Top Gear About To Unleash The LFA?

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Jeremy Clarkson of the hit BBC auto television show Top Gear confirms this. A recent tweet pic from Jeremy’s own personal twitter account shows the infamous Pearl Yellow LFA parked in an undisclosed parking garage parked between a light blue Aston Martin and a black SRT Viper. So what are they about to do?

Top Gear magazine says that James may will will drive the new Aston Martin Vanquish, Hammond will drive the Viper, and Clarkson will be driving the LFA. One of our unnammed sources said they had plans to drive south of the border into Mexico, but with the chaos and violence down south, we’ll have to wait and see where Top Gear Season 19 actually takes us.

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Jeremy Clarkson@jcrclarksonesq
The preparations begin

6:59 PM – 12 Nov 12

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