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Originally Posted by BLiu View Post


You are about to get the other side of the story. Next time you guys decide to post about bad service from TME, make sure you get your story true. As I always say: THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO A STORY...

If I were TME, I would reconsider why I should do business with CL members...

I stopped by TME to get a story firsthand. The following are TME facts:

CHRONO first with his bushings "story":

The order was supposed to be shipped by Friday, to arrive Monday.

CHRONO called on Friday to add to the order, he SPECIFICALLY said to SHIP TOGETHER WITH THE BUSHINGS, a set of lugs and locks if it hadn't gone out yet.

TME told him that they had lugs, but also a bunch of orders pending, and that most likely they wont have locks. He said he REALLY WANTED locks with it, but he'd take a set without locks.

TME waited for their order from McGard, which didn't arrive Mon or Tue, and TME even checked with some other distributors just so TME could get him the locks that he wanted. READ CAREFULLY: TME WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY TO FIND HIM LOCKS! TME called him Tuesday but he didn't even answer!!!!!!!!!

In any case, TME gave up and just sent everything with a set of lugs with no locks.

Keep in mind that Chrono has already ordered a charge back on his cc. So now TME is screwed.
Now, on to JspecSC3 from Nor Cal:

He puts in an order, then IMMEDIATELY emails TME to cancel it
because he said the price was too high.

Then TME gets another same order, so TME actually tossed it.

THEN he calls wondering where his stuff is.

TME runs his card, it is no good. He doesn't even have the money on
this card. His card was declined! TME tried it again for 3 more days,
STILL DECLINED. TME thinks this might be a scam at this point.
When TME is suspicious, they usually just wait to see what happens.

2 weeks later he puts in ANOTHER IDENTICAL ORDER. Now TME is super
suspicious. TME runs the card and it goes through, but let it "cool
off" for 3 days, just to make sure the coast is clear and TME is
somewhat safe. Then the order is shipped.

NOBODY IS HOME AT HIS HOUSE FOR DELIVERY, and he calls acting like
TME ripped him off because it wasn't delivered.

So there you have it. Two folks who posted complaints. Two very different stories. Just remember anyone reading this post...running a business is not easy when you have to deal with people like these. When TME is delayed you can bet it's because TME is waiting on parts from 3rd party and NOT because they have crappy service.

I am pissed because these two guys may have messed it up for all us other CL members who have had good service from him because we become associated with these two "customers" and he is going to be jumpy every time he does business with CL members.

The order for the bushing was placed on thursday, and it was supposed to be shipped the same day!!! My inquiry regarding the wheel lugs was made on Saturday, you dumb #[email protected]%. How TME had a magical foresight to expect my call about lug nuts and not ship the bushings, I have no idea. The bushings were supposed to be here on MONDAY!
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Originally Posted by BLiu View Post

As I stated in my post above. When I went to talk to Todd about it, he was shocked that such posts were made, specifically the two in this thread. However, he is way too busy to get on this forum and duke it out with two customers with one-sided stories. His time is much more valuable than that. So I decided to post just because I could not let his side of the story be left untold.

I am willing to bet TME answers MOST e-mails and PM's and voicemails in a very timely matter. Once again, it's the aberrations that get plastered all across the forum for one particular reason or another. And usually, the person who shouts the loudest, has the most to hide. The mature thing would be to always try to WORK IT OUT and be patient. For the two cases above, neither was the case and, therefore you get delusional complaints about service.

If Todd doesn't answer the phone, it's not because he has bad customer service, it's because he is VERY BUSY. If Todd is not in the shop, it's not because he is lazy, it's because HE IS WORKING AT ANOTHER client's site. Please read my other post to see who his clients are.

Let this be a lesson learned to all. Again, it's not easy to run a business. I am grateful that TME is still willing to do business with us after all this crap.
Seems like you are very close with Todd, since you are the ONLY ONE who can get a hold of Todd. And i am wondering why you are so eager to swing off of TME's nuts.
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