Cheap 200K-mile Lexus IS F Rallies like a Champ

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Spending 60 hours across five days in a high-mile Lexus IS F proves to be a life-changing experience for this exotic car fan.

Among the many excellent Lexus models we’ve been treated to over the years, few receive the love that we lavish upon the legendary IS F. Even though it’s been out of production for several years now. Regardless, this compact luxury performance sedan continues to amaze us with its reliability, performance potential, and surprisingly, looks that have withstood the test of time. But while plenty of Lexus IS F owners track them on a regular basis, we’ve never seen anyone rally one. Until now.

YouTuber Tavarish is no stranger to the finest exotic and performance machinery on the planet. Heck, he’s owned and/or driven all sorts of highly desirable cars. Thus, he didn’t know what to expect when he linked up with a pal named Jared to co-drive his $12,000, 200,000-mile Lexus IS F in an event known as the Dustball Rally. Covering 5 full days of driving from Boston to New Orleans, it’s the ultimate test for a high-mile luxury sedan, no?

Lexus IS F

Things didn’t exactly start out as planned, however, with torrential rain threatening to ruin the first leg of the drive. But then, something strange happened. “It actually turned out to be one of the greatest driving experiences I’ve ever had,” our host admits. “What I really love about this car is that the powerband is so linear. And it’s very, very predictable.”

Lexus IS F

After a blast through the mountains, those sentiments only grew stronger. “I have to say this car is thoroughly, thoroughly impressing me. Just the way it handles, just the way it can hold power. It has an astonishing amount of grip, it makes all the right noises. It is just a delight.”

Lexus IS F

At the end of five grueling days, those feelings didn’t diminish, either. In fact, our host’s affection for the Lexus only grew. “The Lexus IS F is so ridiculously good that I want one just to have it,” he admits. And that, friends, is the ultimate compliment.

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