Lexus Shows Off NX Handling Dynamics in New Video

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Something tells me, he’s not bluffing about the NX being “the world’s best SUV”. Part of the feeling comes from my belief that the NX will be a very important car for Lexus. It’s the crib for their new 2-liter turbo, but it’ll also likely to be a volume seller (not unlike the IS). People want tall cars and they want to save gas; it’s simple. Or, at least it would be if Lexus did anything the easy way. They don’t. Which is why we love them.

Instead, they focused on building the NX to handle and ride well. I know my complaint with crossovers in general is that they have no character. All crossovers aren’t bad cars, but there’s no reason to chose one over a car if you enjoy driving. Maybe Lexus will change that with the NX. You can hear it all from Lexus’ Porject Manager Kei-ichi Nishiyama in the video below.

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