Lexus LS to get F Sport Treatment

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If you’re thinking about splurging on a new LS soon, you might want to delay that. Lexus UK just announced that LS is getting an F Sport variant come next march. If Lexus’ other F Sports are anything to go by, then this car will be a marked improvement over the base model. Exciting!

They also announced the date for the debut of the new LS. We’ll finally be able to get a proper look at Lexus’ latest flagship on July 30th. They might even have an F Sport version of the new LS for us to drool over. 

Unless, of course, it shows up in a Chinese shipping container. Here’s the full post.

On Monday 30th July Lexus will reveal a new flagship model in California. The LS range will soon include the all-new LS F Sport! We’ll have more information over the coming weeks. Share this status to break this exclusive news!

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