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  1. intermittently dies, aem?
  2. 99sc300 intake manifold vacuum??
  3. Gas Leak
  4. No clue - Help with diagnosis?
  5. power steering hose question (not high pressure)
  6. good deal on a 1jzgte and extras?
  7. yellow oil light help
  8. '93 SC Climate Control LED
  9. Thoughts on E-cut?
  10. Lca
  11. 2jzge 5spd ecu run a gs300 harness??
  12. hydraulic cooling fan pump vibrating
  13. Gaskets and RTV and FIPG
  14. Getting ready for the swap
  15. Cali Spec SC 300/400
  16. Clutch recommendations
  17. got 27mpg straight highway driving
  18. Question on CEL code P1700
  19. Help oil pan plug?
  20. Speedometer not working properly - all other gauges working
  21. Need assistance - MPG dropping quickly, need mechanical expertise
  22. downpipe question
  23. Homemade SC300 exhaust VIDEO/SOUND clip inside
  24. cracked radiator
  25. 92 sc300 1jzgte Swap Is Not Accelerating As Fast As it Should
  26. IACV problem?? (pics)
  27. How hard is an Injector Job?
  28. fail smog again? -_________-
  29. OEM radiator replacements?
  30. SC400: intermittent fuel smell in cabin
  31. sc3 na-t *help* before tune on Sat
  32. intake mainfolds????
  33. 1.5jz help max boost?
  34. I'm confused...modding 1jz couple ?'s
  35. 97 sc300 cranks but won't start
  36. Ignition issue??
  37. Fail SMOG!?? WTH...
  38. driveshaft guru's inside!!
  39. 1jz idle speed screw - pic help
  40. 6 Cylinder CNG Natural Gas Conversion Kit?
  41. 2jzge obd1 auto ecu work with w58??
  42. floor jack and jack stand
  43. eBay Turbo kit
  44. Messed up with trans fluid. Full flush?
  45. How do I clean valves? Doing valve stem seals
  46. Of course, trans pan gasket leak..:(
  47. help!!! snap on/snap off!!!!
  48. Where do I begin?
  49. OK, how do I put the valve body back in to the tranny properly?
  50. 2JZGE non vvti Cam question (distributorless)
  51. 1JZ wiring guru's, AEM V2...
  52. BIZARRE tranny issue, please help!
  53. GS400 manifolds
  54. 1997 sc400 cel code p0340?? Cam sensor
  55. SC300 Power Steering Hoses (not the high pressure one)
  56. Injector Dynamics
  57. 1997 Sc400 Differential fluid?
  58. Oh god did I just blow my engine?
  59. Sc400 Auto trans filter? Autozone vs dealer?
  60. Main relay (efi relay) getting hot - car wont run properly
  61. Getting My 1UZ Into The 300+hp Club
  62. 1jzgte single turbo o2 sensor help
  63. Transmission jerking on sc400
  64. would this work?
  65. Fuel system part identification help
  66. 5 or 6 speed automatic from newer SC400/430's?
  67. W58 or R154 transmission?
  68. ngk in my sc400
  69. Thinking of getting a Torsen LSD 3.69 ratio from a Supra for the Soarer
  70. Torn between setups
  71. Fuel return issues
  72. radiator light
  73. overheating problem
  74. 1jzgte SC400 which motor mounts?
  75. 5 speed help!!
  76. my 92 sc400 engine fluid fan keeps running out, input needed
  77. I need advice please!!
  78. 2jz-ge Help!!
  79. Mass airflow sensor mods?? 1jzgte vvti
  80. How Much Power
  81. 2jzge vvt-I na-t tuning
  82. Looking for tips on LSD swap
  83. I did the need advice
  84. Can anyone confirm 2jzgte intake valve seals work on 1j intake side?
  85. Thoughts on this gasket kit?
  86. HELP! 92 Lexus SC400 won't start.
  87. 98 sc300 2jzgte swap(aristo) NEED HELP
  88. 1jz gte Black smoke?!
  89. does taking cats off give you less power??
  90. high performance crate motor
  91. 2000 sc400 radiator in 92sc400???
  92. Transmission options
  93. SC3xx starts then dies, please help!
  94. The Ultimate Daily Driver, Build Thread.
  95. Wobbly Harmonic Balancer
  96. 98 SC300 vvt-i to 1jzgte question
  97. battery drain
  98. Kez's 1jzgte swap thread
  99. does the apexi safc 2 make i big difference after dynoed?
  100. Watermeth + stock compression? see what happens inside
  101. Fuel pump noise FTL! Any ideas to shut it up?
  102. Basic Engine Upgrades
  103. Special tools needed to rebuild a W58?
  104. So finally got my car on a lift...
  105. NA-T s366 or 6265 ??
  106. A/C Issues - Expansion Valve Replacement
  107. Engine swap question
  108. EGR removal problem
  109. TRD Japan 5sp Quick Shifter
  110. [Q]TRD Shifter Spacer Needed?
  111. valve specs on na mk4 same as 97 sc300? or any one have that section?
  112. I really need some help with this guys.
  113. Cooling Fan Relay
  114. vinyl sc300 question
  115. Motor mount trouble
  116. Should i keep single or dual exhaust on my sc300
  117. 93 sc400 running rough on idle
  118. Sc400 manual VS. 2002 M3 ??
  119. SC3 custom exhaust setup help!
  120. Greddy oil relocation kit 2jzgte...installed pics?
  121. I can't fill my gas tank on the SC300
  122. 92 sc300 manual ecu on 97 sc300 manual convertion.
