Lexus IS F: Affordable Exterior Upgrades from Club Lexus Members

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Lexus IS F

Has your Lexus IS F purchase left you with precious little cash? Don’t let that stop you from making it your own!

We’ve all been there. You save up for the car of your dreams, and that glorious day finally comes. But that isn’t the end of your master plan. No, you also want to mod your car to make it your own. But your bank account balance most likely doesn’t agree with your plans. But fear not, budding build master, for there are affordable mods out there that can make a real difference. And that’s exactly what Club Lexus member bmurakami was seeking for his Lexus IS F in this thread.

“I’m an extremely young Lexus IS F owner as I’m only 17. But I’m in love with the car. It’s mine and my dad’s dream car. So in a way we share it, except it’s my daily driver. I’m not looking to spend a lot on engine or exhaust modifications for my car. But I do want to make some exterior mods just to make it stand out a bit more. Since I’m only in high school, are there any mods I can do to make my ’08 Lexus IS F look meaner on the road?”

Unsurprisingly, our members had a lot of suggestions. Including eddyisf, who points the OP toward the world’s largest auction site.

“If you’re looking for cheap mods, your best bet it eBay. For about $350 you can find yourself a front lip and rear diffuser. And for exhaust you can try out the muffler delete.”

Jz39‘s suggestions are on the even cheaper side. In some cases, virtually free.

“Get rid of all of the chrome on the car – grill, window trim, emblems, lug nuts. That will go a long way. Tint it and definitely pick up the chin spoiler off of eBay.”

Lexus IS F

Vitveet has an even more clever way to save cash on some Lexus IS F upgrades. And it might just work.

“Definitely lower it (Swift springs). Get a cheap but good looking front lip (Bayson R). And do a tint/chrome delete. That’ll be cheap and take the car to another level looks wise. Oh yea, get straight As and I’m sure your dad will pay for it all!”

OneFastF is a young Lexus IS F owner himself. Yet he’s managed to save money by hitting the used parts market.

“I’m 18 and own a 2008 Lexus IS F. Don’t even bother cheaping out. It’s a Lexus, you can’t simply drop quality like that. But you can buy used parts, which I’ve done.

Mods I’ve done so far:
X Force Varex exhaust – $1,079
Diffuser install – $150
F Sport rear sway bar – $100
BC Racing coilovers – $800 
WedsSport SA-10R 18×9.5 +38 Squared W
RS3 Hankooks 255/35/R18 – $1,400 
Arkym Diffuser – $250
Tint 3M – $125
I can say I spent around 3,xxx roughly on the car just on mods. I’m done for now. I have college to pay off and also need to have money for maintenance. I’m almost at 60k, and instead of taking it to the dealer I’m setting up a garage to do DIY work on the car. Although my uncle works at Lexus, so I get free alignments and such.” 

Lexus IS F

One thing’s for sure – there’s more than one way to save a buck on mods. So be sure and check out all the affordable Lexus IS F exterior mod suggestions by heading over here. And while you’re there, add any ideas you might have, too!

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