Lucky Lexus Fan Laps Laguna Seca in LFA

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Imagine. The rolling white hills of Laguna Seca. The empty track. The piercing howl of the LFA’s V10 at full tilt. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a good day to me. One lucky Lexus fan was able to do just that.

Mark Clemons of Culver City, California, was allowed to take the LFA out for a day around the track at Laguna Seca as winner of Lexus’ Unleash the LFA contest.

Before getting in the driver’s seat, they started the day by auto crossing in an IS F. It would’ve been interesting to take the IS F and the LFA around the track back to back, but I guess that wasn’t the plan. Instead, he was allowed to rip out as fast a lap as possible around the track before jumping in the passenger seat. That’s when Scott Pruett got to show him how a race driver drives a Lexus. I imagine that was a harrowing experience.

Aside from getting to storm around Laguna Seca, Clemons also won a three day, high performance driving experience from Skip Barber Racing school. Not a bad way to spend a September afternoon right? If you crave more information about the LFA, hit up New Car Test Drive for their extraordinarily thorough review.

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