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  1. Quick 97sc400 question
  2. NA-T FFIM questions
  3. Please help !! SC problem
  4. Help my sc took a **** on me
  5. Tps is always full throttle
  6. 1jzgte Auto Transmission Prob
  7. milled head. need tune?
  8. 2jzgte cast manifold Borg Warner options?
  9. Changing automatic transmission fluid
  10. NA-T Head Gasket Selection
  11. Will not idle but no check engine light
  12. xyz sport suspension
  13. 1uzfe turbo SPUTTER/HESITATION problem
  14. na-t build aemv2 no start :( help!
  15. Phr gt67 1jz fueling
  16. rear ended now car won't start
  17. 2JZGE valve cover catch can
  18. Can you run injectors that are to large?
  19. Expertise Needed
  20. Help with 1jz/2jz oil pan!
  21. DIY: Installing a Spin Turb Knob
  22. Relocate or protect yellow airbag cable in pass wheel well?
  23. sc400 boosted and over boosting issues
  24. SC300 Vibrating heavily!
  25. cracked power steering hose
  26. Recommendations for "subdued" looking exhaust compared to current
  27. best bang for the buck... NA-T or GTE?
  28. turbo kit
  29. jzx100 vvti 1jz runs rich as it warms up
  30. My first Sc300 seeking advice !
  31. Probability I just need R134-A recharge?
  32. Iphone OBD2 Code Reader Etc.
  33. Object Attached to my Airbox
  34. fuel filter line help
  35. Start Up Issue!
  36. help!!!! where can I buy a healthy used Auto Transmission
  37. Start Up Pro.
  38. -A/C Power
  39. Err Err Err code on replacement CD changer
  40. idle surge problem
  41. jzx100 1jz vvti Code 47 and 78
  42. Need Help. Strange symptoms
  43. 1jz vvti runs VERY rich, choppy idle, smoky exhaust
  44. aristo ecu in sc300
  45. Rear of Na-t Manifold leaking
  46. HOW TO: Tap Oil Pan for NA-T Turbo Return
  47. sc300 tighten crankshaft pully bolt without special toyota tool
  48. 2jz-ge VVTI to 2jz-ge non vvti swap Bolt in swap?
  49. 1JZ GTE VVTI no spark
  50. cranking in the run position
  51. IACV Stuck Closed (All the way out)
  52. welded differential on a automatic sc3?
  53. What is the largest turbo that clears stock intake
  54. will 95 o2 sensor work on 93.
  55. Harmonic balancer worked it self off any recommendations
  56. Desperate !!! 1 JZ won't stay running PLEASE HELP !!
  57. SC300 No Power Issue
  58. Stalling During Turns
  59. When replacing Rack & Pinion and P.S. pump, can you somehow damage the clock spring?
  60. going E85 FUEL
  61. Swap 97 ABS into 95?
  62. 93 SC400 Speedometer & trasnmission sensor
  63. Judge my turbo: Haters invited!
  64. power steering questions
  65. 1jz flywheel vs 2jzge????
  66. Calling Any SC300 4 speed A340 Gurus
  67. SC400 '92 Transmission oil amount/dipstick length
  68. Motor mount replacement
  69. Manual boost controller not working possible bad Wastegate?
  70. Is this a possible location for oil return
  71. Timing belt change experience
  72. What gear ratio you using in your 5spd 1jz?
  73. Goes into gear but doesn't move
  74. any tips on o2 sensors
  75. SC alignment and corner balancing
  76. sc400 nitrous fuel line taping help.
  77. aristo swap help!!??
  78. 1jz vvti MAF cone filter fitment
  79. Swapped engines and idles fast and surges
  80. 1jz swap electrical issue, HELP!
  81. camry throttle cable routing 1jz
  82. HELP!!! Drive Train Experts> Grinding/whine noise from rear end
  83. 2UZFE Pistons Question
  84. SC300 ECU pinouts
  85. Power steering questions
  86. Used car maintenance
  87. Car bucking / not holding idle.
  88. 2jzgte ecu on a 1j
  89. Question about Blitz Nur Spec R on 1JZ Sc300
  90. Sc 400 shift solenoids issue
  91. Carbon Ti question
  92. Help cylinder 1 plug black///massive gas smoke cloud
  93. fixing sc300 side mirror
  94. 96 lexus sc parking lights come one when i press my brakes
  95. Will a Crank pulley from a 7MGTE work on a 2JZ
  96. 95 Sc400 Bogs down & sucking air
  97. ECU Capacitor Leakage evidence?
  98. Ram air causes EGR code?
  99. 1JZ Sc300 Throttle/Reving Issues
  100. 1992 sc400 power issues
  101. Aluminum Bushings for R154
  102. single turbo sc400 1uz FIC8 issues?
  103. ecu vs standalone
  104. Overheating at idle... Fan clutch?
  105. Bearing Lube?
  106. Bad cats? Car still bogging when hard acceleration
  107. 1997 sc400 no start. Please help.
  108. Need assistance with engine diagnosis
  109. Fan problem help !
  110. Car Won't Start :(
  111. O2 Sensor Extension Harness
  112. Help r154 shifter extension
  113. heat in the center console
  114. SC400 Transmission
  115. 4spd auto to 5 spd
  116. Please help with assessing damages.
  117. 1jz vvti sc400 no check engine light
  118. how to de-pin EB1 connector?
