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  1. where to buy 1jz torque converter?
  2. SC400 Transmission Whine in 1st Gear (A340e)
  3. Differential Fluid Change and Trans Fluid Change at the Dealer
  4. Defeating/Bypassing the Coolant Level Sensor?
  5. Code 52 Knock Sensor on 92 SC400
  6. 1JZ custom patch harness, or just splice/solder?
  7. need lsd diff installed
  8. Drag Tire Recommendations
  9. AEM EMS v2 Timing Problem NA-t
  10. LS430 Diff?
  11. Alarm reset not working
  12. SC400 P/S Buzz question
  13. O2 sensor resistance (cold)
  14. Electric Radiator Fan Install simplified?
  15. Tranny Swap
  16. Is this an R154?
  17. Found a few promising turbo engines, help me pick one
  18. 1.5jzge just need a little info
  19. possible blown head gasket not entirely sure
  20. 1jz people I need help!
  21. Isis fuel pump
  22. Gas Tank Pressure needed?!?
  23. Need help, Electronics not working!
  24. Lean @ Idle, Trac light
  25. Complete Diff bushing kits now available. Multi-piece design for the SC
  26. car missing need help please....
  27. Car shuts off when i turn off the A/C
  28. 92 SC300 Pouring white smoke
  29. what radiator do i have?
  30. 1jz wont fire aem gurus needed
  31. So hot in PHX... Need A/C Help!
  32. 1JZGTE VVTI IN SC300 wiring question
  33. Help, about to pay $355 for Vapor Canister!
  34. 1jz auto help
  35. sc300 2jzgte help, grounded alt.
  36. smoking and stalling
  37. SC4 cooling fan behavior
  38. AC Pro kit works! Definitely worth $$ IMO
  39. how to troubleshoot heater control valve?
  40. driveline vibration after 5-spd swap help me diagnose
  41. Na-t or ls/t56 swap?
  42. Help sc400 overheating with a/c ON
  43. from 810 to 560 in one night. bad idle
  44. Sc400 intake measurements please
  45. Help my 1jz auto dies!
  46. DIY LS1 Motor Mounts, LS1/T56 Swap
  47. Anyone tried Duralast VC120 Vapor Canister?
  48. catalytic converter
  49. 2JZGE Bottom Mount Turbo Manifolds?
  50. Idles at 0-100 rpm but No stalling. Help
  51. Electrical issue
  52. timing belt slipped
  53. 1JZ swap start up on AEM V2
  54. I need to rescue my SC - I turn the key to ON, and nothing works.
  55. Greedy Blue/ Ultimate ECU Reviews?
  56. '93 w58 swap into '92 auto
  57. problems in my sc 300
  58. SC 300/400 gte swap AEM Ecu question.....
  59. Starting issue/funky idle....
  60. at 45 mph car quits running, would not start
  61. r154
  62. is the 12v fuel mod good
  63. Where in 2014 can you find the 1UZ-FE Knock Sensor Sub-Harness?
  64. CX Racing Turbo kits chime in
  65. What harness is this? 98 SC400
  66. Fuel pump upgrades, mount corrosion
  67. Brown liquid from intake?
  68. 98 SC400 Knock Sensor HELP
  69. Fuel Problem Help Please!!
  70. Common 1jz problems?
  71. EGR: to delete or not to delete?
  72. Interest in SC400 Vortech supercharger write up
  73. o2 idea for 1jz
  74. 92 300 misfire question
  75. Transparent Timing Belt Cover for 2JZ
  76. Accessories on 2jzgte swap
  77. 95 SC300 Battery not charging, but batt and alt check out
  78. 2jz vvti in to a 93 sc300
  79. 2jzgte, need vsv help!!!
  80. Surging idle in park or neutral
  81. Alternator Replacement write up/w Pic's
  82. is this the TRAC i pulled out?
  83. injector #1
  84. SC400 1JZ running hot
  85. 1uz wasted spark coil on plug conversion
  86. Sc400 Rear Cam Cap Replacement
  87. miss fire
  88. 1uzfe power steering question.
  89. Need timing belt advise from forum
  90. 97 side
  91. What would you do? Swap an engine into a 300 or manual tranny into 400?
  92. MAF sensor outside of resistance specs?
  93. Engine/Tranny Swap
  94. Engine quits no electrical power
  95. 1992 Lexus SC400 smoke coming into cab??
  96. Anyone ever thought of using a p28 honda Ecu for 1uzfe?
  97. TECHNICAL sc400 5speed conv. questions
  98. Please Help, only car
  99. Need Help: 2JZ-GE NA-T w/ 7M CPS, TT coilpacks, AEM V2 (for GTE)
  100. Tampa Bay SC400 needs help - have an hour of time?
  101. Transmission starts in 2nd gear problem
  102. engine rotation direction?
  103. 1JZ Soarer and MKIV TT PS reservoirs the same?
  104. Help! Transmission noise?
  105. Any ideas for an exhaust?
  106. Any ideas for an exhaust?
  107. Engine revs when itís hot.
  108. putting on 97 sides
  109. People who have TT Auto trannys, post your knowledge here
  110. Should I rebuild this free 2JZGE?
  111. All 1jz Holset hx35 experienced please chime in
  112. Weird Idle/Bucking/Stalling Issues
  113. Misfire symptoms, no CEL. OBD1 2JZGE
  114. NA-t head gasket option?
  115. Vortech Supercharger wastegate idea
  116. Need Help with 5ps swap on 98 sc400
  117. radiator options?
  118. over heating
  119. O/D light flashing on 93 SC300
  120. clutch recommendation?
