8 Types of People Who Will Miss Out Buying a Lexus

Our investigative team unearths the hard truths on why Lexus isn’t everyone’s choice of transportation. Continue reading to see what’s going on.

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Quality Quasi-Electronic Driving Music for your Lexus

What electronic music would you put on your perfect playlist? These artists have created some melodies that make the perfect soundtrack for driving a Lexus.

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Perfect Feel-Good Driving Music for Your Lexus (Photos)

In need of some cool music for a long trip or even just the daily commute? See what we’ve got in store for you.

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The Perfect ’80s Music Playlist for Cruising in Your Lexus

The awesome Eighties had something for everyone. Check out our list of the best cruising tunes.

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Here’s Why an SC 400 Is Better Than a Bargain BMW 850

Is it even possible to like any other brand more than Lexus?

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