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  1. stock staggered tires on square wheels setup?
  2. Wrinkles on Steering Wheel
  3. Help me decide on engine cover paint
  4. Grimmspeed License Plate Relocation Kit & F-Sport License Plate Frame Installed!
  5. Help Me Decide - IS350 F-Sport v. 335x or Q50S Hybrid
  6. where does one buy the trunk light cover?
  7. Cabin Micro Filter - Any DIY's Out There?
  8. I get hit by someone now my car is flooded
  9. CPO Free Car wash etiquette
  10. IS350 Luxury Wheels on a budget
  11. My 2014 IS350 F sport
  12. Can I install a F Sport grill on a non F sport car?
  13. swap 2is parts to 3is
  14. ClubLexus Snapchat!
  15. Pics of your 2IS!!!!
  16. White Lexus 3IS with the Vossen Rims @ Sunset Point & US 19, Clearwater FL Today
  17. My First IS
  18. 2015 wheel set up help
  19. Ebay diffuser?
  20. RC F Wheels on IS
  21. Can the sunvisor warning stickers be removed easily?
  22. Possible issue?
  23. RC wheels on an IS
  24. Seeking Opinions
  25. Diamond Kote option for $599? - Dealer detailing my new lexus
  26. Tune
  27. Need help on wheel size and tire size to upgrade
  28. 2015 IS 350 Side Mirror Assembly Instruction
  29. Radio Delay
  30. Winker replacement door mirrors
  31. ES350 Loaner
  32. OEM Spoiler Install
  33. Steering wheel vibration when stopped on Drive
  34. Weathertech DigitalFit 10% Off!
  35. Got my steering replaced but..
  36. Tire pressure with Nitrogen
  37. TOM's push start button available?
  38. RSR oddity
  39. Straight Pipe w/ PPE Headers & Joe-z Intake Videos!
  40. How long do you wait for service?
  41. Lease Deal Worth It?
  42. HIDs - Poor range
  43. Alignment issue? - Car Pulls to the Right
  44. Pics of my new Roof Vinyl Wrap Black Gloss IS250 F Sport
  45. Poll: Interest in Stillen Diffuser
  46. 2016 model release month/date?
  47. IS350's 3.5 L V6 is being replaced by a 3.0L for 2016?
  48. Center console - refresh for 2016?
  49. Day Running Lights
  50. I'm back!!!
  51. Someone reversed into me what should i do
  52. Alignment question
  53. BBS on 3is, yes or no?
  54. How does the TPMS warning looks like? Is it annoying? What are your solutions?
  55. What MODS I can do to my leased IS350 pls help!!
  56. WTB 2015 IS 250 18inch Mesh Wheels
  57. disengage remote opening and closing windows.
  58. New to this nice fourm
  59. Idle?
  60. How much do you guys spend on Gas? IS250 vs IS350
  61. Considering the IS 250 FSport
  62. Steering Wheel size request
  63. best wheel spacers for 3is
  64. Roof Vinyl Wrap on leased Lexus?
  65. GS350 lowering springs on IS350?
  66. TRD parts from japan
  67. PIAA Mirror Orange - the chrome bulbs for winkers
  68. Anyone have any pics of 20" wheels without lowering?
  69. Are the wheel wells same on RC and our IS?
  70. Pink drl's
  71. Anyone?
  72. Pics of Seibon SM Style Carbon Rear spoiler?
  73. Forward-facing camera on front windshield?
  74. Rear Roof Spoiler from Burtonracing (ebay)
  75. Semi-new car but brakes noise?!
  76. Rear Diffuser Similar to Seibon
  77. What is this thing?
  78. Question: normal for Seibon CF license plate frame to be warped?
  79. Recommended PSI for summer tires/Michelin PSS for 3IS
  80. 3IS Paint - White Nova / Ultra White
  81. Pumping Gas
  82. My 5 Month Old Rear Ended!!
  83. Info system kept dialing my own phone number!
  84. 3IS Square set up Confirmation
  85. NY Lexus meet
  86. Rock chip magent?
  87. Mildew smell from AC - less than 4k miles
  88. Email Notifications
  89. Group Buys for RSR Springs
  90. Speaker Specifications for 3rd Gen IS
  91. IS250 subframe fitment question
  92. '15 IS250 F-Sport floormat question.
