Rare $400K Lexus LFA in Action: The Sound of Awesomeness

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The LFA has plenty of ‘quirks’ but sounds like no other.

When you think of supercar makers, you can’t be blamed if Lexus doesn’t spring to the top of your mind. For years, Lexus has made some of the nicest luxury vehicles on the market but hasn’t really ever ventured into the supercar territory. That’s what makes the Lexus LFA so special. The LFA is Lexus’ attempt at a supercar, and it definitely held its own when it was released in 2011. Unfortunately, the LFA was never mass-produced, with only 500 ever created, so seeing one in person is an event itself.

In a video review on YouTube, reviewer Doug DeMuro takes a look at the incredibly rare LFA, showing viewers all the “quirks” and performance that Lexus put into the vehicle. You can tell by the sheer enthusiasm that DeMuro shows in the video that the LFA is a special car. When you talk about exotic cars, the first thing that pops into your head is the performance, followed closely by the style. In this video, DeMuro makes sure to go over every inch of the vehicle, down to what manuals are included.

2011 Lexus LFA

The first half of the 20-minute video is devoted to what DeMuro calls the “quirks” of the LFA. He goes over the controversial styling but also points out some of the odds and ends that may leave you scratching your head. He shows off what he calls the smallest window ever produced, which is clearly just an area of the vehicle where they need to put the vehicle information. DeMuro also points out the weird, but intuitive, seat controls, the inflatable seat belt, and of course, the LFA number plaque. Like any limited edition work of art, Lexus puts the specific LFA number in the vehicle so you know which of the 500 cars you own.


‘This is the best sounding car I’ve ever heard in my life.’


Once he finishes going over the various interior bells and whistles, DeMuro takes the LFA out for a spin, and that’s where the whole video’s tone changes. Going over the interior, he’s scratching his head wondering why things are where they are and how odd the vehicle is, but when he revs the engine and goes down the road, it’s pure joy.

“This is the best sounding car I’ve ever heard in my life,” says DeMuro as he grins from ear to ear driving down the back roads.

2011 Lexus LFA

The LFA has a very unique sound when you drive it. As DeMuro points out, the LFA doesn’t sound like your typical daily driver vehicle. In fact, it purrs more like a Formula 1 racecar. That makes driving the La an unique experience. Powering this experience is the 4.8-liter V10 engine with 553 horsepower and 354-pound feet of torque. So yeah, it’s going to sound great.

He finishes his review asking if the LFA is worth the $400,000 price tag that the car is going for nowadays. DeMuro says that if you can afford it, the rarity of the vehicle alone makes it worth the money. However, don’t expect to get crazy looks from people, even Lexus owners. Most don’t even know the car exists.

“It’s kinda funny; this is probably the $400,000 car that you can drive and get the least amount of attention,” says DeMuro.

Charles Dean is a longtime automotive journalist and regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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