  121. sc300 2jzgte swap
  122. Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
  123. Car Not Starting Up
  124. more power
  125. Whos done a 5sp swap on 98 sc400 vvti
  126. Injectors ?
  127. 1.5jz
  128. OEM Fuel lines?
  129. Anyone with experience with chaser ecu's and harnesses?
  130. sc400 crank but no start
  131. Fuel Not Turning On
  132. Fuel Pump Not Getting Power
  133. 1jz sc300 bogging with acceleration but idles fine Help please shes my DD!
  134. clutch or trans issue
  135. BFI thoughts
  136. 2jzgte fuel rail compatible with 1jzgte?
  137. bfi or cold air intake for 92 sc300
  138. HELP I broke the oil sending unit in the block!
  139. Need Help picking out an ECU
  140. First check engne light (code 25) then trac light comes on
  141. Typical A/C issues
  142. wastegate flange help
  143. possible harness / ecu compatability problems?
  144. flex fuel sensor and fuel cooler
  145. ECU and Tuning Question
  146. Has anyone had the same overheating problem? 92 SC400
  147. will vvti ignitor work for vvti gte?
  148. 93 sc400 bogging plz helpp
  149. TRAC and ABS delete?
  150. Remanufactured Cardone ECU's
  151. Transmission problem please help.
  152. getting power
  153. What is the going rate of a Soarer Manual Diff?
  154. error code p0110 (intake air temp sensor) thoughts?
  155. vacuum problem
  156. ac unit
  157. Battery Drain
  158. MSD tach adapter
  159. rubbing
  160. 1UZ Lean condition?
  161. Cailforinia model 92 sc400?
  162. greddy water temp
  163. Transmission question
  164. help
  165. Reconditioning my SC300
  166. Trans issues
  167. sc300 5spd trans or driveline issues
  168. Idle Problems
  169. 92 SC300 w/1jzgte swap not passing emissions! Help! Please!
  170. SC300 AEM V1 1100 TPS issue
  171. :( Engine coolant temperature gauge stopped working
  172. Occasional Overheating
  173. ffim na
  174. 1993 sc300 w58
  175. GForce Performance Chip
  176. Quick 97sc400 question
  177. NA-T FFIM questions
  178. Please help !! SC problem
  179. Help my sc took a **** on me
  180. Tps is always full throttle
  181. 1jzgte Auto Transmission Prob
  182. milled head. need tune?
  183. 2jzgte cast manifold Borg Warner options?
  184. Changing automatic transmission fluid
  185. NA-T Head Gasket Selection
  186. Will not idle but no check engine light
  187. xyz sport suspension
  188. 1uzfe turbo SPUTTER/HESITATION problem
  189. na-t build aemv2 no start :( help!
  190. Phr gt67 1jz fueling
  191. rear ended now car won't start
  192. 2JZGE valve cover catch can
  193. Can you run injectors that are to large?
  194. Expertise Needed
  195. Help with 1jz/2jz oil pan!
  196. DIY: Installing a Spin Turb Knob
  197. Relocate or protect yellow airbag cable in pass wheel well?
  198. sc400 boosted and over boosting issues
  199. SC300 Vibrating heavily!
  200. cracked power steering hose
  201. Recommendations for "subdued" looking exhaust compared to current
  202. best bang for the buck... NA-T or GTE?
  203. turbo kit
  204. jzx100 vvti 1jz runs rich as it warms up
  205. My first Sc300 seeking advice !
  206. Probability I just need R134-A recharge?
  207. Iphone OBD2 Code Reader Etc.
  208. Object Attached to my Airbox
  209. fuel filter line help
  210. Start Up Issue!
  211. help!!!! where can I buy a healthy used Auto Transmission
  212. Start Up Pro.
  213. -A/C Power
  214. Err Err Err code on replacement CD changer
  215. idle surge problem
  216. jzx100 1jz vvti Code 47 and 78
  217. Need Help. Strange symptoms
  218. 1jz vvti runs VERY rich, choppy idle, smoky exhaust
  219. aristo ecu in sc300
  220. Rear of Na-t Manifold leaking
  221. HOW TO: Tap Oil Pan for NA-T Turbo Return
  222. sc300 tighten crankshaft pully bolt without special toyota tool
  223. 2jz-ge VVTI to 2jz-ge non vvti swap Bolt in swap?
  224. 1JZ GTE VVTI no spark
  225. cranking in the run position
  226. IACV Stuck Closed (All the way out)
  227. welded differential on a automatic sc3?
  228. What is the largest turbo that clears stock intake
  229. will 95 o2 sensor work on 93.
  230. Harmonic balancer worked it self off any recommendations
  231. Desperate !!! 1 JZ won't stay running PLEASE HELP !!
  232. SC300 No Power Issue
  233. Stalling During Turns
  234. When replacing Rack & Pinion and P.S. pump, can you somehow damage the clock spring?
  235. going E85 FUEL
  236. Swap 97 ABS into 95?
  237. 93 SC400 Speedometer & trasnmission sensor
  238. Judge my turbo: Haters invited!
  239. power steering questions
  240. 1jz flywheel vs 2jzge????
  241. Calling Any SC300 4 speed A340 Gurus
  242. SC400 '92 Transmission oil amount/dipstick length
  243. Motor mount replacement
  244. Manual boost controller not working possible bad Wastegate?
  245. Is this a possible location for oil return
  246. Timing belt change experience
  247. What gear ratio you using in your 5spd 1jz?
  248. Goes into gear but doesn't move
  249. any tips on o2 sensors
  250. SC alignment and corner balancing