Flat-Back SC 400 Hits eBay, Confuses Masses

We’ve all thought it, right? “You know, I love the SC 400, but it’s just too long and too round.” Well, your prayers have been answered. Sort of.

  Comments | By - October 17, 2016

Meta-Review: 2016 Lexus RX

The Lexus is an important car for Lexus for a few reasons. It’s easily their best selling car, for one thing, and thus it’s what most people think of when they hear “Lexus.”

  Comments | By - September 18, 2015

Vroom! Hear the 5-Liter Lexus RC F Clear It’s Throat

Mmm… You hear that? That’s 5-liters of V8 Lexus bumbling away under the hood of the RC F. It sounds pissed. It probably is pissed. If you were a race car being forced rev on a glass dais instead of, say, Monza, wouldn’t you be a little miffed?

  Comments | By - June 4, 2014

Club Lexus Reviews: The 2014 Lexus GS450h

Lexus have been the lords of high MPG luxury for as long as that’s been a thing, but they’re also the leading champs when it comes to building fast hybrids. After tooling around in the Lexus GS450h for a week, I’ve come to a conclusion: Hybrids, on the whole, don’t suck. Slow hybrids suck.

  Comments | By - June 2, 2014

Enjoy Ten Minutes of the Nurburgring From Inside the LFA

This fine bit of escapism comes courtesy of Gazoo racing. The car, I’m assuming, is their LFA X race car. Part of the reason this video is so entertaining is the ease with which the LFA blows by everything else.

  Comments | By - May 20, 2014

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