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  1. TPMS compatibility question????
  2. anyone done a DIY 30k service?
  3. Tough sell
  4. 2008 is250 ac issue
  5. Disappointed
  6. Turn signal relay
  7. Hello-can someone post the schematics to the
  8. Front and rear lip kits and side skirts
  9. Are the two pulleys the same?
  10. Error codes P2238 & P2241
  11. Speedometer/RPM needles not working.
  12. How Much $$ for an F Sport steering wheel? Anyone know what a good price is for one?
  13. 2007 IS250 RWD - rear links for Stabilizer Bar
  14. Aimgain spoiler
  15. my nav screen wont turn on
  16. Recall: On fuel leak ?
  17. How to replace CV shaft on my 2006 IS250?
  18. Parts help
  19. IS 250 AWD Axle (CV Halfshafts) - rear
  20. Where to buy side skirts
  21. Video! New style led tail lights
  22. Who's is250/350 is this?
  23. IS350 P0031 Code Help
  24. Custom VIP Interiors?
  25. IS 250 Oil leak
  26. 2014 3IS F-Sport Bumper Conversion
  27. 2011 IS 250 - Can the seat belt chime be disabled?
  28. difference in 4GR-FSE - '05-'10 vs '11>
  29. anyone rubbing with linea corse lc818??
  30. changing interior colos
  31. DRL Slim Decoder 06 IS350
  32. Metal polisher help.
  33. AC light
  34. 2009 is250 startup rattle
  35. intermittent vibrations
  36. Oil change every 5K miles or every 10K?
  37. Question Lowering AWD IS250 = Any lights on the dash???
  38. IS250 | IS350 Spec SSR TF1 in Titan Silver *BEAUTIFUL!
  39. sc300 200k miles
  40. Rear bumper metal tab shaving
  41. Need help with low offset rims!!
  42. Steering wheel question HELP!
  43. Photoshop this rims.
  44. Is this HID kit plug and play?
  45. Can anyone identify this front oem arm
  46. New Member, New to Lexus!
  47. how do I remove exhaust o2 sensors
  48. Pcv valve glad I changed!
  49. interior front door handel light mod
  50. Finally liking my Lexus..
  51. Back up camera - 2010 is350
  52. Keyless entry remote draining battery
  53. My new to me 2011 IS250 RWD 6MT W/ISF 19"wheels
  54. Lexus IS models Washer Fluid Leakage
  55. vertex rear lip in canada
  56. Stereo help please?
  57. Major roblem with Kuni Lexus
  58. Help please... Urgent.
  59. accident yesterday.... is this totaled
  60. anyone have these install? jdm fog light with led?
  61. Starting again:)
  62. Removing plasti dip, is thinner safe for the rim?
  63. S2k AP2 exhaust tip
  64. smog check question on IS350
  65. Aftermarket or retrofit headlight?
  66. carrier bushing/bearing
  67. How much bigger is the 350 chassis as opposed to the 250?
  68. First post! Slammed 2is
  69. 2006 IS205 Auto error code confusion
  70. DIY: Figs Engineering Front Lower Arm Rear Mount #2
  71. Brake Light Issues
  72. Rear Sway Swap--- ISF to Awd IS250
  73. Seeking Rim Opinions for my 2008 IS250 AWD
  74. Covert from Factory HID to aftermarket??
  75. All Seasons for the IS
  76. Wiper Arm Identification
  77. Anyone install figs front lower rear mount #2???
  78. Continuously warping rotors!?
  79. Caliper color for DSM
  80. From Factory HIDs to Aftermarket HIDs????
  81. Hitting Rev limiter in Auto mode.
  82. changing gear ratios
  83. HID or halogen Bulb
  84. My First Post - Is it Worth Waiting??
  85. Navigation unit color code
  86. The tire stretch comparison thread
  87. Driver Rearview Mirror
  88. does AWD aftermarket shocks come with front C clamps attached?
  89. Torn between the IS and GS.
  90. Which exhaust gasket is the toward the front of car, biginning of pipe?
  91. How Much Do You Pay for Oil Change?
  92. Dash lighting
  93. Any Lexus engineers here? (cutting & welding gear selector to shorten it)
  94. Video input non ML nav system
  95. 09 IS 250 only starts when it's sunny
  96. Kazz with black vinyl surround?
  97. Help me diagnose this annoying sound!!
  98. 2009-10 bumper on 2008
  99. LEXUS RC350 F wheels on my IS350??
  100. Interior Panel?
  101. Axle-back Exhaust Leak?
  102. Pet seat cover recomendations
  103. My opinion on the G37
  104. how many resonators does a is350 have?
  105. FS and WTB threads go in the classifieds
  106. Slight Vibrations at HWY speeds
  107. EBay 2012 Headlight Upgrade??
  108. 2011-2013 is350 pros and cons
  109. New car shopping, need advise
  110. In need of some fast help!!
  111. how many cats does a 2006 is350 have?
  112. Is350 in the making
  113. Saw RC350 on the Road for the First Time, Not Impressed
  114. Getting a Lexus IS350, first car (maybe second)
  115. Black chrome grille surround?
  116. Roof rack options
  117. Slight Vibration on Coasting
  118. Rear Tire Mud Flap/Plastic Piece
  119. Popping noise on bumps
  120. Buying a Lexus IS250 100k+ miles. Opinions?
  121. chirping coming from glove box
  122. is this a decent deal on a is350?
