Lexus IS F with 340K Miles Proves to Be a Trouble-free Purchase

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Lexus IS F

Loads of miles drove the selling price of this Lexus IS F down to the bone. But so far, it’s been nothing short of dead reliable.

Remember the old days? A time when any car that had over 100,000 miles on it was considered high mileage? Buying something with that much use was akin to driving a ticking time bomb, just waiting for expensive parts to explode. But these days, cars can easily go 200k+ with no major problems. Even a performance-oriented ride like the Lexus IS F, apparently. At least, that’s the experience Club Lexus member rtan has had with his amazing 340k-mile ride thus far.

“I purchased my high mileage Lexus IS F last July. Once I got the car back to Cleveland from Chicago I installed new rotors and pads all around and checked the suspension as well. I also ordered new aftermarket headlights with LEDs. I also changed the transmission fluid as the car was running on original fluid. The fluid change didn’t really degrade or improve the transmission. Went through winter with the car without issues on Continental DSW06s. Pretty impressive performance for an all-season tire in NE Ohio winters!”

Lexus IS F

Once things thawed out, the OP installed new lower control arm bushings and gave his Lexus IS F an alignment. But other than that, this car has seemingly performed like a champ.

“I’ve put over 8,000 miles on the car and it has been trouble-free. The only in-between attention it needed was a 0.5-quart fill up around 2,000 miles after purchase. I think the shop that performed the oil change didn’t put the full 9.8 quarts the car requires. Haven’t had to top off the oil since. I ran a Blackstone oil analysis and the results came back pretty near average! So the engine is still pretty healthy.”

Pretty impressive stuff indeed. And the OP is so confident in the mechanics of his ride that he’s starting to add on some visual goodies now!

“I’m starting to improve its appearance. I refinished the brake calipers by stripping them down to the metal and refinishing them in red with Brembo decals and clear coat. I also installed new RSR R704 wheels in 19×8.5 and 9.5 sizes. Still running the DSW06 in stock sizes. In the near future I plan on getting some of the paint touched up and perhaps an exhaust system or other mod.”

Lexus IS F

Even better, the Lexus IS F reportedly still runs and pulls very strong. For the sales price of $8,000, it sure seems like a proper performance bargain. But perhaps more importantly, this IS F is a testament to just how well Lexus put these things together. Be sure and follow along as this amazing ride continues to rack ’em up by heading over here!

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