Ultra-Rare Brown Lexus LFA on Sale for $645k

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2012 Lexus LFA

Stunning paint job proves the LFA looks good in any color, and #95 of 500 is up for grabs.

Supercars, even ones that are styled radically, don’t look good in every single color. But the Lexus LFA is a car looks good no matter what color it’s wearing. And that includes brown. Don’t believe us? Check out this one-of-a-kind LFA that is finished in Pearl Brown that’s on sale through James Edition.

2012 Lexus LFA

Lexus only made 500 units of the LFA and this one, #095, is the only one in the entire word that features Pearl Brown as an exterior color. So, this supercar is extremely rare, has a unique exterior color, and only has 1,074 miles on the clock. That could explain why the online marketplace is asking a whopping $645,000 for the machine. A quick search on eBay reveals that LFAs in the United States are going from between $339k all the way up to $399k, but $645,00 is unheard of.

For that money, the brown color isn’t the only special thing the new owner will get to experience. The interior features bright orange leather with a whole bunch of gorgeous carbon fiber. While we’re in love with the exterior, we’re not sold on the brown and orange combo, but it is certainly unique.

2012 Lexus LFA

In terms of performance, the LFA is equipped with a 4.8-liter V10 that pumps out 552 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. The engine is truly a masterpiece with a redline of 9,000 rpm, which is motorcycle territory, and emits a sound that modern, turbocharged supercars can’t muster. And the LFA is blisteringly quick, with a zero to 60 mph time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 202 mph.

The supercar currently resides in the United Arab Emirates, but, as the listing states, is an American-spec vehicle, leading us to believe the owner had the vehicle transported across the globe after purchasing it.

2012 Lexus LFA

The gorgeous, exotic machine may be a little pricey, but for being a bespoke version of a rare vehicle, one lucky owner will surely be in for a treat. But these pictures are the best look any enthusiast will get at this LFA, as it’s most likely destined to live its life out in a garage, away from prying eyes and the road.

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