  123. Anybody foolishly remove the throttle body...then the Y-pipe?
  124. Updated video of my ls1 swapped sc
  125. leaking R154
  126. absurdly high idle!
  127. Best place to buy Center driveshaft bearing ?
  128. Car wouldn't start ... now it does ... fuel pump issue?
  129. 97 Sc400 Fuel Pump 12v mod.
  130. OEM stero with one speaker issue
  131. is there a difference between 95 and 97 sc300 a/c compressor?
  132. Diy
  133. ACIS Vacuum Line
  134. auto ecu or 6 speed ecu
  135. SC300 parts numbers diagrams, crazy electrical questions
  136. 1UZ-FE swap complete. S366, Haltech, E85
  137. valvoline atf typt t-vi???
  138. 92 sc400 engine tune up help
  139. electrical thingamabopper
  140. Can you really boost a sc400 and not upgrade fuel?
  141. The Check Engine Light thought...
  142. How Do you feel about a Fan Clutch delete
  143. slow on take off
  144. on the line?
  145. New to the SC world. Bought a 400, having a few issues and need help.
  146. Help!!!
  147. Electrical help please!
  148. aem ems V2 for soarer, driftmotion !
  150. I need some help I searched
  151. Responsiveness
  152. High Output Alternator (200amps) for 1JZ -> Help Newb
  153. 2jz swap problem
  154. aristo trany in sc300
  155. 1jz a340 auto or r154 5-speed?
  156. 93 sc400 - runs good, rough right off idle
  157. 2jzgte swap exhaust question
  158. The Famous pouring white smoke/gas
  159. 1JZ auto ecu to manual ecu, auto harness
  160. 240sx with 2jz not starting.
  161. Interior fuse box location?
  162. adjusting distributor?help!!
  163. Issues with SC300
  164. my tach stopped work on my sc300 to day but mph works
  165. sc400 power loss???
  166. Questions for changing the spark plugs...
  167. why my clutch slipped so bad
  168. Need help with my sc400
  169. 94 SC400 Check Engine Light & TRAC Light Issue
  170. 1JZGTE VVT-i and lower HC & NOx?
  171. sc300 turbo back exhaust?!
  172. a few engine management questions
  173. Engine cuts out when pushed/Electrical power loss
  174. Trans Flush? used seach multiple answers...
  175. Quick...What is the tranmission solenoid operation for each gear?
  176. w58 clutch install diy
  177. Cold start idle and smoke?Valves?HG?please chime in.
  178. 2jzgte swap problem???????
  179. Code 47 and constant flashing od light!
  180. How do I get 1jz to run low imp top feed 440 injectors?
  181. Wiring issues...
  182. I've searched and come up with different answers!
  183. EGR code 71 stalling
  184. Heater Control Valve Repair w/MKIII Supra Valve
  185. sc300 help plz
  186. An update with good news....FINALLY!!! lol
  187. Heater Control Valve
  188. W58 questions!
  189. Down pipe suggestions
  190. Battery keeps dying
  191. alternater prob i think 1995 sc300
  192. turbo timer install diy
  193. r154 swap help
  194. question transmission for sc400
  195. 1995 SC 400 Coolant Overflow Reservoir Replacement
  196. lost....
  197. 1jz guys what clutch fan and shroud are you using?
  198. electrical? gas?
  199. Engine Miss
  200. Wont start help needed
  201. overheating:(
  202. car alarm system
  203. R154 and W58 same shifter bushing & socket?
  204. Injector upgrade CLIP Q:
  205. Differential Bushings - new product
  206. Transmission gurus / rebuilt fluid question
  207. fuel injector compatability??
  208. Advice needed on crank shaft pulley
  209. Advice on High Output Alternator
  210. na-t steal?
  211. It begins...
  212. Broken alt. bracket
  213. Ran outta gas, now low idling
  214. Oil Pressure Light
  215. Supra swap questions
  216. sc300 clutch/brake assembly
  217. Anyone tried to install engine harness with motor in the bay?
  218. ebay universal throttle bodies (I have searched everywhere......)
  219. are they tunable?
  220. name that sensor..
  221. 1uz
  222. jdm 2jzge swap
  223. changing all hoses
  224. Torque convertor lock up?
  225. what happens if i disconnected iacv on 92 sc300?
  226. MVP AEM Email Tune????
  227. First Tune-up doing it myself =]
  228. transmission problem
  229. is this the harmonic balancer problem?
  230. Can i please get some help with timing? I cant find out how to do this.
  231. Pics of your oil feed/return setup thread!!
  232. help: serpentine belt tensioner location
  233. Dyno results from my 93 NA-T
  234. troube setting the timing????
  235. Differential question for anyone running 750(ish)whp through R154
  236. no fuel or spark
  237. 2jzgte bpu+
  238. why dose the car idol so high??
  239. w58
  240. Help!!! Soarer not starting..
  241. this engine cluster light
  242. Air intake on SC300
  243. timing off or bad ect??
  244. Need Advice SC400 stumbling
  245. 700hp 97 SC300 build.
  246. sc300 1jzgte jzx90 swap tach fix and speedo fix ?
  247. 1JZ / 2JZ Complete Wiring
  248. 1jzgte swap come here!!
  249. wheres the temp sender located??
  250. no heat