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  1. LSD Rear Question
  2. Weird idle issue
  3. Help on LSD question
  4. exhaust comp. video?
  5. Supercharged SC400 Vid
  6. tranny mount same for sc 300 and 400?
  7. K&N SC400 Air intake installed with pics!
  8. New to the club and need help...
  9. I have a weird problem
  10. Why is the sc sooooo slow off the line?
  11. fuel pump ecu
  12. want to make 300-350hp in a NA SC300
  13. SC400 Hydraulic Fan problem
  14. Rear end
  15. car running wierd
  16. Rumor about R154 in a isuzu?
  17. NA-T won't go lean enough! (SAFC II just installed)
  18. this bucking car is killin me
  19. where/what am I leaking (pics)
  20. Trans. Issue?
  21. Check Engine Light On After Flooring It
  22. First SC400 yay! Clunk when on and off the gas boo...
  23. IACV. Is this it?
  24. highest HP (N/A SC400 or GS400)
  25. 92 SC400 trans prob
  26. SC300 delays shift from 1st to 2nd?????
  27. Compressor wheels interchangeable?
  28. Piggy back SC400 (AFC, etc)
  29. Fmic???
  30. 5spd pedal assembly
  31. SAFCII knock sensor wiring?
  32. Has anyone passed smog in CA with XERD headers and an Axle-back exhaust ??
  33. 5 Spd Swap Discoveries
  34. sc300, 98 vs 92
  35. What is the F/R Weight Dist. for a 92 SC400?
  36. Sc400 NOS
  37. 1 St High Hp Lexus V-8?
  38. Exhaust Comparison:
  39. Help!!! Please Help! My Car Is Dead And I Dont Know Why!
  40. How to pull codes of aristo ecu??
  42. Need advice and input about XERD hearders and Blitz Exhaust...
  43. DIY homemade polyurethane
  44. How do you like your 1jz or 2jz automatic??
  45. Exhaust
  46. How many people are running the 2jz-gte head on a stock ge bottom end
  47. TC ECU in a non TC SC400
  48. is my belt coming apart?? PICS INSIDE....
  49. Serpentine belt snapped...
  50. SC400 fit
  51. t3 manifolds
  52. Water Pump Holes 10 or 11?
  53. 7mgte 5sp-- 2jzgte swap possible?
  54. Hello CL community
  55. :ugh:drive shaft question
  56. Idle problem
  57. stalling 92 SC400
  58. Function of Power Steering ACV
  59. Pulstar Pulse spark plugs
  60. Rough vibration?
  61. Car won't start
  62. 1jzgte belt
  63. 1jzgte exhaust 3" lose 4-6mpg?
  64. hp gain
  65. CEL on every other day..
  66. Any ideas are greatly appreciated...
  67. Shim kit for valve body on SC400...
  68. Gas pedal very sensitive from stop
  69. Questionss about specs
  70. 147,000 miles - Best oil to use?
  71. 1jz BPU first stage done...
  72. 1JZ in SC400?????
  73. 2jzgte vs 2jzgte vvti
  74. bat light flickering need help asap
  75. Diagram or Pics Of Headgasket Change
  76. ????'s Regarding 2jzgett
  77. cel code 55 4 knock sensors?
  78. NA-T conversion. What is this and do I need it?
  79. How much HP will the stock 95 SC400 trans handle?
  80. sound clip of apexi ws2 driving?
  81. AemPro Parameter display on PDA?
  82. OBX Headers
  83. Stalling briefly, electrical problem?
  84. What the heck is that?
  85. what to use for tuning my sc300?
  86. new sc
  87. Found what's squealing [Pic]
  88. tach adaptor will this work?
  89. sc300 reverse sensor wire location HELP
  90. will this throttle cable work ?
  91. Manual swap gurus, need some advice.. clutch pedal part numbers
  92. Changing Serpentine Belt?
  93. Diagnose these problems??
  94. Engine Swap: Is it smog legal
  95. Auto to Manual Problem
  96. My NA-T rebuild
  97. T-61 installed, Troubleshooting...
  98. replacing SC400 trans question.
  99. switching rear pumkin question
  100. where to get and what would it cost me?
  101. shifter has play
  102. Power Steering Pump Question
  103. Write up on SC300 Clutch 56K=No No!
  104. Does my Head need a rebuild?
  105. How to find color of wires from pinout?
  106. Help from some experienced GTE owners...
  107. What Belt Do I Need???
  108. jdm gte downpipe..
  109. Replacing Engine Harness on SC300
  110. Rear wheel alignment?
  111. running intercooler piping?
  112. The Last Seafoam Thread
  113. Is Fuel Pump ECU from SC300 and SC400 the same?
  114. Throwing ecu code 21.
  115. How hard of a project?
  116. Climate Control Doesnt work after Aristo Swap
  117. New custom cat-back is in
  118. Few Driveline Questions..
  119. Wet and oily air filter
  120. Sc300 Hid
  121. Bypassing Neutral Safety Switch?
  122. Fan blade pulley
  123. maf question
  124. Car issue, need some help diagnosing
  125. JDM trouble codes
  126. My car makes popcorn/
  127. sc300
  128. 90k Service + getting ready for NA-T
  129. New Squeeks...
  130. Heat, Heat, and more Heat
  131. Is300 and sc300 short shifter???
  132. Transmission Swap
  133. Single Turbo SC400 and Running
  134. plz help!!!! how to remove the intake from a 95 sc400???
