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  1. TPMS compatibility question????
  2. anyone done a DIY 30k service?
  3. Steering wheel remove and replace
  4. Moisture in the DR Side headlamp and the light is out
  5. No More Trunk Slam [Wald Spoiler Owners]
  6. TPMS Nag lights 2008 IS250
  7. car issue
  8. stereo power button not working!!
  9. Magna flow resonator?
  10. Wow check this out!
  11. Tail Lights
  12. My P0430 story
  13. Oh btw
  14. Fumoto Drain on IS 350?
  15. Hibdon tires messed upmy rims!
  16. Guys and gals
  17. Better pictures with the new wheels
  18. Hello all.
  19. quick question about tire sizes
  20. 2012 Head Lamps on a 2010
  21. That tape job though...
  22. What do 2IS owners think of the 3IS?
  23. Bought my first Lexus boy, am I happy!
  24. LED headlights
  25. looking to join the Lexus family... What am I getting into?
  26. Bagged Riding Height? Bagged members, come through!
  27. Christmas Sales
  28. Picked up 2011 IS350 F-Sport
  29. sewell flush roofrack
  30. My newest OEM mod - 2013 GS F-sport seats in ISX50
  31. Seats killing my back
  32. Whats the difference between these Megan Arms?
  33. No sound coming from ML sub, all other speakers work
  34. Disaster (So Far) Remote Start Install on 09 IS250 - Advice?
  35. Just completed first oil change. One question?
  36. Recall question
  37. Yellow Fog Lenses
  38. problem with my IS the day before I return it
  39. Newbie newbness - which would you buy?
  40. Potential Fuel Pressure Sensor Leak Recall 12/18/14 & Insurance Covering Side Mouldin
  41. Shim Kit
  42. Should I flip the tire now?
  43. Fried my AUX port
  44. FINALLY our 2 gen IS dash and door panels will be replaced!!!!
  45. Anyone get a letter from Lexus regarding potential recall?
  46. How to see potholes when it's raining?
  47. Headlights stay on after turning off car and no beep
  48. decided to go for linea corse wheels 818 but
  49. Brake question
  50. Doors automatic unlocking and light turns on....
  51. Recall notice!!!
  52. 07 IS250 - Part # 89670-53010
  53. Deal or no deal?
  54. Please HELP with rear diffuser
  55. Hey You Guys. A fellow CL member from IS-F/SC300 group. Got Question Though
  56. apex'i throttle controller question
  57. Wald front lip. where to buy?
  58. Web site to determine options on cars for sale?
  59. New Dashboards 06-07 IS & RX
  60. 60K mile service cost reasonable?
  61. Lowering springs
  62. Lowering springs
  63. ISF resonator in is350
  64. Thoughts on purchasing IS250
  65. Linea corse wheels quality
  66. Who has changed their automatic transmission fluid on 250/350?
  67. Car won't start - HELP!!!
  68. Engine starting questions
  69. Drip rail moldings paint failing
  70. How good does the Dual Temp work?
  71. Looking for thie Ribbon Cable Nav system 2008 IS 350
  72. Resonator question
  73. 2011 IS250 Cold Air Intake Installation!
  74. Window Moisture
  75. Front Wheel Fitment Help Please
  76. looking for a second Gen fly audio navigation
  77. 07 IS250 cup holder
  78. No video from DVD Changer
  79. 3IS conversion OLVJOOS photoshoot
  80. Clunking sound from passenger rear - HELP
  81. IS350 track day fun
  82. I need new tire recommendations
  83. Engine Knocking
  84. Easiest way to remove vvt sensor??
  85. Headlights Upgrade Problem
  86. sunroof explosion
  87. Philips Ultinon D4S 6000k VS 6200k. $75 price difference?!
  88. Can I flip nankang ns2 tires & federals ss595 or are they directional?
  89. IS250/350 and ISF Audio Upgrade NVX B.O.O.S.T. BOX
  90. Help me decide on my first Lexus!
  91. Car Insurance (OEM Parts)
  92. Form or Function? Opinions!
  93. Am I getting a good deal?
  94. Lowered on Springs...Negative Camber What do I need??
  95. A Bit of Some Car Help Please!
  96. Rust Check on Older Lexus?
  97. Wheel width size markings?
  98. Vibration/Shutter when A/C is on.
  99. Fluid or the way it's Sealed that makes Transmission Fluid change unnecessary?
  100. sway bars
  101. Full Vinyl wrap in the IE/LA area
  102. 08 isx50 fenders on 09?
  103. is this a good deal?
  104. Wraping Interior
  105. AC and Radio Controls
  106. 2006 GS430 or 2007 IS350?
  107. Question for F-Sport exhaust owners
  108. No beeping sound when locking
  109. camber parts awd is250
  110. HELP just need a picture, thats it.
  111. AWD Exhaust question
  112. Heads up $285 shipped for 2IS F-Sport Intake
  113. Oil change light reminder issue
  114. Interested in the IS250... input needed
  115. Paint discoloration - Starfire Pearl
  116. [IS 250AWD] high combustion
  117. did anyone order anything for their car for christmas?
  118. Fuel leak recall
  119. Update on my car
  120. 120K Maintenance results
  121. Just bought a used 2006 IS 250
  122. need help with Vaistech Avic-6D anyone have?
