Lexus Quality: As Good as It Ever Was?

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Lexus Quality

Despite winning quality awards left and right, one person seems to think that Lexus has gone downhill. But no one else agrees!

If there’s one word synonymous with Lexus, it’s quality. Since day one, the brand has built a strong reputation for building some of the most reliable cars on planet earth. And year after year, Lexus racks up more quality awards than any other manufacturer. So it was somewhat of a surprise when Club Lexus member Therealtru openly questioned whether or not the brand builds cars to the same standard that it used to.

“Yes, these cars are not boring anymore, and yes there are still some real treasures in the brand, but what about fit and finish?! These cars feel so cheap now! I just think it’s really sad to see the way the quality of these cars has deteriorated over the last decade. I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way.”

The OP lists several specific models that he feels were disappointing in the quality department, including the 2002 ES and 2006-2007 IS. But regardless of his long rant, it doesn’t look like his hope of finding others who feel this way is going to pan out.

Lexus LC

“Very few have complained about the quality of Lexus within the past ten years,” notes Fizzboy7“Not sure what you are comparing things to or what your standard is. Lexus continues to increase sales, gain popularity and fans, and rank number one in reliability and satisfaction. The studies and pros have all proven that. If you seek out a little basic research online or in magazines.

If anything, they have gone in a direction that ensures additional sales and a healthy future. I’m not a huge fan of the predator mouth grille. But overall, I find their styling language agreeable. Times and styles have changed, and my guess is you may be stuck in the past with what you feel secure about. That is fine, as my taste in cars peaked in the mid-2000s. But I would not call out the brand as weak on fit and finish, etc. Simply isn’t the case right now.”

Lexus UX

“I don’t really feel that way,” adds jrmckinley“Clearly the brand is evolving and aesthetics on both the interior & exterior are changing for all brands. I think the inside of the new LS in certain trim looks very nice. Still not as nice as an S class, but certainly a move in the right direction. As an owner of 3 generations of LS over the last 11 years, I don’t love everything about the LS500. But I do like the styling and think the interior fit & finish is a step up from the outgoing LS460. 

For me, the best Lexus I ever owned was my 1996 LS400. It just felt like the definition of the brand and the LS overall. Reminds me of the champagne glass commercial. Things have changed, as they should, in the 22 years since those cars were made. I don’t love everything about the new Lexus. But it still seems to be the most consistent experience and that’s what will likely keep me with the brand.”

As you can imagine, this query has sparked a heated debate here in the forums. But so far, the OP hasn’t found too many folks that agree with his assessment. Which isn’t a surprise, given Lexus’ continued reputation for quality. But we still want to know what you think. So head over here and tell us if you think the new Lexus is as good as the old Lexus!

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