Lexus LS 430 vs LS 460 vs Avalon: Best Used-car Value?

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Lexus LS 460

Older Lexus LS models and their Toyota platform mate are all excellent used car options. So how do you pick between them?

Few used cars have held their value (and their reputation) better than those made by Lexus. The legendary LS chiefly among them. In fact, we’d wager that few, if any vehicles built in the last 20 or so years offer more content per dollar than a Lexus LS 430 or 460. Except for, well, the LS’ Toyota twin, the Avalon. Which, of course, offers up many of the same features at a lower price. Thus, it’s no surprise that the debate between these platforms is very much alive and well today. Including in this thread, started by Club Lexus member leisinjp.

“I know there have been comparisons between these cars. I have spent the last week reading about the 2013+ Avalon and the differences between the 3rd gen and 4th gen Lexus LS. But I honestly cannot make up my mind. I like each car for different reasons and don’t know which one to pick!!”

Lexus LS 430

It’s a tough choice that many have contemplated in recent years. The Avalon is (sometimes) cheaper and more fuel efficient, but comes with less amenities, obviously. Thus, TriC suggests sticking to whatever the OP can find that fits his individual budget.

“If you’re near Columbus, send me a PM and we’ll set a meeting so you can see what a 64,000 mile LS 430 feels like. It is dramatically different than an IS F! It really sounds like an Avalon would best suit your needs. More generally, when in such a situation, I just keep my eyes open and buy the highest quality car among a pre-selected group that my budget permits.”

Lexus LS 460

Among the many responses to this hot button topic, All4Lexus breaks it down quite nicely.

“It really comes down what you want out of the car and what you will enjoy. Want a luxury cruiser – get the LS 460. Want a reliable runner from the pre-iPhone electronics era? get the LS 430. The value car is the 2013 Avalon.

Or you can wait until the car shows come around in the late winter and early spring. Then you can get a sense of how things are sized, what the back row of seats feel like, etc. I learned that I liked the GS 350 sizing a lot more than the LS 460. At the end of the day, it boils down to what you want out of it and which will give you the most enjoyment. It could easily come down to the car that hits your pocket book the least so you can spend more $$ elsewhere.”

Toyota Avalon

Many people prefer the more modern Lexus LS 460. But 213374U (and a few others) warn of high repair costs associated with some of the car’s ritzier features.

“I’d definitely walk from that 2010 if you don’t want/need the AWD and Air Suspension. I spent $3,700 to replace the front differential and driveshaft on mine. And another $625 to replace the FL air strut with a used OEM unit. I love the car and the air suspension really makes it. But there’s always the thought of ‘what expensive part will break next?’ That takes a little of the enjoyment out of it.”

o far, this thread is chock full of great points. But it also seems like our Lexus pair and Avalon are all in a dead heat at the moment. So head over here and tell us which of the three you prefer, and why!

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