  123. Engine Mounts needed - advice welcomed
  124. Fsport replica grill installed
  125. How can people afford all their mods?
  126. 2007 IS350 SGM Engine Cleaning/Tune
  127. Need Help With GFX Side Skirts
  128. Rattling/Grinding noise when car is on
  129. LMS intake in CA/smog test
  130. Lexus or Toyota for Service?
  131. Headlight Issue Please Help!
  132. Corrosion question
  133. Seeking source for exhaust gaskets and related
  134. 2011 is350F Seat Height/Headroom - Lowering Brackets?
  135. Bought a Used 2008 IS 350
  136. Suspension issues updated pictures.
  137. 1g1 paint code members please help
  138. is this a decent deal on 07 is250?
  139. Navigation System stuck
  140. check engine problem
  141. DAI Autobahn Wheels Tight Fit
  142. Camber Tire Wear
  143. Root beer brown Aimgain IS!!!!
  144. HID/AFS Help...
  145. bad Experience with L tuned parts
  146. Appraisal value for 06 is350
  147. Weeird noise coming from engine after its off
  148. New to Lexus Maybe IS350 AWD
  149. Timing Cover Leak, Gurus and Techs Please Chime in
  150. oil?
  151. Suspension still Messed
  152. Rear GFX lip install
  153. Will these LEDs fit as a trunk light replacement?
  154. VaderIS250's Progress Thread
  155. Hid bulbs
  156. ANOTHER LED headlight replica....
  157. Frozen nylon license plate screws
  158. Opinions on Spyder foglights
  159. Anyone running 19" 30 series tires on their setups
  160. Defeated.. Can't change passenger DRL
  161. Headunit install?
  162. Need some opinions on this 2008 is250
  163. Wheel Fitment
  164. Just got my black top done!!!!
  165. key fob don't work after replacing valve cover gasket
  166. What's your worst MPG/city mileage
  167. Steering wheel problem
  168. where is the fuse for vsc / traction ?
  169. thread pitch on the 2008 is250 shift knob
  170. Trunk light assembly PN?
  171. Does anybody know if the Windshield wiper supposed to be like this? How to fix?
  172. new is250 owner.(pause in acceleration)
  173. usb plug in place of standard headphone aux plug
  174. Pulley or belt sound
  175. Another Check VSC warning light question
  176. will my 2is pass inspection/emission with invidia midpipe
  177. Tire help!
  178. FlyAudio (2nd Gen) with Vaistech iVIC-5DR?
  179. telescoping steering not working
  180. Decided to keep my IS350
  181. How to link note 3 with pandora to car bluetooth?
  182. Best vendor 4 brakes, filters, spark plus tune up etc
  183. Any thoughts or suggestions about NICHE VERONA Sport Series wheels!?
  184. How many manual transmission have been produced for the 2nd gen is250?
  185. 328 --> is350?
  186. ECU swap '06 is350
  187. Search Front Bumper ( Picture )
  188. Anyone lowered on 2009 OEM wheels ?
  189. Undercarriage Damage
  190. 2IS new edition aftermarket tail lights??
  191. Turn signal bulb replacement
  192. Is this is good deal?
  193. Lexus meet in Richmond, VA or NOVA
  194. 2009 is350 front LIP
  195. Recommended Lowering Springs
  196. Been gone from the forums awhile, wondering if we had some solutions for a few issues
  197. Tire Question
  198. Grille changes
  199. First Demon-Eyed IS250!
  200. Replacing Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 - Suggestions
  201. New 2010 IS 250 problems
  202. F sport exhaust and torque loss
  203. carbon build up recall
  204. is250 AWD 19X9.5 all 4 what size tire i need to use ?
  205. help me :( [VSC and traction control lights on after installing new steering wheel]
  206. help! grinding down wheel offsets!
  207. Actuator part number needed
  208. Engine wash a IS350
  209. invidiaa 60/70mm
  210. 235/35s and 275/30s
  211. New and looking for some help
  212. 20mm spacers on OEM front 18 rim?
  213. yellow(not oem) city lights
  214. Can i run these on my 08 is250 awd
  215. Recalls?
  216. HID headlights
  217. Jack points bent to hell. Jack points alternative?
  218. 07 IS350 Dirty Oil change w/ Full Synthetic
  219. Squirrelly handling and steering...
  220. Wheel bearing issue
  221. Question on headlights and parking lights/DRL
  222. Anyone going to Cars and Coffee in Cool Springs, TN this weekend?
  223. Cabin Fuses for Dash Cam Hard Wire
  224. Ideas about buying/building is250
  225. First post on CL
  226. IS350 headlight bulb issue high beam on low beam off
  227. Lexus Door Logo Projector Lights
  228. 06 Lexus is250 good deal?
  229. said 'goodbye' to 06 IS350 today..
  230. 2007 IS350 Question
  231. Fabulous front lip
  232. paint problems on the is?
  233. 2008 IS250 ECU - Used replacement
  234. Megan UCA or SPC ball joints??
  235. CEL on for Evap issue
  236. FS and WTB threads go in the classifieds please
  237. Prepainted rear lip
  238. Can You (IS) C How Customized This Lexus Is?
  239. Headlight Level Sensor... Has this ever happened to anyone?
  240. 2nd gen. IS vs 07+ gs350 headers
  241. Newcomer, need pointers and ideas!
  242. 18" Volk Rays Kuwagata F-zero's
  243. Lexus IS in Germany, interesting observation
  244. Couple of upgrades over the weekend
  245. Strange issues leaving me baffled
  246. Ac compressor Bypass on 08 IS 250
  247. Need suggestions on exhaust
  248. H&R Lowering Springs worth it on my AWD 06 IS250?
  249. Parked my car on the street for one night... Results
  250. My DIY!