  119. So I've Got Some Sputtering.. I Need A Little Help.
  120. HELP 95 Sc300
  121. Oil Leak - Need Help
  122. Alt wiring Question
  123. Losing Alts.
  124. Stop starting ! Error 78
  125. Mvp headers
  126. Next step...replace ECU, advice?
  127. SC400 Update/Issues
  128. SC400 FPR specification
  129. Sunroof problems
  130. SC400 auto headlights
  131. need some wiring help for my fans
  132. 95 1uzfe in a 93
  133. Help!!!!
  134. Cooling fan problems
  135. Burning smell under the car?low idle on start-up
  136. whats the best way to
  137. a few performance questions, 1uzfe.
  138. thinking on doing a motor swap. cost ?
  139. ch of a beating can a auto trans in sc300 take
  140. Piggyback VS Standalone- Explained by Adaptronic
  141. NEED HELP ASAP!! 1JZ Transmission fluid
  142. Speed wire input to the ECM
  143. Anyone taken the plunge on the XTD flywheel?
  144. help with gasket
  145. NA-T manifold advice using oem intake mani.
  146. 2JZGTE swap harness options
  147. chain type of noise in the engine bay?
  148. ticking noise when ac blower is on
  149. Need help identifying artso tranny sensor
  150. help, broke a harness plug. cant identify it.
  151. SC400 code 25 O2 sensors?
  152. 1jz vvti alternator wire colors
  153. oil sending unit
  154. 1JZ R154 Bellhousing question
  155. 2jzgte swap not getting spark or fuel
  156. how do I get back seat out of my sc
  157. ST92 300 1jz STRANGE PROBLEM! Car stalling while driving please help!
  158. SC300 2JZGTE VVTI harness question. Help.
  159. Warm weather low idle problem still persists.
  160. rough ride at about 45mph
  161. Strange fuel odor coming from my 92 sc400 while driving
  162. Dieseling
  163. Too much coolant...
  164. turbo coolant lines
  165. NA-T oil filter mount
  166. Who can rebuild an SC400 power steering pump well and inexpensively?
  167. How to choose the right map sensor
  168. Turbo size?!
  169. replaced knock sensors, still throwing knock sensor code (SC400)
  170. Testimony of e-bay throttle body?
  171. loss of power running rough
  172. SC400 Driveshaft Guibo Flex Disc
  173. White smoke coming from middle of car??
  174. 98 SC400 Hydraulic Pump
  175. 92 sc300 code 22 and 14
  176. Need Help !
  177. sc400 diff on an sc300??
  178. Coolant temp sensor replaced NOW IT'S WORSE!!
  179. Coolant temp sensor different on Manual?93 SC300 5spd
  180. Name that hose.... I broke
  181. Battery Relocate Question
  182. 95 sc300 2jzge vvti swap
  183. sc400 manual swap clutch not working
  184. is300 vvti 2jz into sc
  185. dinging noise
  186. Do I need to use RTV wen putting intake manifold on (1uzfe)
  187. issues with 95 sc400
  188. will this downpipe work for nonturbo GE?
  189. Boost & Fuel Cut Defenders - Educate me?
  190. best reman p/s pump!?
  191. r12 vs 134a A/C
  192. Bowl full of spaghetti- I mean unknown vacuum lines.
  193. Flasher relay help!
  194. need help/advice.
  195. Best clutch for street SC300 NA-T 400 lb/ft torque?
  196. SC400 header options...
  197. car stalling
  198. HOW TO: Replace center support bearing and remove driveshaft.
  199. Sc 300/400 headlight de-line??
  200. 1jz replace or rebuild turbos?
  201. Poop. Dropped a nut into the intake manifold.
  202. need help
  203. Has anyone used this turbo kit?
  204. Any body know???
  205. 95 sc400 RPM drops and Engine Trouble
  206. Need help with power steering
  207. Tried to fix my Door Hinge Pop. Got Worse!
  208. Air Box Assembly/Blend Door Motor
  209. Looking at Flyweels
  210. squeeky engine noise when cold??
  211. Power Steering going?
  212. About the Radiator!
  213. Power Steering pump: Is there a reliable alternative to the Lexus part?
  214. CL turbo setup?
  215. Diff ??
  216. ABS and TRAC on, how to check codes
  217. 2jzgte hard start when warm
  218. sc400 neutraI safety switch wireing after sc300 w58 manual swap
  219. JDM Engine Corp
  220. Overheats a idle...chaning fan clutch?
  221. Change Fuel Filter...anyone notice a difference?
  222. 1JZ Refresher Build Help
  223. How to Change the major belts for 1992 Sc400?
  224. 95 sc300 not starting
  225. What part is this for injector
  226. 5000rpm cut off on WOT.
  227. Failed Smog after engine swap to 2JZGE
  228. 2jzge log style manifolds
  229. Seafoam experiences?
  230. ECU repair
  231. GM alternator swap (CS-144)?
  232. Looking for insight - broke down
  233. Getting a 200 Amp Alternator. What is the best safest cabling and fuse to get?
  234. 1jz purchase
  235. UZ - Small lines on top
  236. sc400 issues need some help please!!!
  237. sc400 Transmission swap
  238. EGR Pipe removal
  239. '97 sc400 power steering problem
  240. Help with 1jz timing belt
  241. GTE cams on GE head?
  242. sc300 not charging?
  243. passenger side mirror freely moving
  244. Brand New Turbo Oil In Packaging
  245. lc-1 wideband install help
  246. Differences in aem v2 6100 vs 6101
  247. Sc 400 ITBs
  248. 92 sc400 awkward stalling problem
  249. if only!!! IF ONLY I HAD THE MONEY!!!!
  250. throttle body/intake manifold issue