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  1. Looking for cooling plate? Also polished rad brackets
  2. Ps pump question
  3. Do you recommend rebuilding your A/C compressor?
  4. chinese forged pistons and rod
  5. aristo tt auto trans code..??
  6. Help with 1JZ Motor
  7. Ordering my swap harness Q's
  8. Need help with JDM 2jzge swap
  9. NA or Turbo which is cheaper and worth it???
  10. 2JZGTE VVTi swap help please!
  11. Problems with flex disc
  12. New sc400 owner need help!!
  13. Upgrade 1jzgte...
  14. 1UZ partial teardown, pic requests?
  15. knocking sound when i let the clutch out
  16. Piggyback guys: How clean is your closed loop?
  17. Help tune AFC-II
  18. AC Compressor Front Seal
  19. ECU Main Relay PART NUMBER?
  20. Does anyone have same transmission issue / fix
  21. oil light?
  22. DIY intercooler pipe beading
  23. Where To Buy SC Performance Parts?
  24. Anyone running delphi injectors NA-T
  25. Need mAnual 2jzge ecu pinout nuetral safety switch from 93sc300
  26. Sc400 Engine Removal 1UZFE
  27. Want to start drifting, but I have a question...
  28. JDM 2jzge
  29. Are these the supra tt motor mounts needed for sc300 stock replacements?00
  30. Need help auto to w58 not starting
  31. Intercooler and blowoff valve!!!
  32. transmission mount replacement
  33. Sc400 1jz swap help
  34. Soarer clutch master/slave cylinder same as?
  35. Who has a Spec Stage 5 clutch?
  36. catalytic converter issue
  37. Do you have a noisy fuel pump??
  38. Pricing for V160 6-Speed V160 Getrag Transmission? Rebuilt or New?
  39. I came across this turbo
  40. legit lsd??
  41. starting problems. will crank but no start
  42. Where to buy oem spark plug tube seals
  43. **Coolant Issue** Need help diagnosing an issue
  44. GS400 Mid pipe on SC?
  45. Bought a Turbo 5 speed SC400, and its already under the knife...
  46. SC400 heater: out of commision! Assist.
  47. Getting tired of this
  48. Blown headgasket or something else..?!!?
  49. Window motor repair
  50. aftermarket foglight issue smoking issue
  51. Foaming water!!!
  52. sc300 keeps turning over not starting
  53. 1jzgte in the works maybe??
  54. 1jzgte backfiring, wont start
  55. Anyone replace valve steam seals with oem?
  56. Man! Now Check Engine and Track Off!!!
  57. replaced iacv and now the car won't turn over
  58. turbo quesiton
  59. 92 SC400 Wont pass Emissions - Possible ECM Failure???
  60. Rebuilding Engine. Part/Brands?
  61. Engine dies at 3000 rpm and then kicks back in after head gasket repair
  62. sc400 with 1jzgte kickdown cable not connected
  63. Seafoam smoking under the hood?
  64. na/t fuel management
  65. Battery keep draining
  66. Please help, rack & pinion, PS pump
  67. What intake are you using 4 stock twins?
  68. Can this issue be cause of a weak motor mount?
  69. Stage 3 Clutch recommendations?!
  70. will GS300 diff in sc400
  71. Please confirm my basic aristo swap checklist
  72. What are your ideas on this? 400 issue
  73. Big single SC400 GTE in progress
  74. questions about my sc400-T build
  75. Tundra TRD Supercharger In An SC400
  76. Which fan and shroud for 1jz?
  77. ls1 engine to sc400 swap?
  78. Dildomatic Shifter, But with Crown Royal Boot
  79. Engine issues after accident
  80. HELP...Car making funny noise / shaking and won't shut off, finally did!!!
  81. Problem solved! sourse of power loss, new crank seals and ps hose,espiler springs
  82. Weird noise coming from Timing belt area/Power Steering pump area (video)
  83. Parasitic Drain Help Please
  84. Calling all JZ Pros!!
  85. Motor swap "Sorda"
  86. my 95 sc400 just died pulling up to the light wtf?
  87. TRAC Light and clicking sound!!!!
  88. Starting Help Needed
  89. Magnaflow Cats and new exhaust?
  90. Everything in my SC4 has power but no start
  91. Help...
  92. W58 rebuild
  93. JZA70 1JZ swap into a SC300
  94. Quick Spool Valve on my 1JZ, initial impression...
  95. I blocked the EGR with a soda can!
  96. Deleteing the AC System
  97. boosting a 2jzge motor with 185k on it
  98. Just a little more help on my 1jz auto.... Please!
  99. new member question about intake and head
  100. Rear main seal
  101. Boost cut
  102. What am I missing HELP!
  103. Mods for 1JZ that can be used on 2JZ
  104. W58 shifter bushings 92-94 sc300
  105. a340e questions (tundra)
  106. (sc400 - 92) Misfire issue @ idle & 40mph cruising.
  107. Does the sc300 have the same transmission as the sc400?
  108. another "car wont start" thread.
  109. koyo radiator question
  110. 1JZ starting issue after finishing swap
  111. Attn. Guys with LS Swap: Need a favor
  112. Head gasket failure poll
  113. Blue Smoke On Cold Start
  114. SC400 misfire on one cylinder.
  115. DIY: Ford 8.8" Differential Swap
  116. Help with 1jz sc swap please!
  117. How many miles on your 2JZ-GE
  118. Help SC400 Problems
  119. curiosity...
  120. Gates serpentine on SC3?
  121. Need help: What size belt to use to eliminate AC pump?
  122. Picture request 1996+ SC300 EGR area hoses
  123. SEMICIRCULAR plug
  124. need some ideas
  125. WTB: catalytic converter for 1996 SC400
  126. Timing Belt is RUBBING
  127. 5spd help plz
  128. sc 300 rpm problem?
