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jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:31 PM

headlight restoration with 1500, 2000, PLastX
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The headlights on my 01 LS430 had several pits and scratches from the sandy desert of Arizona. I wet sanded them with 1500 grit sandpaper, followed by 2000 grit sandpaper, and then PLastX from Meguiar's. While this worked well, I still notice very slight haziness, not perfect clarity. They are definitely much much smoother from the sanding though.

I feel like there should be a step for some product in between the 2000 grit and the PLastX, in order to achieve a completely clear result. Or maybe something to use after the PlastX?

I'm tempted to try the Wolfgang Plastic Lens Cleaner kit or the one from Lake Country, but can't bring myself to spend the $50 if it won't make that much of a difference.

Here's a few before shots:

jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:32 PM

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another angle

jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:33 PM

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polishing with the sandpaper

jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:34 PM

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and the 2000

jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:35 PM

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after using the 2000, the lens looks very hazy. All the pits and roughness are gone though, its very smooth. Although it looks like I was sanding dry in the photos, I actually used a lot of water.

jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:36 PM

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followed up with the PlastX

jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:37 PM

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the bottle

jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:38 PM

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finished product

jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:39 PM

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another angle

jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:40 PM

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another angle, you can still make out some very light scratches but they look better overall.

jpcdmd 06-01-07 05:47 PM

anyone use this product before? how does it compare to the Wolfgang kit?

Ay-nako 06-01-07 05:49 PM

wow great job they look awsome

Jewcano 06-01-07 06:04 PM

Next time hook a pad up to an orbital buffer and try that out. You should get a clearer result for the polishing aspect of it. :thumbup:

GSteg 06-01-07 10:41 PM

I agree. If you want top notch work, use a buffer. My friend did his car. It went from the nastiest looking headlight (5x worse than yours) to OEM clear lens. You'd think he bought new headlights. It's that good :p

jpcdmd 06-02-07 07:20 PM

I just tried it with my PC and a white pad, no difference. Go figure.

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