Best Car Magazine Renders Toyota/BMW Mashup Sports Car

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There’ve been words on on the wind about Lexus and BMW’s partnership for ages now. I know, my interest has been aroused every time I hear about it because… Well, it would be awesome. There’s no way a BMW derived sports car platform and Toyota’s engineering will yield a car that’s just “meh.”

It will come eventually. At the moment though, this is still just a fever dream of BMW/Toyota enthusiasts playing out behind the scenes. These renderings are like a hallucination. There’re just enough styling elements to convince the casual viewer that the vented coupe you see below is a Lexus. Personally, I think it looks horrendous. It’s like they tried breed the LFA and the i8.

The concept is a good one though. BMW’s lightweight, carbon fiber body work mated to the full force of Lexus’ hybrid technology is a tempting package. Would you bite?


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