  123. Anyone Have Wiring Diagram Or Pinout Diagram Of Speedo Cluster?
  124. Battery
  125. Camber Help Front and Rear
  126. Will these rims fit my 2008 IS350
  127. Lexus Powertrain warranty
  128. Strange things after alternator fix
  129. 07 IS250 error code B2271 and B2289
  130. Advice - Used 2007 Lexus IS350
  131. Changing wheels on Road Magnet Springs
  132. Refinish or Replace my wheels? What would you do?
  133. Two (Easy) Light Questions, would be very grateful for a response!
  134. Repairing front bumper or add front lips?
  135. Toyota loss Settlement check in the mail today.
  136. Vinyl over airbag warning
  137. Steering controls/buttons - Part numbers Help
  138. Halogen -> Xenon
  139. Help! Arma VEV ->Exhaust diameter, odb2?
  140. Black Vinyl Interior Pieces
  141. LAN Monitor error codes
  142. Replacing TPMS IS350 2nd Gen
  143. fan air smells like ***
  144. Turning off invasive "Check System" when running winter tires without TPMS
  145. Rear view mirror + back up camera for us without navigation
  146. 07 IS250 RWD - Diagram and Motor ECU
  147. Dumb Questions for new guy
  148. Help! Tires hitting bumper tab on bumps
  149. [HELP] College Student on the hunt for a car
  150. Refinished My Wheels
  151. Will 245/45/18 Fit On a IS250AWD?
  152. 2006 IS250 face lift
  153. Time for new headlights need some advice
  154. DIY Headlight LED Strips? 2012-2013 STYLE
  155. What kind of lug nuts needed for Genesis Track Wheels?
  156. Rear Clicking Noise from right rear wheel.
  157. lightweight wheels?
  158. FOUND Aftermarket Headlights (w/ LED strip)?
  159. Ha! Found my prev 350 for sale
  160. HeLP - Piston Ring Recall - Rusted exhaust extra charge
  161. Looking to buy an f-sport exhaust
  162. FS and WTB threads go in the classifieds
  163. For Sale doesn't belong here.
  164. Grill(e) options for a 2009 is250
  165. What other car would you get for around or under 10k
  166. IS250 ride quality v/s some older Toyotas/Honda
  167. 2006 is250!
  168. 2007 - "Check VSC" today...
  169. Help!! [choosing car to bring to college]
  170. Why F Sport Sway Bars VS other aftermarket set??
  171. Side mirrors when reversing
  172. Haven't been seeing good parts in the market place
  173. side mirror issue
  174. What Handling/Suspension Parts to get???
  175. Diecast 1:18 or 1:24 models?
  176. Is a used 2010 Lexus IS250 worth it?
  177. Hold off replacing melting panels
  178. Lexus is250 3gr-fse swap - Possible???
  179. Exhaust smoke 2007 220d
  180. Please help me find part number for a screw
  181. Is this a good deal? Used IS250 or New Corolla
  182. Pic request - LED fogs
  183. Concern about my super sport tires
  184. sewell parts
  185. Ski/Snowboard Roof rack needed!
  186. anyone have the fsport chasis member brace? worth it?
  187. Ebay front camber kit
  188. FIGS Engineering Black Friday
  189. headlight projector
  190. Transmission Problem please help
  191. Check out this new UCA on the market!
  192. Modded Gen2 IS is better looking than Modded Gen3 IS
  193. O2 Heater Monitor Bank 4 - Misfire
  194. Extra Key FOB w/o going to dealership
  195. Need ideas for "basic" front-end is250
  196. Help [jack failed during tire swap]
  197. Philips vs Toshiba HID Xeon Lights?
  198. Anyone added tilt mirrors or telescoping steering
  199. Sewell promo anytime soon?
  200. Quick question about headlight (xenon) on IS350
  201. where to buy authentic fabulous front lip for 2006 is?
  202. Help!!!! [sound with car in neutral]
  203. TPMS - Check System Light - Help Needed
  204. Recommended 90k oil?
  205. Iphone 6 adapter/integration
  206. fabulous front lip
  207. toy drive/mini car meet show engine bay help
  208. Help ! Stripping paint on rims
  209. pics of wald front lip with gfx sides + rear?
  210. Neg camber and bad handling + pulling to the right?
  211. Winter tire installation: oiled lug nuts, and more
  212. *RARE* I thought Lexus are Reliable?
  213. Did I install the steering wheel correctly? *Pic attached*
  214. curbed my gfx front lip.. need suggestions for a new front lip
  215. Best exhaust for just a little purr
  216. Fuel Leak Recall
  217. What years have the sticky dash problem?
  218. Sway Bar End Link Hardware?
  219. Clutch in 250/350
  220. Pics of White IS250 with Black Stripes
  221. Cam timing control valve
  222. Steering pulling/thugging
  223. Car died while driving...
  224. IS350 Battery Replace - Now VSC, CEL Problems
  225. ISF exhaust on IS250
  226. Radiator leaking
  227. Front CF lip from Ebay - A good buy?
  228. Putting rear emblems back on
  229. Traded the is250 for a G37s
  230. Spring compressor to put on OEM suspension?
  231. Bought D4S 6K Hid Bulbs Have A ?
  232. 2014 IS250 Remote Start
  233. A Few Questions for Customizations
  234. Valve ticking when cold
  235. How to Retrofit headlight washers
  236. Cold Transmission Shift?
  237. IS350 with 17 wheels
  238. 07 RWD IS250 - Does not start NO IGNITION
  239. Awd rolling diameter
  240. Aliexpress Window Roll Up Module DO NOT BUY
  241. Shift knob thread size??
  242. O2 sensors went out after replacing water pump. HELP, HELP, HELP.
  243. Autopilot V2 VS Accuair E-Level? Reliability, driving low. Air sus experts, click!
  244. Is350 brakes are squeaky even after driving for 4k km
  245. Hid bulb needed
  246. No wheel gap
  247. Mechanics Please help
  248. I got sideways
  249. IS350 Too Lean (Bank 1 and Bank 2)
  250. Flyaudio ir alibaba nav radio??