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  1. TPMS compatibility question????
  2. anyone done a DIY 30k service?
  3. iphone 6 blubtooth cannnot pair with 06 IS350...
  4. Water leaking into trunk
  5. Does my 2009 IS 250 have HID's?
  6. Remote Start
  7. BC Racing Coilover Adjustment Wrench Size
  8. Help! wheels too wide and it hits the fender every turn!
  9. New is350 owner, bumper questions
  10. Is it worth it for extended warranty insurance for my car?
  11. Voice Dialing Stopped Working
  12. carfax help!?
  13. my wald with invidia mid leak.
  14. And so it's time...
  15. tire sizing
  16. Make cf hood stand out more on obsidian?
  17. Lexus Parts World review?
  18. Anyone recently turn in their leased IS to LFS?
  19. S250 Owner's/Technician's - Nagivation Help
  20. Need Help Identifying HID Kit
  21. Anyone in Illinois want to help!?
  22. Temporary Halogen replacement for HIDs
  23. Issues with iPhone 6, iOS 8, & USB connection
  24. 30,000 Miles Scheduled but they act like A La Carte Doesn't Exist
  25. Poping noise
  26. anyone here have black tar spots (not tiny dots) that they cant remove?
  27. Recently purchased is250! Questions!
  28. Widest tire on x package oem rims?
  29. Thoughts
  30. Blurry backup cam image - clean lens
  31. Credit card fitment? Fitment gurus, come through!
  32. No Powersteering, Power windows. ABS, P/S, Brake, AFS OFF lights ON! Help!
  33. After Alternator Install
  34. ***new/update***is250/350 recall***
  35. Help with tire size Please :D
  36. TPMS and TechStream
  37. updates**on IS350 front camber kit/s
  38. First CEL: P2714
  39. Filters for cold air intake
  40. Massive recall
  41. Sunroof rattle!
  42. Chrome lug nut brands. Help me finish my build LOL
  43. Clanking noise coming from the rear
  44. Carbon build
  45. 2IS vs 3IS 0-60
  46. Gone to the other side! But still have the IS
  47. Safety Recall ELF (E2F) - Preliminary Notice - Potential Fuel Pressure Sensor Leak
  48. Saying Goodbye..
  49. In the market for a IS250
  50. IS 250 Grinding Noise HELP
  51. 24k gold valve stem or lug nut brands?
  52. Just bought an IS 250, what to do first?
  53. Replace ignition coils with spark plugs?
  54. ML Door Speaker Replacements
  55. Are these winter tires still good?
  56. Looking At Is350 And Have ?
  57. 06 headlamps
  58. 06 IS350 Navigation Trim Panel Lights Out
  59. What do you guys think? New Car
  60. Decarbonization service - yay/nay (IS350)
  61. Lexus Client service is 2nd to none.
  62. Weird humming after 25km/h
  63. NE 1 bought pedal covers from these ppl?
  64. 4 low beams/projector high beams? idea!
  65. White or steam smoke from 2nd GEN IS350 Engine area
  66. Will My Set Up Work
  67. New look... For now
  68. Interior/Exterior LED lighting
  69. Car Parts Stolen/Vandalized
  70. help 07 is350
  71. Rear Bumper Chrome Trim
  72. ISF bumper on ISx350
  73. 2 day accuair and air runner install
  74. Joe z intake add on cone filter?
  75. Air Ride
  76. BC Racing Coilover Type
  77. GPS not working , Nav needs calibration every day
  78. Lights pointing too high since being lowered
  79. Invidia midpipe clunking noise from hitting sway bar, I think
  80. What year/trim is this IS 250?
  81. 3IS owner with question for 2IS owners
  82. Soo.. now what? [replaced cigarette lighter outlet fuse]
  83. Radio noise
  84. Defective : eBay / Spec D Tuning LED DRL Headlights
  85. Need info on buying awd is250
  86. What to do when you debead? Serious question.
  87. Window Visors?
  88. Slammed 09 blue onyx pearl
  89. eBay Replica Questions!
  90. eBay IS-F Mesh Grill Replica
  91. DIY on installing 3rd Party Bluetooth?
  92. HomeLink Question
  93. Hello CV! First Lexus but not new to the scene.
  94. Sewell parts
  95. 2nd Gen is350 AWD vs F-Sport
  96. Door sill on Ali express?
  97. One door not locking problem
  98. Different driving dynamics when in Drive vs Manual Shift mode?
  99. Non-Standard Size Custom Caps
  100. Ipod video to Nav??
  101. Updating Nav from 09 to 14
  102. Radio Help!!
  103. 2007 IS350 Navigation
  104. back up camera IS250
  105. help with spacers on my 17inch stockers
  106. Redline IS250 MT
  107. IS350 IS250 OEM Spoiler
  108. tires and rim size
  109. IS250 front Splashshields
  110. Can a is250 use 18x8 and 18x8.5 rims at the same time?
  111. Airbag Emblem Part Number?
  112. Difference between joe z exhaust for is250 and is350?
  113. Are the front tires the same size as rear tires on the rwd lexus is250 2011?
  114. Urgent! Fiberglass repair Wald rear diffuser from hit n run
  115. Is this is250 rwd or awd?
  116. Audio problem
  117. ***Need your confirmation*** [Check VSC & grinding noise from rear passenger wheel]
  118. Accidentally tore bottom bumper off. Repair cost estimate?
  119. IS250 Pulling to the Right
  120. New Noob!
  121. Is this a F-Sport Exhaust?
  122. New Member Saying Hi
  123. Alternator Voltage
  124. Hid Bulb Buzz, Why???
  125. IS250 2008 - Windshield Replacement - Safelite
  126. Stretch Experts: Falken 453 or Nankang tires on a 2IS. 215/35 9.5 225/35 10
  127. Rear Differential Fluids
  128. After Market LCD to Play Movies while driving
  129. Precautions when Changing Battery ?
  130. LED turn signal +side marker help
  131. XM Traffic/Weather Icon (2010 IS)
  132. USB iPhone Songs Repeat All
  133. Whistling squeaking sound from rear.
  134. How do you get XM radio on FlyAudio unit?
  135. Does 2008 IS250 Comes with AFS that Turns Right & Left?
  136. Loose/wiggling seat
  137. INGS rep lip kits
  138. New 2014 14.1 navigation disc on sale
  139. Anyone having issues pairing iphone 6
  140. F-Sport or H&R springs?!
  141. Filled in edges of my diffuser
  142. Morimoto XB LED Angel Eyes Fitment Help
  143. will theis wheel fit???
