question
  160. HELP!! Fan belt snapped!
  161. reset ecu on 1jz, car dies every time i stop
  162. Tranny help!
  163. Cost on timing belt/water pump job?
  164. Smog Numbers
  165. SC300 w/ Aristo 2JZGTE
  166. Diff Fluid
  167. Transmission shifts directly from 1st to overdrive??
  168. annoying THONK sound!? + other concerns..
  169. a little bit of an engine prob
  170. question about VVT-i swap~
  171. The good news....... I found a quicker way to the driveshaft bolts.
  172. ac hose repair
  173. Intake Idea...Anyone tried this?
  174. Who sells 1jz flywheels?
  175. New SC400 Owner, Looking for Tips
  176. Engine pics we don't normally get to see
  177. How much do w58 transmissions go for?
  178. Headgasket Upgrade ?
  179. wanted fuel maps for stock injectors.
  180. what type 1uz came in the 95 SC400's?
  181. Weird Question Please Help
  182. Catalytic Converters
  183. 2 Way LSD (Suspension or Tranny Section?)
  184. 1jzgte
  185. Alternator problems, not necessarily related to psp?
  186. Anyone ever had their ECM go south?
  187. Need Help
  188. Sc300 1jzgte 5spd to Soarer R154
  189. 1998 sc300 NA-t
  190. 2jzge NA-T downpipe
  191. Building a 2jzge (Advice needed)
  192. No power steering, fluid erupts? HELP!
  193. where to find the 1.5JZ or 3JZ swap info
  194. 1992-1995 5 speed auto sc400????
  195. Who makes the Best Quality Axels for the SC
  196. Building a W58
  197. SC300 5sp Transmission Questions
  198. S-afc Dyno Tune Day On My 93 Sc400
  199. manual trans for Sc400
  200. 1jz /sc300 wiring
  201. Someone please school me on engine swaps...
  202. tranny question
  203. How much can the internals take in a SC400?
  204. how to get a 340rwhp 98+sc400?
  205. Cheapest way to replace o2 sensor
  206. Noobie with a BIG problem . HELP
  207. HKS FCD & Greddy Speed Cut defencer
  208. 98+ sc3 ebay intake review
  209. SC400 owners with S-AFC please post your settings
  210. Amount of torque for oil drain plug (from factory service manual?)
  211. Huge BAD problem!! help me please.
  212. Fuel Pump ECU bypass? and other issues.
  213. transmisson needed
  214. 1jz swap my one and only problem.
  215. More A/C Trouble
  216. car starts without clutch is that normal??
  217. new member
  218. Help!! Sc400
  219. New guy with a few questions about afc/gas mileage on my 1jz sc300
  220. question from a neon owner... (which is stronger 1UZ TT or 2JZ-GTE)
  221. 2jzgte head on a 2jzge block
  222. auto to 5/6 speed conv
  223. any way to tell if engine mounts are bad?
  224. 5spd stuck in gear,Please help
  225. FMIC for 1jz custom or kit?
  226. Updated pics of the Sc.....
  227. Teaser pics: My 1JZ swap almost done, and yet another small problem...
  228. hi new member here has question
  229. Push starting car = bypassing neutral safety switch?
  230. need help: my sc smokes dont know why.
  231. sc400 headers found new ones
  232. Exhaust time.....recommendations...
  233. 2 extra plugs under dash after 1JZ swap ::pics::
  234. A/C Recharging problem
  235. W58 to 6-speed Conversion
  236. Is Transmission
  237. Rear Axles, removal???
  238. What is your radiator hooked up to?
  239. Check Oil light people with 1jz swaps
  240. Valve Stem Seals brand recommendation?
  241. 95 transmission in 93?
  242. Soarer/Chaser 1jz vvt-i difference?
  243. What is wrong with my SC400? =(
  244. Value of SC with GTE swap vs. NA-T
  245. What's the best way to quiet down my exhaust
  246. My 1JZ Dyno
  247. A little stumped...
  248. Whinning sound when revved!!
  249. Thermostat location
  250. Did I F-up my MAF?