Lesson #1: Driving a Lexus Makes You Sexier. A lot Sexier.

Forget love potions and lipo, it’s driving a Lexus that makes you sexier. Just ask these hip-hop superstars…

  Comments | By - May 10, 2017

RC 350 Randomly Becomes Exhibit at Museum Party!

Lexus owner’s incredible car upstages him at gala event, causes him to commit social faux pas.

  Comments | By - April 28, 2017

We Are (A Lexus) Family

Lexus lover shares cool shot of family’s ‘sweet set’ of rides.

  Comments | By - April 27, 2017

Crazy Lexus Story of the Week: Lex On Fire!

What’s worse than your beautiful Lexus on fire? Having it ignite your son’s nearby Lexus, too!

  Comments | By - April 25, 2017

2018 Lexus LS F Sport to Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple

Lexus will reveal LS F Sport at New York Intl’ Auto Show on April 12.

  Comments | By - April 5, 2017

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