Lexus IS: How to Change Power Steering Fluid

Here is how to replace the power steering fluid yourself on the Lexus IS.

By Piyush Kayastha - November 26, 2014

This article applies to the Lexus IS 250, IS 350(2005-2013).

Visible leaks on the floor under your Lexus could indicate a damaged power steering pump or damaged hard line, and can require mechanical attention. However, stiff steering wheels are often due to inadequate amounts of fluid flowing through the system. This is not a required maintenance process but if you have to, it takes no time at all and requires very little mechanical knowledge or extra tools.

Materials Needed

  • Hobby fuel bottle or turkey baster with 1/2" OD vinyl tube
  • Rags
  • Disposable container

Step 1 - Remove old fluid

Using the hobby fuel bottle, turkey baster, and tube (or siphon of your choice), start removing the old fluid located in the reservoir under the hood labeled "power steering." Insert the siphon in the reservoir, squeeze it to fill with fluid, then squirt it in the disposal container. Repeat this until no fluid remains in the reservoir.

Figure 1. Remove old power steering fluid.

Pro Tip

Depending what you're using, this step will need to be repeated more than once to get all old fluid out.

Step 2 - Refill new power steering fluid

Fill the reservoir with new fluid right below the max line.

Figure 2. Re-fill the reservoir.

Step 3 - Rotate steering wheel

Start the car and turn the steering wheel left and right a few times to get the new fluid flowing through the system.

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