  144. Frozen Nav Screen (newb)
  145. exhaust pipe
  146. F-Sport Upgrade from Lexus Dealership Cost
  147. Defective OEM IS250 all weather mats from Sewell Parts?
  148. Is there a market for stock OEM Headlamps?
  149. Just got my first Lexus!!
  150. *GiantsFan, along with ToeMas / Sangomaru / Flipside909 ...1 Thread, 4 Photoshoots!*
  151. IS250 Leak?? w/ YouTube video
  152. LED's in Projector Headlights
  153. RVCAIS250 x RJTP Photoshoot Sets (Past & Present)
  154. Minor victory with the LED Park Lights
  155. Can side skirts fit through the ski pass through?
  156. 55watt hid conversion
  157. Wheel Touch Up Paint
  158. Vossen CVT wheel
  159. 25 more HP
  160. Need Advice .. Clicking engine sound. Not injectors.
  161. Looking to buy an IS350
  162. Broken rim, need help with replacing.
  163. Can this tire be repaired ?
  164. Rattling Noise or is it normal?
  165. PPE Headers install advice
  166. Resonator Delete
  167. End of Summer mini photoshoot
  168. What wheels look good on H&R springs
  169. Alternator & o2 Sensor faulty after engine ZLA service?
  170. fog lights
  171. IS350 Windshield Replacement
  172. Painting stock wheels: hyper silver vs. graphite
  173. Wheel spacers - HELP
  174. IS350 AWD Staggered Potential Damage
  175. Installed my diffuser! New tints! Black vinyl roof wrap!
  176. Questions for roof rack owners
  177. How come the Standard Stereo sounds way better than the ML option?
  178. Tuning a Kicker sub
  179. Drivetrain Thud / Clunk Noise (Rear?) - PLEASE HELP!
  180. Help to ID side skirts
  181. goodbye summers
  182. Led headlight
  183. Has anybody replaced a starter on an IS350?
  184. Cold start Squeaky Brakes or rotors?
  185. is250 sounds like an air plane when turning off
  186. Fog lights are dead
  187. Difference between non Mark Levinson and Mark Levinson
  188. Any one have pic lexus with Hood bra
  189. Steering wheel keeps getting off-centered
  190. IS350 Cold Start Noise!!!!!HELP!!!!!!
  191. Its raining in sf, bay area (norcal) right now and i have cheap tires...
  192. Illuminated Door sill bulb/ clear courtesy lenses
  193. Another clutch question.
  194. Diffuser
  195. Looking to buy '06 IS 350
  196. ISF IS350 Fenders
  197. Removing vents problem !
  198. Who has the China navigation unit?
  199. paint color code?
  200. anyone in/near hallendale beach fl area willing to inspect is350 TODAY $50 PayPal???
  201. Paid $150 for the rims what a deal
  202. IS350 FSport seats same as ISF seats?
  203. IS350 F-Sport guide and maintenance?
  204. Need help! Rusted 24k gold dipped hardware nuts.
  205. Console and trim wrapping
  206. Can I change the oil once every year?
  207. Said goodbye to my IS250.
  208. Fog lights as daytime running lights
  209. Aftermarket light doesn't fit in my 2010 is250
  210. Fsport shift knob
  211. Tpms id?
  212. IS250, After carbon build up recall, a safe buy?
  213. Sport mode not working
  214. Proper TOE Setting
  215. IS350 Exhaust Stock
  216. is350 check engine after sitting for two weeks
  217. Navigation DVD problem
  218. Staggered tires on Non-staggered Wheels?
  219. Trade in Value???
  220. 2006 is250 Single Din Head Unit upgrade question
  221. Spilled oil on the paint while using jerry can
  222. How does the rear offset affect tramlining?
  223. Yet another need advice on a 2006 Lexus is250 thread!
  224. 18' or 19' wheels for my is350
  225. weathertech vent visior issue's
  226. hid bulbs
  227. Parking censors help
  228. I need Paint!!
  229. Lastnight's mods : Jdm led mirrors and trd badgeless grill
  230. 2008/2009 headlamp washer help
  231. Floor Mats
  232. IS250 AWD suspension question
  233. HID Bulb Options Help
  234. Need Advise On 2006 IS250 Purchase
  235. IS250 Navigation Repair
  236. Problems w/ Turn Signal & Hazards
  237. Headlight Retrofit
  238. What kind of coilovers should I get?
  239. GFX Kit finaly On %% These Rims Yes or No Advice %%
  240. Need parking sensor location mesurements
  241. Stew's Bagged and Boosted IS350 on Forgeline Wheels
  242. Engine noise
  243. Headlight Adjustment Tear Down - See how those adjusting bolts really work!
  244. seized shock bolt
  245. 2014 gs350 exhaust on 2006 is250 ???
  246. OEM Windshield replacement questions.
  247. Buying a used 2011 IS 250... or 2011 A4??
  248. My 6 speed gearbox interchange
  249. Wheels on a Obsideon is350?
  250. rough idle