  135. First Mods?
  136. doing a clutch
  137. Power limits on stock 2jzgte auto tranny
  138. Heater not working- could this be the reason why?
  139. Horrible Mileage
  140. PCV Valve and Hose
  141. Nitrous users I need help sc300
  142. Picked up a 5 speed SC300 but is the cat clogged
  143. hot to clean inj
  144. The 1st SC400 4.7l With Tundra Block
  145. Garrett GT35R SC400 Turbo?
  146. turbo kit help
  147. Swapping out 97-2000 cluster for 93-94 cluster
  148. Appointment with the dealership
  149. 2 questions for you guys...
  150. Engine won't start!!! Need help badly
  151. transmission help
  152. Engine Mount Replacement
  153. fresh 1jz swap, missfire when warm, no cel's
  154. Quick update...
  155. New Goodies!! 1JZGTE is hungry! Ideas?
  156. oil leak from distributer
  157. why did timing belt interval change to 90,000 in 1998
  158. OBDII MAF resistor placement
  159. OBD 1 or 2? Which do I have?
  160. Hopefully back on the road tomorrow!
  161. Need part # for starter contacts
  162. HEAVY smell of fuel and smoke from tails..
  163. Car has been sitting for two days and now....
  164. altanator help asap
  165. My dyno numbers good or bad??
  166. Engine Overheated...Where to Start?
  167. Toyota Dealer put a timing belt on my Sc400
  168. SC4 tranny number?
  169. gte w/ ge mounts?
  170. SC400 Sound/Noise
  171. Car Not Starting...What to Do???
  172. neck deep in the 5 speed swap
  173. Drive belt ? with picture...
  174. Flywheel question
  175. SC400 Power Steer pump
  176. Running the wideband wire??
  177. What if my Timing Belt Snaps?...
  178. Check engine light.... (not the usual questions)
  179. alternator problem? help please
  180. Any experiance with with these transmissons?
  181. HOW TO: 1jz sc300 neutral safe switch removal with pics
  182. Toyota Parts for SC400
  183. First time removing upper intake, check list?
  184. Kind of a noob question about exhaust
  185. Manual to Automatic Conversion, I need to pick your brains!
  186. My car won't start!
  187. 93 SC300 Steering Rack...anyone provide info/details...
  188. Aristo Swap, Getting some kind of Ignition cut
  189. Anyone running one of (Syncronic BOV)
  190. sc400 manual swap Avalable on EBay
  191. Sc400 Overheating
  192. Is this a soarer r154, pics pics pics
  193. Found remote turbo sc400
  194. sc300 Code "EGR system malfunction"
  195. sc300 code CMP No. 1?
  196. Alternator on its way out?
  197. My car is staying too cold.
  198. Rebuilding a 2jzge question
  199. Headers back...
  200. 1jz oil
  201. Intake reccomendations?
  202. In the market for 92 sc300!
  203. Want INSANE throttle response?
  204. Aristo Swap, Running but wierd problem
  205. Engine troubles. Need diagnosis help.
  206. Tansmission swapping from 2 cars.
  207. 5spd --> 6spd Swap (master cylinder)
  208. Electrical Specialist OR Transmission Specialist
  209. Got a free '97 SC300 (novice)
  210. J-hook bolts gone bad
  211. HELP pls help diagnose
  212. Squeak Diagnosis
  213. R-154
  214. Quick question clutch
  215. Picked up an SC400 for christmas
  216. Soarer clutch pedal??
  217. help! can i check for codes without the scan tool
  218. Aristo Swap almost done
  219. flywheel prices
  220. Need a little help? Starting problems...
  221. Automatic shifter help
  222. High RPM's @ cold Idle
  223. Fuel Pump ECU diagnosis
  224. Cooling system/heater diagnostic help..
  225. wireharness help.
  226. Cat delete?
  227. how to get transmission bolts off?
  228. 1jz-gte Vvti
  229. Need Help! What do i need for complete r154 swap
  230. Battery light flashes on and off
  231. Check Engine Light DIY I Cant Find The Thread!
  232. 2jz-gte problems please HELP!!!
  233. Boost and vac lines question ??
  234. Shifter Stuck in Park, auto headlights don't work
  235. SC300/SC400 Clusters, which one, which part #?
  236. 2jzgte 6spd?
  237. ECU problems?
  238. realistic budget for an engine swap
  239. 1jz Swap
  240. fuel pump location
  241. Starter connection issue? Newby Asks...
  242. Power Steering Res Relocation
  243. Avalon Igniter
  244. Burning oil
  245. IS300 union bolt question
  246. any experiences w/ Spec Clutches?
  247. Coolant Reservoir
  248. Problem 1JZGTE At high rpms, getting cut/limiter
  249. New 1J Swap Problems(and Noises)
  250. 1jz swap how-to, hopefully a sticky... eventually