  129. 1JZ/2JZ Oil Catch Can Questions
  130. Radio Issues and More...Tech gurus needed
  131. thermo fan issue
  132. Help with DIY! Returnless fuel system
  133. A swarm of potential technical questions
  134. ideas on traction for crank pulley?
  135. thinking 1jzgte swap
  136. 1jzgte+2jzge= two 1.5j's!
  137. MKIV TT Auto+LSD, or MKIII R154 w or w/o ABS???
  138. Car will not crank... please help
  139. I need Help on parts for my 1JZ VVTI
  140. another tt ecu on na :)
  141. Engine problems again, need advice please!!!!!
  142. Aristo swap problem revving up
  143. Cylinders full of fuel...HELP!!!
  144. Need Sc300 wiper motor diagram
  145. HOT center console/cup holder ... is this normal?
  146. Injectors Stuck Open?
  147. 1JZ owners: Have some questions
  148. HELP! white smoke
  149. can u remove a motor by dropping the subframe?
  150. Fuel issue
  151. Started head gasket job..
  152. 1JZ squeaked and died and now wont start!! Video inside!!
  153. Anyone converted to TT ecu before going turbo?
  154. Fuel System Picture Thread
  155. Cheapest NA-T Setup for ~400HP Daily Driver
  156. Pulling out the wiring harness through the firewall
  157. Calling all 1uzfe enthusiasts
  158. what clutch w58 na-t
  159. valve cover gaskets fail
  160. valve cover gaskets fail
  161. Subframe swap???
  162. Aftermarket header CEL problem 2jz-ge
  163. Transmission question
  164. Ikeya formula front upper control arms
  165. Dead Sc300...stuck at work
  166. vvt-i or no?
  167. SC400 Transmission Question
  168. is this causing my car to overheat?
  169. can you use an sc400 fuel pump ecu on a sc300?
  170. 1JZGTE IACV assembly
  171. 1jz MAP Sensor Pic PLEASE?
  172. help with fuel pump mod
  173. Just ordered some cams :D
  174. help! what fuel pump or set up should i get for the amount of hp i want my sc to run?
  175. SC400 1UZFE VVTi differences
  176. For the guys looking to put a 2J cam into a 1J
  177. Sc300 NA-T build
  178. Ebay Intake Manifold
  179. 1JZ and 2JZ turbo owners: open wastegate downpipe or NOT?
  180. clutch fan or electric fan???
  181. Airbag removal...
  182. 1jzgte uses a stock sc300 driveshaft correct?
  183. A Question About Vibration...
  184. Mass Air Flow Sensor Code
  185. Trans Code 42- Speed Sensor #1
  186. 1jzgte problems need help!
  187. 1JZGTE delete IACV
  188. weird idle fix...but why???
  189. 2jz GTE VVTi stock twin numbers
  190. sc300 swap 2jzgte
  191. Help! Gas/Fuel in Throttle Body
  192. Has anyone retrofit an ISC to an aftermarket intake manifold?
  193. TRAC code 26-- Anyone else had it?
  194. Auto trans slipping/shuddering?
  195. 1JZGTE swap into SC400
  196. Battery Keeps Dying
  197. SC400 - For those who have replaced your o2 sensors....come on in!
  198. HELP!! New engine swap ideas!
  199. Kickdown
  200. Wont Start...after replacing components that have nothing to do with it.
  201. Neutral Safety bypass problem
  202. sc300 na-t VPC question
  203. HID Garbage
  204. Please Help Engine sounding very choppy and heavy smoke
  205. 1998-2000 SC400 LSDs?
  206. sc300 na-t tt hg arp torque specs
  207. Diagram needed
  208. Best investments for NA-T 2JZ?
  209. First sc300!!! overheating
  210. Weird Oil Leak...Help me diagnose please
  211. Idle Issue
  212. Top hose prob
  213. Costs of a swap?
  214. Serp belts differences?
  215. Warning: May be a stupid question. Mkiv exhaust on sc300
  216. Car Won't start or idle unless Brake Applied
  217. Name That FPR!
  218. Noise that sounds like knock, but speed dependent not RPM dependent
  219. what do you think about that ?
  220. Torque Specs for valve cover bolts, 2JZ-GE?
  221. Strong smell of fuel
  222. rpm question
  223. Which ARP studs/bolts?
  224. 1jz or na-t 2j build
  225. 1JZ problems surprise surprise
  226. My 95 SC300 NA-T Build (Holset HX40)
  227. Turbo 4.8 LSx SC300 - 509wrhp @ 12psi
  228. Brittle Fuel Injector Connectors
  229. What's the skinny on NA-T with totally stock fuel/control?
  230. Heat Shield Rattle
  231. Any top mount turbo manifolds not made in China for this car?
  232. heater work without an a/c condenser?
  233. ppe engineering headers???
  234. Side by side pics of LS400 and TT calipers?
  235. Reliability and costs for 2JZGTE
  236. Built Auto Trans
  237. 92 SC 400 sputters
  238. New to the site
  239. about to buy my first sc300. just a few questions
  240. SC 400 Valve cover gasket?
  241. Codes 24 and 55... Stuck at work right now..
  242. PS, Speedo, Radio all went out. ABS light on. What just happened?
  243. Huge power loss Please help. PLEASE...
  244. guess who's car is still down...dies when in gear
  245. Vibration after 5spd swap
  246. Vacuum Hose sizes
  247. wierd vibration when driving. tranny or something else??
  248. AEM Map Sensor
  249. 98-2000 SC400 1UZ NA potential powers?
  250. Tuning and Injector Help 1JZ