IS200 Gets Crazy V12 Swap

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I would love to shake the hand of the guy who managed to fit a 12 cylinder 1GZ-FE under the hood of this IS. Mostly, I’m impressed from an engineering aspect. Even though the 1GZ is a V12, it only makes about 310hp. If he was shooting for power, something a 2JZ would probably be a better fit, but that would also be typical. This is exceptional.

That big v12 might not be good for a lot of horsepower, but it does have wild amount of torque. 355 lb-ft to be exact. Prior to being shoehorned into the IS, the 1GZ was the heart of the Toyota Century limousine.

The swap isn’t completely finished yet. On his youtube page the owner says the car still isn’t running perfect yet, and the engine won’t rev over 4500 rpm. As fair as I’m concerned, the fact that it’s running at all is a miracle.

Coolest engine swap in an IS ever? Tell us what you think in the forums!

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