The World’s First Pink LFA!

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Another world’s first, Australia shocks the world with a Pink Lexus LFA. We thought Paris Hilton would be the first person to order one in the loud Passionate Pink but the Aussies have done it first. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this right hand drive Lexus LFA was wrapped in a matte pink to help support the cause.

This is one of Lexus of Brisbane’s locally sold LFAs. For those wondering what that fender logo is all about about, it represents the Fainga’a Twins who are Australian Union Rugby players. The twins along with a host of other VIPs will be part of a the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation’s Hope Links Golf Day charity event which goes on today. #ThinkPinkLFA

Courtesy: Lexus Australia
Photo credit: Mitch Hemming

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