  93. How to check for sw updates from Lexus
  94. Bluetooth Audio System Issues (Mark Levinson System)
  95. FS and WTB threads go in the classifieds please
  96. anyone running j5 coilovers? need some suspension advice
  97. rant
  98. DIY F sport intake
  99. Ok, this might b a stupid question about lowering
  100. Cluster configuration - Dumb question
  101. LEASE HELP 1st timer
  102. aimgain body kit
  103. I got brand new IS350awd yesterday. but engin sounds weird.
  104. F Sport Intake Install
  105. Quick question before I purchase wheels
  106. Steering wheels for 3rd gen IS
  107. Vanity Plate
  108. Ok, anyone have 19 or 20" Niche Targas?
  109. Lease-end buyout! Assistance Required
  110. Licence plate
  111. When will Lexus reveal the official 2016 lineup (including IS 200T)?
  112. Do our cars support two "sets" of TPMS ids?
  113. is350 f sport vs q50 sport
  114. Air Ride Set-Up
  115. FINALLY! A video of my full custom exhaust...
  116. Just bought my IS 250. Do my tires have a problem?
  117. Another tire size help thread
  118. Break In Period??
  119. Is the IS hood made of aluminium or steel?
  120. Welp, that was quick. Need recommendation on new tires.
  121. F sport exhuast burn smell
  122. Any recommendation for a really good front lip for my IS350
  123. Mid pipe options?
  124. Invidia Midpipe with JoeZ axle
  125. potential issue? car turning over a little more than usual before starting
  126. How to "clear" Navigtation, Radio Settings
  127. Can someone post pics of 19" LFA replica wheels?
  128. Factory Spoiler on Obsidian Black!
  129. What is really going on here? (special order extra options question)
  130. Anyone fit 12" wide wheels on their cars?
  131. Perfect Tire Setup - 20x9/10.5 32&45 offset - 3IS
  132. Best settings for non ML audio
  133. Help on Wheel Color - Bronze or Graphite?
  134. Square setup on stock tires?
  135. Scratch on Door Panel
  136. climate control temperature changing on its own
  137. Toyota fest in long beach
  138. what is your build date?
  139. Red LED under ML Audio Badge
  140. Avoid Highways Niavigation
  141. Need new tires
  142. Am I missing it or IS doesn't have it... digital clock anywhere?
  143. 19" Vossen CVT with awd FSport question
  144. Doing donut on 3rd Gen IS? 250? 350
  145. HairDryer + Compressed Air fixes Dent?
  146. need some help JoeZ Axle back vs Catback
  147. Extended Warranty Cancellation
  148. Does JoeZ axle fit with other midpipes?
  149. Back up camera
  150. Fuel Level Sensor
  151. brightness on main screen
  152. Fluctuating tire pressure readings?
  153. Rattle drives me nuts!!!!
  154. Pay Toyota dealer $49.95 for oil change?
  155. Wtb oem lip one peace or skipper front lip
  156. Lexus drivers saying hi, while driving ?
  157. A-hole keyed my ride, what the hell is wrong with people?!
  158. Seibon OP style CF Lip
  159. 2015 3IS F Sport - Quick Review.
