Would You Trade Your Lexus IS F for a C7 Corvette?

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Lexus IS F

The Lexus IS F is one of our very favorite cars. So, would you have to be crazy to trade it for a common modern Corvette?

Ah, temptations. Forever surrounding us, whispering words of treachery in our ears. Words like “sell your beloved car” always have us second guessing the bond we share with our current rides. Especially when they start getting a little long in the tooth. So even though it seems like blasphemy to us, you can’t really blame Club Lexus member ninten5 for thinking about selling his Lexus IS F and buying a C7 Corvette. But at least you can head over here and talk him out of it!

“Lexus IS F to a C7 Corvette? I’ve really been thinking about it. The styling of the F and the constant ‘is that an F sport?’ comments have me losing interest in the car. Combine that with the exuberant parts and labor costs for mods. Anyone make the switch, is it a thumbs up or down?”

Well, it appears not many share these feelings one bit.

“Same answer for those who get their interests piqued by a new Mustang/Camaro,” said mk416“Better platform for performance but less practical and you will be one of the 1,000,000 people that own one of those. Oh, and they’re probably less reliable in the long term.”

C7 Corvette

For folks like Jwconeil, driving something that people don’t know anything about is just part of the appeal of the Lexus IS F.

“If you just want to change, go ahead. I like being anonymous and getting the ‘what is that?’ question after they see and hear it perform. Then when cops are on the side of the road I just roll on by unnoticed. It’s nice to be anonymous. I also take clients out in a luxury car for lunch. If they saw me in a Corvette, I’m sure some cliches would come to mind.”

And as Vitveet notes, perhaps the Lexus IS F ages more gracefully as well.

“Stingrays are boring, cheaply built, and a dime a dozen. It’ll also look and be outdated in another year or two. Always a new model out every 2 years. And the old ones just look old after a few years.”

Lexus IS F

Clearly, most people prefer the Lexus IS F over the idea of owning a Corvette. But there are those that do like the new ‘Vettes, and you certainly can’t blame them for that. Now we want to know what you think. So head over here and let us know if you’d ever contemplate making this kind of shocking swap, or if the mere thought of doing so makes you cringe!

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