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lexusk8 08-03-04 07:29 PM

ES330/300 DIY (do-it-yourself) & technical tips
I decided to place this thread for the purpose of making common issues and methods readily available for all ES owners. These include often-discussed topics like "How do I clear the headlights?" and "Where can I get the instrument cluster lights fixed?". This will NOT include debatable topics like "Can 20's fit in my ES?" or "Will a K&N air filter be OK for my ES?". Remember that as far as this thread is concerned, we are looking for factual answers, and nothing opinionated.

When posting in this thread, please include a brief description of the topic or issue, and a valid URL (it can be CL-related or non-CL related). Only post here if you DO have a topic AND a URL(s) to share.

Hopefully you guys will find this thread useful, and not have to rely on making new threads within the ES forum and asking infinitely repeated questions ;) Don't forget to use the search engine too!

lexusk8 08-03-04 07:30 PM

Master list (constantly updated)
1992 - 1996 ES300

How to fix backlighting problems

How to access and replace a front turn signal bulb

How to access and change/replace instrument bulbs behind the center console

1997 - 2001 ES300

How to remove the stock stereo unit (Adobe .PDF document)

How to install aftermarket HID assy

How to access and replace instrument bulbs behind the center console

How to install aftermarket stereo head unit, subwoofer and amplifier

How to access and replace tailight bulbs

How to access the door panel

How to change the A/C filter

ALL ES300s

How to access and replace a fog light bulb in a '97-present ES

How to repaint large chips on your car

How to de-badge the rear emblems on your car

How to access and replace the 3rd brake light bulb in an ES

How to change your oil and filter on an ES

How to change your brake rotors and pads in an ES

mcelligott 08-03-04 07:37 PM

Clear corners...

Click Here

juan01 08-04-04 08:38 PM

Black housing headlights

Black housing headlights part 2

steviej 08-08-04 08:55 PM

How to do a simple tranny drain and fill on an 02+ ES


iammikey 08-31-04 09:19 PM

XM Installation

It was only a 1.5hr job!

lexusk8 10-31-04 08:34 AM

Just recently added (thanks to bigguppy) :)

How to install aftermarket stereo head unit, subwoofer and amplifier in a '97-'01 ES

lexusk8 12-08-04 09:10 PM

Center console ashtray removal
Courtesy of a13n0rma1:

How to remove the center console ashtray from a '97-'01 ES

NYC ES3 12-17-04 02:16 AM

Doug....great posting...I know I'm probably so late to this party but ....

we've met at a couple NE meets early this year (april 25 - Tri brand meet and also Alley pond park in fall of last year) but I've been MIA since so you may not remember me.....
I am glad you found that posting i did of the aftermarket HID install that was years ago..... I know it has help a few people ....Ive gotten PM's on it...

Nice to see that wiring diagram of the radio....for the 2000 ES...boy that would have come in handy when I was doing my to have it all condensed here in one thread was an excellent Idea!....and great write up and pics on the bulbs....i know w couple ES guys who had that minor issue..

lexusk8 02-20-05 08:16 AM

Fog light mod for '97-'01 ES (thanks MASH835) :)

lexusk8 04-02-05 06:53 AM

thirdmotio wrote up an excellent how-to on accessing the door panel in a '97-'01 ES (may be different procedure on all other ES, use caution).

Lexbox 04-12-05 11:59 PM

I noticed some are on a first name basis here. My name is Mark. I doubt the Bass Improvement Project would qualify to be stickied so here goes.

Cupholder Fix (92-96)

2-Din to 2.5-DIN Conversion (92-96)

lexusk8 06-10-05 06:09 AM

How to change the steering wheel in your ES (courtesy of mcelligott)

lexusk8 06-19-05 05:54 PM

How to access and replace the cabin filter from the '02-'05 ES (courtesy of miltonlin)

sniper5 07-22-05 10:10 AM

How to clean and soften leather seats w/ pics
Not really a repair procedure, but doing this once a year will keep your seats soft and prevent cracking for years

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