  160. Dealership damaged car during spoiler installation
  161. 2015 Lexus IS 250 Black/Black Price Analysis
  162. Safelite Glass Repair
  163. Need ideas for temporary paint protection
  164. Does anyone make a back up of the GPS memory card?
  165. I saw this Yellow IS for sale.......
  166. Lights question is250 fsport
  167. Any one else getting really bothered '14 fsports didn't come with ventilated seats
  168. Any ideas how much my stock f sport wheels and tires worth?
  169. 3IS headlights variation
  170. ISC How to take caps off for wind screen
  171. Road trip to pick up the new car
  172. Car smells after hitting the gas?
  173. Lexus IS Lines Light Up Photo Shoot
  174. EZ LIP color
  175. Insane vibration!!
  176. New Engine in 2016 MY?
  177. Use Hazard Lights as City Lights
  178. First Time Lexis Owner. Questions/Advice
  179. Lexus IS Owners in the UK Really Love Their Cars
  180. 2IS K&N 69-8701TP Intake Fit?
  181. Any suggestion on Mud flaps?
  182. Brake Caliper Painting
  183. Oil Change
  184. Single HID vs. dual lights
  185. Final Review Thanks to You.
  186. Anyone around Boston not getting traffic data?
  187. Fitment question
  188. Houston IS 250 Lease
  189. Tires Size 20" Rim Problem Urgent please
  190. New 2015 Lexus IS Owner - Suspension Squeak?
  191. Lexus dance of F
  192. Camber Kits for 2015 IS250?
  193. Spoiler colour
  194. ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄█▓▒░ Ultimate Performance |UP100 UP720 UP620 UP520 SPRING SALE! ░▒▓█▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄
  195. Concave wheels clear front is350 brakes?
  196. Do we need undercoating on IS? I live in are with snow and salt
  197. JDM LED Fog lights IS250/350 Nigel HELP!!
  198. Accessory Mode
  199. Wheel experts questions
  200. Enkei 18inch wheel suggestions/opinions
  201. 3IS Brake System any good?!
  202. Professional DIY: Parking Sensor Install and 9500ci on 2015 IS350 F-Sport *UPDATED*
  203. Professional DIY: 9500CI Install
  204. Ride quality different after spacers?
  205. APEXi AFC controllers
  206. Lexus Enform App
  207. How to locate parts in engine bay?
  208. Blue 2015 IS350 ?
  209. Pic Request. "Silver with Black Roof"
  210. What am I missing?
  211. Front fender splitter
  212. Break pads
  213. Do people still install base audio systems in their cars lol??
  214. Grey / Red 2014 Lexus IS 350 AWD F Sport For Sale / Lease Transfer
  215. Read TPMS IDs from ECU over ODB2?
  216. Lexus North Miami lease
  217. What did you do to your 3IS today? Post pictures
  218. 2IS and 3IS Engine Covers
  219. Save $1,000 on the IS right now
  220. Talk me out of buyer's remorse
  221. Shark fin antenna removal
  222. Help with dropping IS350 F Sport AWD
  223. Stock Rims size 17 or 18 inch on 2014 IS350 FSport RWD?
  224. Naming your 3IS
  225. Rear license plate mount rusting already!
  226. Best option to replace F sport Brakes
  227. Alignment frequency?
  228. Window Tinting
  229. Auto Accident, Poor Repair, What to do?
  230. IS headlights
  231. rav spec
  232. What do you guys do with your OEM mufflers, midpipes and front pipes?
  233. F sport exhaust question
  234. Got some new wheels! What do u think?
  235. is this a good deal on a 2014
  236. Trash Bin / Trash Can for car?
  237. 1st IS on Vossen VPS Series VPS 306 - Triple Bronze
  238. Any Nebula 3is's here that are slammed?
  239. Random Unlocking/Trunk Opening?
  240. Tpms reset button?
  241. 18 inch wheel thread
  242. IS 350 RWD Performance
  243. Lexus clear bra?
  244. Braking issue
  245. Rear diffuser
  246. Tire shop gouged my rims!
  247. HID conversion Kits for the Non- Fsport model?
  248. Why black pearl emblems so expensive?
  249. awesome deal on a slightly used IS 350 F sport
  250. 15 IS350 F-Sport headlight adjustment