The Lexus IS C Gets F’d!

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It’s not photoshopped and no you aren’t seeing things. Several sources have spotted a distinct black IS Convertible running around Nürburgring with IS F gear! A few months ago, we found out there were rumors about Lexus creating a true BMW M3 fighter which would include a sedan, coupe and a convertible.

The future is coming sooner than expected as this Obsidian IS Convertible with IS F gear was spotted testing in and around Nurburg, Germany. Carbuzz & Inside Line did not report the exact specifics of this current looking IS F Convertible prototype but we are confident this is only a disguise until the 3rd Generation IS comes out. Inside Line points out the aluminum rear suspension control arm which looks to be related to the new GS rear suspension configuration. With the new handling dynamic of the New GS, we expect the next generation IS to be better, if not the best handling Lexus (outside of LFA of course).

The flared wheel openings, larger front fascia, bulging hood, integrated fender/rocker mouldings, quad tipped exhaust, big brake kit and the graphite BBS mesh wheels are clear giveaways that this IS C has been F’d. The fixed rear wing is interesting as it’s not the typical wing that Lexus would use on a production car (outside of the LFA Nürburgring Package). With the recent introduction of the IS F CCS-R, it makes you wonder if Lexus has a Mercedes Benz AMG “Black Series” fighter in store. Can you say IS F CCS-R Convertible? Or is it IS F CCS-R C? Whatever it is, we know Lexus is not going to disappoint. With the launch of the IS line over a decade ago, we have been yearning for a true coupé and a powerful motor to compete against the M. With this recent Lexus prototype being spotted, it seems our dreams are finally coming closer to reality!

So what is this IS F Convertible about? What will it be called? IS-F C? IS-C F? Come talk about it HERE! >>

New aluminum lower control arm design on the IS F Convertible Prototype. 

Lexus IS-F Picture

Front shot of the IS F Convertible Prototype. Where are the foglamps? Please don’t leave these out Lexus!!!

Quad exhaust, flared out wheel openings, fixed rear wing.

Source: carbuzz & Inside Line / KGP Photography

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